What do you do when and/or if…..[[[extra change]]]

So out to eat at a restaurant Saturday; busy restaurant and multiple people handled various parts of our meal. When it came time to pay our initial waiter (who didn’t serve us but did keep our drinks refilled and checked on us) brought our bills. My bill was $14.80 so I put a 20 in the billfold (?) and he took them to make our payment…or whatever.

Cut to someone else brings them back to us…I paid with cash so was expecting change…opened the billfold and noticed ones…which was funny because I had made a joke about needing change for the tip but I didn’t want to ask for change ((also I had ones in my wallet..really it was I’d rather it had been 15.18 because than there would be no issue of a 5 being brought back as my change))..anywho the aside aside…I opened it up and was like..’haha funny i was saying what i was saying’…but then…. 1,2,3,4,5…and two 5’s… I was brought back 15 bucks for my $14.18 bill….when I gave him a twenty….

So….what’s the proper course of action in that case? What I did was ultimately not correct I think…now that it’s lingered for a couple of days…but what I didn’t do was at least correct…

Before I reveal my action that I could be chastised for….I have to point out due to the combination of busy as all get out..and a different person brought back the change than who took the payment ((and the fact that at least three others had helped us in one way or another))..waiting around for someone to return to point out ‘HEY you brought me back way more change than you should have…or you shorted me 5 bucks if you were breaking my twenty’ ((which by the way had I got 20 back for my 20.that would have at least made sense….15 via two fives and five ones makes zero sense in any way shape or form given my bill was only 14 bucks))…wasn’t going to happen…so perhaps already you could say HEY. NO!. But on the flip side of that…I could have walked out the restaurant with fifteen bucks…or even ten bucks…and felt not all too guilty about it…..or not…as clearly that’s not what I did because…I guess I’m not a thief?

Per the above…my initial thought was ‘what the what?!’…..latter thoughts have been…maybe the waiter didn’t eat his allotted free or discounted meal from the restaurant that day and passed on the savings to me..but didn’t tell me he did..lol…5 bucks would have essentially been half the price of my nachos I had ordered ((I had a drink too..but I know based on my limited restaurant experience that employees rarely have to pay for non alcoholic drinks…so that could easily be written off….except for of course the fact that I got a bill that had my shit itemized at full prices..haha))…or whomever actually rang up the purchase applied their discount…because that’s something that happens in restaurants..ha..hahaha….because too of course I’m such an awesome customer…..

*break for hysterics from people that know that’s not commonplace if any at all place….also not likely allowed…*

Long story short, if that’s possible after I’ve dragged it out so much above,  …I went the route of taking my change..or as close as it should have been. I took six bucks and left the other nine. My concern before coming to that final action and lack of other actions was…. ‘dude is going to think I really liked him or something leaving a nine dollar tip for fourteen….’ and….’shit well now I’m ripping them off eighteen cents’…..

What didn’t really hit me until maybe the next morning….it COULD have ended up looking like not only did I not leave any tip at all…I took eighteen cents out of someone’s pocket. I don’t feel to bad because I COULD have took ten left five and really been in the wrong..but not feel too guilty for taking advantage of a mistake that was more confusing than anything…but then I think my rational had ended up being…well if I leave a few bucks that would have been my tip on top of the change..it could have/would have looked like I was tipping more than my food and drink cost to begin with….

^^those worries all irrelevant as chances are that math wouldn’t have been done….oh….i got a 110% tip….wow….;;;; based on the fact the guy that brought our bill and took our bill wasn’t the guy who brought my change…

[[[[the logical deciding argument was someone would end up short at the till…but the money that would be seen as the tip wouldn’t necessarily be the logical fill to that void……but then…seeing as I don’t know wtf happened that led to me getting change in excess of my bill for an amount of cash that was roughly six more than said bill…..the first time I’ve ever experienced that..and thus why i just spewed so many words about what essentially boils down too:::: my bill was 14.18….I gave 20…got 15 back…..what do you do in that situation? :::::]]]]]

So anywho. What would you do? If you’ve had that happen. What DID you do? Was I in the wrong? Should I have pocketed an extra fiver bucks? Should I have left all the change? Should I have taken two and left the rest as if I were paying my bill and tip? Should I care one way or another about what I did? Am I over-analyzing something that isn’t/wasn’t that big of a deal? Should I return to that restaurant and see if it happens again ? (haha I keed). What in YOUR opinion is the proper course of action in that case? And if that includes flagging someone down..what is the proper course of action if you’re in a time bind that prevents that action from being an option?

I’m sure I won’t get any answers but I do know at least one of my followers has much more experience working for restaurants than me and thus has many opinions on customer etiquette or what  have you…in any case any wait staff folks care to tell me what an asshole I am feel free….or any that care to tell me my choice was okay that’d be even better…

Thanks 😀

[[[[[also should note the other two people with me I’m sure left a tip so though it could be seen like I didn’t tip in one light it’s not like no tip was left…it just may have been a bit less than x %…


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1 Response to What do you do when and/or if…..[[[extra change]]]

  1. The proper course of action would have been to point it out to the server, because there is a chance that they gave you change meant for another customer or simply spaced for a moment and forgot simple math. If finding the server was impossible, the extra cash should have been left PLUS a proper tip. Shorting a server doesn’t take money out of the till, it takes tips out of their pocket.
    If you stiff someone, they just don’t get a tip from you. If you don’t pay the entire bill, it comes out of their tips. The sales they make that go on a credit card or gift card obviously go directly to the restaurant. Cash payments stay with them until the end of the night. When the server cashes out, they must give their manager the cash amount of all total cash sales minus the total of credit card and gift card tips. So if someone shorts them $5, that is $5 that comes out of their tips. The managers don’t care if someone shorted them. Some don’t care if a table walks out without paying and expect the server to pay the tab.

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