What is you’re legacy?

That is the question at hand…or perhaps maybe and of course…what is MY legacy…but if someone reads this…the question is posed to you as well.

Everyone wants a legacy. Even those who claim they don’t. Those who do for others and care less about themselves…you’re either consciously and in denial or subconsciously trying to create and leave a legacy…

The shocking sudden death of Jim Hellwig/ “warrior” a.k.a. the ultimate warrior on Tuesday got me to thinking….really any time someone dies who had a decent to long life…or even a short life where they accomplished much and influenced or inspired…entertained..or something else masses of people….it makes me wonder. On the flip side of that coin..any time someone so young or so just right in the prime of their life that hasn’t quite accomplished anything amazing or notable but is on their way dies..and I wonder why…

Why am i still here? What have I accomplished? What have I brought to the Earth, world, friends, family, and/or strangers? One could interpret that/this as a “why am I here” hypothetical question…but it’s not. It’s more so why am I here but others aren’t?

If I were to die today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or sometime in the next year…what would I leave behind? A bunch of physical belongings…a bit of intellectual musings…nothing I can think of that would reflect or be my legacy. Perhaps maybe this blog could be…but then there’s not all that much I’ve posted here; Had not MySpace stolen all the users blogs and held them captive…I’d have that legacy (as I posted quite a more than just a few blogs over on MySpace)..but were I to keel over and die…as it stands (ironically as I keel) right now…my legacy would basically be nothing.

Now that previous statement could imply depression or one not thinking they are worth something. Quite the contrary…I am awesome…but in death…I would just be that….dead. In life I’m accomplishing a whole hell of a lot of nothing…my drive is attaining even the lowest level of d list celebrity….even saying that though that’s not true….I’d just like to have a few hundred people that hang on every word…that kiss my ass for who I am…that….wait no actually that’s not true either. I don’t really give to much shit about other people….I don’t really want them to care about me…I would like them to care about what I write or have to say however….and thus perhaps an epitome of irony….and probably not even remotely at all ironic….this here would be my legacy….


Shocking I’ve not really explored much of anything here within. People die and it used to effect me but now days….after 35 seconds of mourning..probably even less than that…. “r.I.p.” and I’ve moved on. I’ve been fortunate or unfortunate enough not to ‘lose’ too many people that were all that close to me….On the family side to that equation I’ve only lost an aunt, uncle, and grandpa…all of whom which an argument could be made that they had a good run ((in the case of my uncle perhaps the least true …but my grandpa was old and my aunt…wasn’t in the greatest place or situation for the value of life she was living….))…. What exactly is the point I’m making? I’ve reached an unhealthy level of jaded….someone dies…it’s probably sad for someone…someone dies that’s important somehow to my life…I can’t and/or don’t linger or dwell on it…but it does however fuck with my head sometimes….per the case I was making….why does someone with a family…young kids….tons of friends….and a legacy or something that contributes to an eventual legacy…die so randomly..but I, whom contributes a whole lot of nothing….who doesn’t have a family to support…who doesn’t really have any friends, how do I continue? Or why? My legacy seems to be growing to an advanced age and being a grumpy ornery…pissed off old man screaming at those “Damn kids” to get the hell off of my lawn…. I guess that’s not all that awful of a legacy at the end of the day…better to be hated than ignored… better to be annoying than receive indifference….better to have lived and made others miserable than lived and had no influence on others….


[[[[[[ I only briefly touched upon but the death of “warrior” really was the why to the thought process for this blog…that didn’t really even come out anywhere near what was written in my head. He was 54…so one could argue it wasn’t all that sudden….except of how literally sudden it went down. The scarier or more ironic part was his first appearance on Monday night raw the night before…his first return to wwe at the hall of fame a few days earlier…but and especially his first and sadly last appearance in a wwe ring on Monday night….the speech he gave/words he said/promo he cut…. “the warrior spirit will live on’…. it’s a little bit eerie is my point. He said thank you and goodbye then less than 24 hours later…he died….sadder he has two young children that will live without their father…. an ideal / perfect example of “life is precious” or anything else that conveys that thought. Here today…easily gone tomorrow…but in his case and as well as others…the timing sometimes is ridiculous…ridiculous in it couldn’t have been scripted better (or worse)….. “I’m sorry for what I did”…”I thank you all for your support”….”I’m here to announce….”…and then boom…you’re dead;;;; I still didn’t really go all that much into the inspiration….I will pointlessly add I think I was mere inches away from the ultimate warrior when he made an “in store appearance” back in the day…that was back before I was a full on wrestling fan and he just so happened to be where we were that day…or we didn’t go because he was going to be there but we went there..and…hey look it’s wwf superstar the ultimate warrior….although I feel like that happened too with randy savage..maybe it happened with both…maybe not…In any case I remember it happening…and there’s evidence that exists that solidifies the fact it happened….I was near the warrior energy/aura….back on point with the subject header chosen….look up a few ultimate warrior promos on YouTube..especially if you’ve never done so and weren’t there when they happened to witness them…..the legacy of batshit crazy promos…followed by even more bat shittier crazy behaviour…..that is the legacy…..or a part of the legacy…those who didn’t follow him after he was no longer with the wwf….might not know the story of how he legally changed his name to “warrior” in an attempt to battle against vince McMahon for the rights over usage of the name…..crazy but maybe brilliantly so…..many probably don’t know he returned to wrestling for a brief moment a few years back to become a world champion one more time…..hell many people that are currently fans of professional wrestling probably don’t know much about his legacy..but they know he has one….and as all over the place as I went…or was….and am….that’s probably my point…such a fitting tribute written really in an attempt at putting myself over….plenty of people have experienced and would/could attest that the ultimate warrior promos have nothing on some of the bizarre “weird” shit that has come out of my mouth….but the difference being…..I wasn’t cutting a promo for millions of fans….thus what I said won’t forever be remembered by masses….it will only be eventually forgotten by maybe a few……thus bringing us full cycle….

“would you like to know more”? }}}}}}

(((((((((((((((((((((((( funny enough…someone posted something on facebook about writing a paper on the film “would you like to know more” came from….one of the dumbass commenter’s  [[plural of people who comment? spellcheck is failing me..thanks]]responded with “do you want to know more’ or something that was the incorrect quote…I ALMOST posted something to correct them….I AM totally that asshole..but for some reason I didn’t….maybe because I’d rather someone be incorrect than know the right thing and steal my thunder..hahaha..hahahahahaha….hahahahhahahhahaa…..but for reals… misquotes are awesome….especially when someone smugly says something to your face..and you know they’re wrong..thus you judge them an idiot..and feel even better by NOT calling them out on it…because you enjoy the fact that others will think them an idiot for getting it wrong…….when in reality most people probably won’t even realize they are wrong…but…in any case..yeah…..there you go ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

[[[[[bonus…no one ever calls me out on my use of “itinit”…by all reasonable logic that’s not a word…it’s just my version of innit..because it really sounds more like ‘it-in-it’..so phonetically..you know…you might also notice my choice of behaviour over behavior..I think I just think British..or Canadian….itinit? 😀 ….see also flavour and colour….good times]]]]]

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