why oh why…do you suck so often so much wordpress?..and me babbling..of course

This isn’t going to be long and barely qualifies as a blog entry..but anyone else ALWAYS have issues signing into wordpress? And then ALWAYS try to click on the notifications star just to see in indefinitely attempt to load?

I’m going to wager I’m not alone….but if I am….haters gonna hate I reckon? right.



for people who actually read, which there are approximately -5, and who might care….I’ve written uber amounts of stuff to post but then…I always run short on time when I think about getting around to posting the content…..of course….a ton of movie ‘reviews’ that no one cares to read…and some other random shit….to demonstrate my level of fail…see the best live acts blogs that lead to…limbo for a conclusion…and then “no and then” I also had a halloweeney horror movie intensive…only really blog that i had intended to post near halloween..but as it came and went…and I didn’t….”you get nothing!!!’…

name those movie quotations….and if you’re the winner…you win…..NOTHING….woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

that’s all for now…lots of things pending…lack of people caring….but as always…or sometimes…if you’ve got suggestions for me..as to what I should ramble or babble about…how to improve my pointless movie ratings/reviews….or just want to tell me how awesome, awful, amazing, or anything that starts with the letter “A” i am….shoot….

until next time…

live long and prosper..na-nuh, na-nuh, and of course

“”””Would you like to know more?!”””””

About jahwoo

I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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