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Subject header is kind of what twitter is for itinit? So on that note before I ramble on follow me @originaljahwoo if you’d like..if not…I don’t particularly care either;;; chances are I probably won’t follow you back unless I see some shared bond between us..or if you happen to read this and decide to follow..let me know that’s why and I’ll likely follow back..

uhmkay…so moving on…

I’ve probably bitched about this or written about this in the past but…if not…((surely I did on myspace if not here…still want my blogs back myspace stole from me and everyone else who posted blogs on myspace))….I’ve come to realize…nay…I realized a long while back; never depend on anyone but yourself for anything. That way when someone fails you it’s only you that fails you…

And really there you have it…I could bitch and moan and complain for thousands of words quite possibly..and likely…but my irritation level is high today.;! Also it’d be great if when someone was asked a question and they clearly were leaning towards no that they would just say no chance in hell; then there would be no disappointment to be found…but again see above and that’s what happens if you depend or put faith in other people. Thus why I started going to concerts, movies, and various other events by myself. I learned with live music events in particular pretty quickly to not have faith in someone else…that led to lots of cases of me buying pairs of tickets just in case someone else wanted to go with..but then after losing/wasting enough money I came to the conclusion of ‘you know what; fuck em’….because if they really wanted to go they’d buy their own ticket…and if they really really really wanted to go they’d be able to find a ticket;;; Only one case maybe two ever where there was an event I wanted to go to and I hadn’t acquired a ticket before it sold out and in most cases by NOT buying ahead of time I ended up saving half the price of the ticket or more ((((particuarly proud of hundred dollar plus tickets I got for 20 bucks….one case of that was for ac/dc….one case where I was unable to get a ticket…was for the black eyed peas…ironic when you think about what one generally terms as quality and talented musicans…or not..but I’m sure most people think black eyed peas? bahhh ha hahahahahahaha….but then the same could be said about ac/dc couldn’t it?)))))


Anywho; there I went and made my point a paragraph longer than I needed to. If I’m an anti social, self centered, and whatever other negative toned adjective one could label someone it’s the fault of society or at least the members of society that constantly fucked me over in my life… the end of the day you can’t be disappointed in others you can only REALLY be disappointed in yourself and that’s the moral of today’s rant.

{{{{I’m less pissed than I might be implying…but I’m greatly annoyed and/or agitated as stated already…I could have “stayed in bed” rather than waking up in anticipation of MAYBE going to do something that was going on today…I also COULD have gotten myself there but it was one of those things that would have been more of a hassle than what the reward was worth..although I might have been well rewarded for my effort….maybe a 50/50 chance but in any case…I wasted ‘half the day’ sitting and waiting…so that was a nice big ol fuck off passively…oh and also because the person or persons that the annoyance stemmed from, as suggested above, didn’t give me a straight no or probably not..and then engaged in actions that made it look more like a yes than a no….so on that I didn’t go into above..but sometimes people cause themselves to be pestered by being so wishy washy when asked a question about something….I MIGHT be guilty of that sometimes but I think I’m pretty straight forward about things…sure I’m a smartass more times than not BUT I don’t answer with an ‘uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ when asked things that are important enough, at least to me or imo, to require a straight forward answer;;;; so there you go. Feel free to disagree or agree or argue or whatever with me..but as I know there’s likely nobody reading….Is typing words on a blog any less insane or inane than “talking to yourself”? …..}}}}


[[[[[oh bonus content..or last year I worked on a best and worst and whatever movies of the last year list..unlike last year I actually compiled quite a list this year….the hope was by Oscar time I would have posted it {{{on that I took notes on the Oscars and was going to post a ‘the Oscars through my eyes’ blog about a week after the fact..hahah}}}…but anywho….unlike last year I WILL (probably) be posting that…so get excited for a 100,000 words of my opinions of last in movies…but if it doesn’t get posted…blame society ;-D ]]]]] [[[[[[no really…I’ve put a lot of work into it…maybe over an hour..HA….i basically have the rough rated…over hated…I just need to compile it into something more comprehensible and that can be posted as a blog…but if i don’t…per the content up above…no one can be disappointed in me…but than no one is really expecting it anyway…so..we all win don’t we?]]]]]]


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