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It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad ….world rehash and the rum diary

It’s a mad mad mad mad world. I watched this about ten years ago when I had netflix and it was recommended to me I think. I watched it this time because of well two reasons. 1. It kept showing … Continue reading

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Alvin and the chipmunks chipwrecked; stanley kubrick’s the killing; the space between; the art of getting by; X-men First class; blue crush 2; 127 hours;

And awayyyy we go. Also have about 7 other movies I’ve recently watched and have “reviews” to share for…surely will be more than that when I actually post it.  ((another also…I had the intent of posting the dvd covers or … Continue reading

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hey kids remember myspace part thrice….aren’t we glad it’s over?

mercifully the last portion of answers to questions none of you care about….this 3rd portion seems less interesting at least to me as especially the last few questions I didn’t provide an essay length answer…in any case..enjoy..or don’t…the fuck if … Continue reading

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remember myspace part dos. (more answers that are overly long to simple questions in the form of one of those survey dealys that were all over myspace)

And continued we are now going… 26) Where is your second home? I don’t have a second home…I’m quite lame. 27) Have you ever slapped someone? it’s possible…I think when I have it was in a smartastical like way…or a … Continue reading

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Hey kids…remember myspace?…((and those “survey thingys))…part 1 of a few..and another rant or two (of course)

Well here’s one that I’m randomly filing out…following that will be me babbling about something or other…feel free to skip ahead to that as it’s quite possibly more meaty…but i wouldn’t really know…as I haven’t filled out my answers to … Continue reading

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Destiny, Fate, it could all be a crock of shit but I still believe in love….

After all…’all you need is love’….right? I effing hate the beatles. I don’t deny the possible importance of them to popular music..but I also don’t believe they were all that special. You can disagree with me about that…i won’t argue…I … Continue reading

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