If I had infinite booking power…a massive thrown by me

Some of these groups are probably not currently active…a few I’ve added my own spin just because. Four groups of five as they came to me more or less. Could be four stages but more logically there’s a pretty obvious stage a and stage b for a two day festival. Yes let’s go with that just because shant we?


Day one


Stage A.


Fatboy Slim

The Chemical Brothers

The prodigy


The Gorillaz (live with a band or maybe just Damon albar doing a th set)

((On that note live sets where possible and I think all of them can pull off some live set two of them I’ve seen)) (probably in bottom to top order wise)


B Stage

Josh Wink

The Presets

The Avalanches


George Clinton & P Funk

(Probably too to bottom)


***two stages on one massive stage like I’ve seen at warped tour and an actual massive or two large stages side by side…which maybe would make this an outdoor festival, no longer mere massive since two days, like Ultra & or EDC


Day 2


B Stage


Calvin Harris


Donald Gaulde


(Bottom to top)


Stage A


Daft Punk with a live band playing the music they claim, or others claim, would be impossible to perform live (see random acess memories. Clearly a couple of big name performers would be part of the group or just for their songs ie pharrel)((also playing a few of their hits)

The Crystal Method with an orchestra. Because I’ve seen multiple dj sets & live sets so hey how about something completely unrealistic and weird?


The Future Sound of London



And then just because one group I had left out that I’d love to see.. Bonus acts… 4 of them and then a bonus bonus…but then one more just hit me so that becomes 2 and well




Dirty Vegas

Apollo 440

Eiffel 65 versus aqua 😀


Bonus bonus

Zero 7 with ellie goulding & sia


And then


Beck dj set


That’s 10 more artists most of which aren’t a thing anymore…so we’ll there you go…maybe it’s just become a three day festival with a pretty weird day 3…or if not take the four bonus acts and you get 12 each day by way of two day affair.


(I didn’t put nearly as much thought into this as it might seem…lol)

((Typed on a notepad on and posted from my phone….lol…tags will be added later and whatever edits I need to make..as if that’s important for me to point out. ..bah hahaha ha))


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