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“An Open casting video by way of letters to your reality show that I’m a huge fan of….’

[[[Where this came from or how this came about was rather organic as I was writing a satire of casting videos based on what you should probably NOT if definitely not do. See it kind of as a rough script … Continue reading

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My strange, silly *?*, obsession; Big Brother (the reality show on CBS)….

(I wrote this roughly three weeks ago. I don’t know if there’s a point in my pointing that fact out…but alas I have…so there you have it and “there you go”) Regular readers or people who know me know I … Continue reading

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hey big brother producers…..

what’s up big brothers….my name is john but i like to go by jah…not that most people give me that respect of calling me jah…maybe because it implies I have a god complex..which maybe I do..but more so…I dunno why…it’s … Continue reading

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