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I write far more than I post…

That’s sad….or at least lame; however only my ‘how to sneak into Disneyland’ post gets a bajillion hits; no one ever effing comments on it…nor does it get likes but hundreds of hits.;;; what the hell is the point in … Continue reading

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One easy step to a ton of hits on your blog….

Yeah. I don’t believe anyone actually reads any of the nonsense I post..however I always get a kick out of noticing the analytics (spell check keeps telling me that analytics isn’t a word..and yet it’s in the Merriam-Webster dictionary..so..uhm…what?) ….and the … Continue reading

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MORE proof of giving it too much thought…. ((in regards to Big Brother ;) ))

last season 42 in line divided by 3….14….this year 3×4+3…15..and when Im in the house…3×5 15…and when blah blah blah   letters in my name sans the III at the end…15…(I think…I’m never quite sure hot my middle name is properly … Continue reading

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How to sneak into disneyland….

Yeah…no. Even if I DO know how to do that…I can’t share that on the interwebs…there’s probably tips out there from people who know how to get away with it…BUT I can tell you it’s a lot harder than it … Continue reading

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