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Chronicle, War Horse, underworld awakening commentary, & Bis Aufs Blut a.k.a. stronger than blood ; with a tangent or two…of course

chronicle …ahh what can be said of this here movie….well….there’s a cool middle act….horribly stupid ending segment…and really feels like a portion of a bigger story….however I don’t see any sequels coming as it only achieved moderate success at the … Continue reading

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If I had the money….an optioning of books I would go..merrily merrily merrily….right onto a late night tv talk show.

Anyone else see the visions in their head like I do when they read a book? If I had the skill to put what I see in my head on film…I would be an amazing director; AND/BUT on that note…the … Continue reading

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Bitter assholes make the world go round…

Reading a blog…more so reading someones response to said blog….I’m surprised there are so many people in the world that have Sooooooooooooooooooo much anger in them. I shant identify the blog for the sake of not offending said angry person … Continue reading

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Savages. And the theater going experience I Rarely partake in….((a semi half assed review :) ))

Let’s preface this review by saying, which I think I do again below, I rarely go to theaters anymore for this was a special treat, as it were, courtesy of a coupon in the entertainment book for a free … Continue reading

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The past is never to far away…..or how I stumbled upon things I thought were long gone…

((written about 5 or six days ago…something in here may have been of a mild time importance thus this non needed note…enjoy..or rather don’t 🙂 )) I discovered a stockpile of vhs tapes featuring things I had thought I lost…and … Continue reading

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