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Stream of conciousness….(this was written as)

Subject header is kind of what twitter is for itinit? So on that note before I ramble on follow me @originaljahwoo if you’d like..if not…I don’t particularly care either;;; chances are I probably won’t follow you back unless I see … Continue reading

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past is always there….regrets are redundant…respect retrograde… non specifics…too much of my past featuring people that don’t believe my intentions…people who don’t take me serious…. they’re not to blame for anything necessarily…one makes their own path but those along the … Continue reading

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I’m a master of speculation….

…and yet I do so little with that speculation. That could be the entirety of the blog and speak enough about what I’m possibly going to write about now….Thus as I just said….I may have a direction to go…I may … Continue reading

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