Camp Dread; a pretty half assed review for a slightly better than average flick.

In stark contrast to the previously posted ‘review’ we have this (in number of words and content I mean) where I’m a little bit all over the place..but it happens 😀

On the cover of the Dvd beneath the title  it says “Pitch your tent. Dig your Grave”. Sarastic spoiler alert…there’s no tent pitching or grave digging. So if that’s the tag for the flick it’s a big fat lie of a tag. Moving on…
Interesting albeit not all that groundbreaking and maybe a few days late to the party concept….sufficient bad horror movie acting, really low budget special effects that make the original low budget special effects look good…lots of stupid and badly written dialogue that is delivered in a possibly purposely cheesy way…entertaining enough in spite of its shortcomings. (also horror is barely an appropriate tag for this. It’s closer to old school laugh inducing splatter fests than things that go bump in the night, hauntings/haunts ((the proper plural but I prefer hauntings)), or literally of a horrifying nature)

3.9 ish more than generous *’s of 5.


5 points of a *

performance    3.85    The cast are playing would be reality tv stars…which in of itself is a Pandora’s box as even the most real reality stars are playing parts and thus not just themselves.

plot        4-    It is what it is. Oh you don’t know? The director of the “Summer Camp” trilogy of the 80s wants to relaunch his career and is attempting to do so with a reality show at the camp where the movies took place. That sounds much worse than it really is. On a side note as I allude to up top in my half assed review review I thought this was all an homage or allegation of the sleepaway camp movie(s)……aaand it seems it is…I don’t have the time to dig deeper right now nor did I when I wrote this earlier but I have not at least confirmed one of the “stars” of the movie was in sleepaway camp…Felissa Rose

setting        4.2     See above. That makes for a great setting..and though I also put score and soundtrack under setting the emphasis here or the meat of my rating is for exactly where it is. It’s not particularly spooky or anything it’s just the legend behind where we watch the story unfold.

execution    3.7595    It is what it is

enjoy/engage/entertain(ment) 3.99    Almost not a good movie and really I couldn’t recommend it to most people BUT if you consider yourself to be a “horror fan” as I seem to be than you will at the least not completely hate it? haha. Ringing endorsement itinit? I could see easily how anyone could say it was none of those three things…but that’s for the people that can’t look beyond the cheapness..which in of itself could be considered another layer on top of layers.

avg: 3.967

combined rating: 79.57

(would you look at that my gut break down 3.967…yep..the system works? hahaha)



A horror lover’s friggin’ paradise!” The Horror Honeys

Well I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t, as I didn’t, go as far as exactly what that quote says. But horror lovers shouldn’t hate it.

“A fun, funny, and at times unpredictable good time that goes for broke” – Dread Central

Fun. I guess? Funny? Not quite as much as it could have been. At times unpredictable? Probably not..although I didn’t quite see where it was headed…I wasn’t trying to so much as playing the I wonder who the killer is game AND “maguffins” a plenty are planted..which is another layer of why this is better than average.


One last thought. Seriously the budget on this movie seems to be only a few thousand bucks. It’s not scary by any means probably more kitschy than anything but it effectively does something if not exactly what it sets out to do.


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