“What’s your malfunction?”

Surprisingly I’m not asked this on a daily basis…but non surprisingly I don’t really interact with many to any people on a regular daily basis either. I was in the shower randomly thinking about…the fact that I clearly must suffer from an antisocial disorder…or personality disorder….or something in me is mentally broken…

I don’t think I’m crazy..and I’m not looking to diagnoses to make excuses BUT….

My interest in other peoples social lives…..slim to none.

My empathy for those same people…I don’t care.

However ironically or non…I don’t mind hearing or learning about their lives….I just don’t care about the interpersonal things I think/guess/reckon…

I can’t stand other people quite often…while at the same time I don’t have any issues with most people….I do enjoy talking shit about them if they have something that is easy to talk shit about however…

I love movies, music, professional wrestling….and other things probably due to the sense of community when engaged in the heat of the passions…..In layman’s terms I enjoy the social aspect of things but NOT of the other people who enjoy the same things when those things are no longer the subject at hand…

Likely that paints me a dullard to a certain bit of society….It’s been a while but a while ago when that while ago was the present….a handful of people, not just one or two….more like five, told me “you’re too into music”…. I thought they were nuts….even now I think to say that to someone…is nuts…. One can’t be “too into music”….but I digress to babble on…

by the way enjoy the random paragraph/stanza/thought breaks that aren’t really neccesary when the follow up covers the same territory….that’s just what I do because I choose too..do…



I’ve just abruptly went boom…bada boom….no mas babbling to spew….and yet always there is…..

I clearly lack direction or a reason behind any direction….but let’s review…

I don’t like you and I don’t care about the people in your life….as long as your talking about something I care about we’re cool…as long as you don’t try to get all up in my life we probably cool….we’re not really friends and never really will be….but don’t take that personally….ha…hahaha…hahahahahahah….

All your base are belong to me!..


*imagine me stomping off into the night raving like a lunatic and enjoy the visual that’s in my own head…

“Would you like to know more”?

[[[[[ not that anyone would read this and a. think I’m trying to tell them off. b. take it personally and 3. but really the pre-point…not that anyone is reading this anyway…BUT should someone read this and that someone be someone I know….it wasn’t in regards too or aboot you…nor was it inspired by anyone….as a matter of fact now if you thought it was about you…you’d be even more likely to believe that since I’m telling you it’s not……….but then I’m not quite enough of, and really not even moderately or minorly, a megalomaniac so I don’t believe someone would read any of the above and take it as a fuck off to them….but and however…just in case that were to occur…..did you not get the point that it’s all about me me me meeeee and my shit so I would never care enough about another person to passive aggressively tell them to fuck off?…..ha…hahaha..hahahahahaha……….

But seriously…my babbling brought about due to no one but myne self….and the reflection of….what’s the simple explanation as to why I’m a non socially interactive person when it doesn’t benefit me…..or something….uhm hmm….toodles bitches =D ]]]]]

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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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