I am the shit. If you disagree…you are incorrect.

I enjoy movies, music, and professional wrestling.

I’ve been told I’m sarcastic all the time, I’ve been called a smartass quite often, and I was once even anointed a professional ass ((I’m still trying to live up to that prophecy though..haven’t exactly been paid for being an ass yet))

I write because it lets the voices or words escape from my head/mind and onto a place where they generally aren’t going to escape (((unless we find ourselves in that pbs series from the mid 90’s ghost writer..in which case we all could be in serious trouble))

In all likelihood if you’re reading any of the nonsense I post or have read any of the nonsense I post you know what I’m all about….

BUT if you’re a stranger from a strange land or a stranger finding yourself in a strange land..or maybe even NOT a stranger but lost in this strange land…let’s lay it out for you.

*** I belive far more in my greatness than anyone else out there in the world does….sans maybe my grandma on my dad’s side who seems to be willing to buy into any shit I spew.

****If I were a bit more social…I would probably make for an excellent leader of a cult. That’s not on my bucket list or anything..but I AM quite influential to those who fall under my spell, as it were, and I do have a way with persuading people into my line of thinking. ((((of course that could all be in my head..feel free to argue with me about that 🙂 ))))

*****I speak my mind as if I suffer from asperger’s quite often…I feel I qualify for quite a few of the items on the autism spectrum; I haven’t really met anyone who agrees with me..but my stupid obsession(s) with some things out there and my “rain man” like knowlege of some stuff (((((mostly musical or film related))))) {{{by film of course I mean “movies” more than the art of film}}} definitely qualifies me as such in my non professionally not that educated in that field opinion of such things ((((((confused yet?)))))))

one last thing “About”…I really am not a big fan of wordpress…but when I ask for a site to blog on nobody seems to want to fucking suggest anything to me…so because I’ve got a ‘friend’ who uses this site and it seems to work for her..and because I don’t know of all that many other free sites to blog on….wordpress it has become :::previously I blogged the shit out of and on myspace

so there you have it….questions? ask….answers? Question.

I am an enigma…even if nobody else is drinking the kool aid that suggests that :-D~


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