I write far more than I post…

That’s sad….or at least lame; however only my ‘how to sneak into Disneyland’ post gets a bajillion hits; no one ever effing comments on it…nor does it get likes but hundreds of hits.;;; what the hell is the point in my posting when no one comments or argues or gives any kind of feedback?

Sure I’ve got an over inflated value of self worth but itinit the case with every ‘blogger’? Surely we all share what we write because we crave attention or appreciation…unless we’re all just a bunch of opinionated whores that want our voices heard? Even still that suggests a craving of approval…?

I write for my sanity but I also think…nay KNOW…my opinions on movies, if not also books, music, and all facets of entertainment, are valid points of view. (Especially when most of my movie ratings fall within the average rating bubble of imdb…maybe less so rotten tomatoes but I prefer imdb anywho)….

Now I have the WordPress app on my phone. I’m typing this on my phone; I’ve written some pretty epic in length things on my phone. Does this and/or that mean a more frequent posting is going to appear? Maybe but probably not 😀 ~ In any case the barely once a month recent posting just don’t cut it when I specificaly have written far more than that with intent of posting. My lost blogs could easily make for a probably quite boring book~when I one day gain d list…maybe c list celebrity status I could potentially cash in with them…a collection of inane ramblings from the mind of someone famous for almost nothing…if that ain’t the ultimate dream for a self professed “writer” that gets no compensation for shit they write/create I don’t know what is~ 😉

Coherent or incoherent ramblings are surely what I do best…I’m mentally a bit of a stand up comic…I’m literally not all that much of a performer ALTHOUGH I’ve floated the concept that my whole existence is quite the living work of performance art ((this upon being told for the upteenth time that I’m bizzare or weird))….sadly I don’t put that much thought into TRYING to be “weird”. I just am what I am…or am not ; ooooh “mysterious”. Itinit?

[Literally or perhaps not but surely in theory ALL OF US are living works of art living and playing the part of performance art for whatever shoes, boots, bare feet, and/or other we walk in. We are all playing parts consciously or subconsciously; welcome to admittance …we are in the matrix…we are into the void…this is inception….we are on a path ultimately not entirely of our choosing] [[we are….v.r 😉 ]]


About jahwoo

I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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