Metallica Through The never ;;;; a relatively short review by my standards.

Less a flick than a concert film..and even then not quite that either….hybird concert with a bit of a story thrown in film. High on my must see list….probably would have been a better experience in an Imax theater and on that note….timeless enough that it could easily return and play an Imax theater. ((like how Imax used to just be about big reel pictures of edutainment variety…concert films could work for repeat showings….there’s surely lots of money to be made for everyone involved if through the never were to come back to Imax screens at some point however of course too now….lots of films are released in Imax format..BUT…concert films I think are closer to the edutainment than feature films that weren’t created primarily FOR imax))…Now rant aside; There’s not much in the way of acting to critique…there’s not much in the way of story….there’s almost a plot…but mostly what’s here to enjoy is the all mighty Metallica doing their thing rocking their music. If you hate Metallica this ain’t for you…however IF you love or appreciate great live music…this MIGHT be for you. Metallica is one of those bands that if I’m asked who are the best or who isn’t he best live band you’ve seen….they don’t immediately pop into my mind BUT..the one time I did see them in concert….they played close to two hours and it was pure awesome from opening to close. So Metallica IS one of the greatest live experiences…and they don’t disappoint in/on Through The Never. There’s even great music to be heard and viewed through the credits so if you’re not the type who sticks around for credits…well I Kind of hate you but in any case even if you’re not a fan of rock long as you’re a fan of music at all you will enjoy what you hear during the closing credits. On that previous note IF you appreciate music for music’s sake…you can’t hate everything that Metallica has released. There’s some depth to quite a few songs…Personally I don’t give a shit if you do or don’t like or respect their music…but if you are one of those “it’s all crap” type people in regards to their catalog you know nothing about music. (((unlike say nickelback where 98% of it IS purely crap..haha…))) My rant that I just barely scratched the surface of aside… Through The never is an acceptable to great concert film with a sub par to average…to acceptable attempt at a storyline included…for those reasons it’s more entertaining if you’re into the music but even if you’re not it’s at it’s worst just average….. mostly because I’m not still quite how I feel for the long term… 3.75-4.2 Fire inducing rocking *’s out of 5.   (((averages to 3.975…sounds about right were someone to randomly ask me a year from now to rate it 1-5 without seeing whatever I rated it)))

Dvd blurb/quotes BONUS content

There’s only two and there on the back…and as you’ll read…nothing really to tear apart…but as I’m perhaps dedicated to my new “bit”…here you go.

“Easily the best of its kind”;;; seeing as it’s kind of sort of the FIRST of its kind….can’t argue with that. Unless maybe The Wall or Tommy could be classified similarly? I think they both have live concert footage with a story tossed around? Although it literally is the first of its kind as far as to how it was

“One of the great concert films”… uhm….okay I guess so? It’s quality…Live Aus Berlin might be still what I mark as the best concert film there is…compared to it as far as the music/performance/concert itself….yep…it’s right up there too.

Boy wasn’t that exciting? Debating whether or not when/if I do this do I provide the source of the quotations if they are given too? Legally am I obligated to do so? I mean for all you know I COULD make up quotes, claim they’re on the dvd/case, and then mock said made up quotes…I AM that creative but I’m also a bit too lazy to go that far….but as always opinions/suggestions and legal knowledge if you’ve got it are appreciated…..

Oh and just for shits and giggles disc 1 of the two disc set is a solid 4*’s. Disc 2 as of this typing I’ve not watched but looks like good stuff there within.


[[[bonus bonus thought or something…Is it “Imax” “IMAX” “imax”…or what? And/or does it really matter?]]]

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