How to sneak into disneyland….

Yeah…no. Even if I DO know how to do that…I can’t share that on the interwebs…there’s probably tips out there from people who know how to get away with it…BUT I can tell you it’s a lot harder than it used to be. As back in the day oh only a few years back…there was a way of getting in via buying a persons ticket who left the park early…because with ticket in hand you could then reenter the park. I remember when I was probably around 15 and we were in anaheim the night or maybe two before we were set to go to disneyland…I tried to put that idea into my parents head that we should go and try to get in. Not realizing how realistic that possibility actually was I don’t think. But anywho…semi recently they changed their ticketing system to where you can’t get away with that at all or so easily…I guess they had a problem of people trying to sell used tickets…based on something I read via …but I could be projecting beyond what the actual story was…I dunno.

But I mean…who wouldn’t want to save roughly $90 bucks by finding their way in for free? ((also i have to mention that in the past I actually had a series of dreams that featured me sneaking into disneyland…so perhaps that’s something for my “if I had a bucket list” to do list))

Granted you COULD consider it “stealing”…but as much as they charge..and as much money as Disney pulls in even WHEN “losing money”…makes for an instance of where I wouldn’t feel bad about “stealing” from disney. Also see the fact that I support them quite a bit when i can….in no way am I justifying attempting to sneak into disneyland as being perfectly fine..but…yeah…it’s to damn expensive for us poor folk 😀

Legally of course that kind of faulty logic won’t get you off of any charges that might be leveled against you…and I think if they catch you trying to sneak in or if they caught you having snuck ((spell-check doesn’t recognize snuck as a word…lmao..go figure)) in ((how exactly do they prove that one?))..I do believe they ban you for life…but maybe not….after all they want that potential hundred dollars or two that it’s going to cost you to enter into the world of imagination.

While we’re on that note. Uncle walt wasn’t the nice uncle many people still have an image of him being. He was a capitalist pig :D…

Okay so to review….I might know how to sneak in but I can’t share that information with you….at least not on this blog, this blog was actually only going to be long as my saying as much but of course I had to go off on my tangent, and lastly Walt was a capitalist pig.

Any questions?

******I don’t encourage or discourage anyone from attempting to sneak into Disneyland or any of it’s parks. Hell if you HAVE I’d like to hear your story. Even if you want to lie to me I might enjoy your story..but why lie? I may or may not have found myself into various places that one is expected to pay to enter over my lifetime (((I actually can’t exactly remember…I seem to remember sneaking into some place or another….assuming so I’m not nearly as good as it as many others out there are)))(((((it’s made significantly easier when people tend to barely notice you….I don’t think I blend in quite as much as I did when I was say 12…but I still seem to be mostly off the radar of most people…while at the same time I seem to meet the criteria of someone to be suspicious 22))))). If for no other reason I think it’s that adrenaline rush you likely experience by getting away with it…like thieves who thieve FOR that rush…or that bit of paranoid/fear induced adrenaline of someone official yelling at you HEY You’re not supposed to be back here…..that adrenaline is a fun thing..and not saying I would know but….it’s quite amazing how stupid or ignorant one can play and how much they can get away by doing so. By me sharing this to the public if I were caught doing any of the above….it could be implied it was a bit premeditated..but I would disagree….speaking in hypotheticals doesn’t equal premeditation….outright saying I’m going to such and such…equals premeditation….and don’t get me started on things that have in fact come out of my mouth…and as I said them…I literally spoke out loud to the effect of “okay government monitoring agency or whomever else might be heard it…but I don’t think it’s legal to use that against me so…pbth…”….yeah….Could I be digging myself a hole that I’ll be unable to climb out from? I’m speaking all in hyperbole….(hyperbabbley?) anywho. Sure I’d like to sneak into disneyland…I still say who wouldn’t want to..if they knew they could get away with it….but because I’m in fact a pussy I would never try….or…would I? hmm. Now you see… it’s probably become premeditated…..but on that note…I’d also like to lift my hands above my head and fly away… I’m just straight up crazy. No?


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2 Responses to How to sneak into disneyland….

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  2. scott huntley says:

    I just had a dream last night of me sneaking in!!!!!

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