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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D

Your Happy is NOT my problem.

*disclaimer*..the subject header is hardly relevant to the words within…”enjoy” *disclaimer fin* Directly inspired by absolutely nobody if not also everyone. Everyone wants to be happy right? Everybody likes to find that other half that they then place responsibility and … Continue reading

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“An Open casting video by way of letters to your reality show that I’m a huge fan of….’

[[[Where this came from or how this came about was rather organic as I was writing a satire of casting videos based on what you should probably NOT if definitely not do. See it kind of as a rough script … Continue reading

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They always come back…but sometimes they don’t…

Even when they do. My life seems to be caught in an infinity loop [I first typed circle knowing well that I meant loop..but maybe they are two different things?]. Without looking that up I’m not sure there’s really such … Continue reading

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Some people just don’t get it….

[[[***preface*** More about reactions to actions than the initial action. Remaining cryptic because the blog I should have written to post before this where you could connect a to b hasn’t happened. I may or may not share the details … Continue reading

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My strange, silly *?*, obsession; Big Brother (the reality show on CBS)….

(I wrote this roughly three weeks ago. I don’t know if there’s a point in my pointing that fact out…but alas I have…so there you have it and “there you go”) Regular readers or people who know me know I … Continue reading

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If I had infinite booking power…a massive thrown by me

Some of these groups are probably not currently active…a few I’ve added my own spin just because. Four groups of five as they came to me more or less. Could be four stages but more logically there’s a pretty obvious … Continue reading

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Camp Dread; a pretty half assed review for a slightly better than average flick.

In stark contrast to the previously posted ‘review’ we have this (in number of words and content I mean) where I’m a little bit all over the place..but it happens 😀 On the cover of the Dvd beneath the title  … Continue reading

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