My thoughts/opinions/comments on rolling stone’s “50 greatest live acts right now” part 3 (by way of 2) of potentialy 5…

Before part two begins [[[or make that three…I don’t know which is more appropriate as it’s second posted so in theory…it’s part 2 BUT it features bands after what part two would have…yeah…stick with us won’t you?]]] I have to first say..I wrote part two for 29 through 24…and my computer froze..and apparently I didn’t save it before that happened….I’m so fucking pissed but already so over it right now. Sure you might say that’s only 6 that you’ve got to write again…and that’d be fine if it was someone who doesn’t have much to say writing it…but me….those six could have been a blog all there own because of the wild tangents I was set off on….now that magic is lost and won’t likely be recaptured….of course I’m so ocd that what I write the second time might have quite a bit of the marks I hit the first time..unless I just say the hell with it and lazily write very few words….I guess we shall see…in any case I realllllllllllllllllllly fucking hate technology almost more often than I love it…I know I’m not alone…without it my life would be pretty fucking miserable I’m sure but with it sometimes….I’ve been pretty damn close to tossing monitors out the window..and computer towers off an overpass…if not for the fact I might break the window and the overpass is a bit of a hump from here..I very well may have….if I had a gun….I surely would have shot a few computers by now ((((on an entirely different note…I came to the conclusion the other day HAD I grown up in a home with guns….I may have went columbine on a few people in middle school [[[however that happened after I was in middle school so really…I would have just been going on a rampage?]]]….the message here is that guns clearly ARE the problem…if there’s no guns no one can go bat shit crazy on a shooting spree with them….although this might quickly become ironic..or not…as I think gun owners that aren’t hunters..are simply pussies. I don’t care where you live..if you live in fear of “someone that might do bad things” on or to you or your family….you’re just a pussy. Here’s where I go ironic. I’m fine with people being pussies. I’m not anti gun ownership for others….or rather I’m not anti the freedom for people to own guns…I’m anti for myself because I know I’d in all likelihood shoot someone with it…because what are guns for? Shooting things….once you’ve run out of things….and once a person has angered you greatly enough….if you have impulse control issues you’re quite likely going to go after them with a gun and get them or yourself killed… back to our regularly scheduled programming))))(((((already this is both better and worse than the lost entry…I didn’t open with a tangent about guns killing people…hahahahha)))))[[[[[non important bit of info…I’m going to skip down to 23 before working my way back to the ones that I wrote about and tragically lost…that artistic genius lost forever….at least until brains can be plugged into computers and transcriptions of everything ever typed can be downloaded….bah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa and Ha. ]]]]]

29. Muse
28. Patti Smith
27. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
26. Leonard Cohen
25. Phish
24. Dave Matthews Band
^^^^per what you’ll see at the end of this chunk…and what I wrote above….thoughts lost in the infinite digital highway..or deep reaches of my mind from whence they came…a part two just might rematerialize..but until that time…there’s this..and whatever else happens….ba-ba-ba-ba-Bazinga…badaboom….boooom bada boom [[[magical how schizho my writing can be itinit? ]]]

23. Pearl Jam

Being from the northwest I’m supposed to Loooooooooooove Pearl Jam. I’m supposed to think eddie vedder is a genius and a god amongst men….well….I don’t loooooooooove pearl jam..however I do enjoy a few dozen songs or so (((don’t ask me for two dozen song titles because I’d surely fail…I really love one album and easily 12 singles i enjoy however…so there you go))). I’ve not really had a ton of chances at seeing pearl jam live….I did however manage to see them once ((((you’d think that wouldn’t be the case right? You’d think they played seattle and the surrounding area ALLLL the time…they play more often than a few other bands but more times than not pearl jam in seattle is part of some charity event…..or tickets are insanely over priced…or they sell out so quick that I don’t even bother….))))) parenthesis aside as I said I did manage once to get tickets for a pearl jam show;;that show proceeded to sell out quite quickly and a show or two were added…actually now that I think about it…that show was the first pearl jam (of a very few) that show that happened in seattle after I had gotten out of the essentially was my first chance at seeing pearl jam and I did. ;;; Anywho. I honestly can’t remember a whole hell of a lot…I do remember and hated that there were seats on the floor…there was no general admission pit/floor type thing you might expect for a rock act…I guess that’s because eddie vedder is a dirty hipppie at heart and his music isn’t for moshing…or dancing of any kind to (((((speaking of..sleater-kinney and soul coughing can both eat a bag of dicks when it comes to their stances..or at least comments they made to the crowd when i saw them both..and same festival.different venues..but they both insulted moshers..and just in general dancers….soul coughing’s douchebag lead jackoff yelled about how they’re “not that kind of music”…and that people who mosh at all are assholes….sleater-kinney said something to the effect of ‘look at those idiots..why would you mosh to us’…soul coughing I wasn’t a fan of to begin with..and sleater-kinney I promptly decided…can go fuck themselves 😀 ((yet I believe I stayed for their whole set..hahaha…I read a TON of hype about them..they didn’t quite live up to it..and they’re not a band anymore..and chances are if you’re reading this you’ve never even heard of them….and soul coughing you may not know by name for that matter either…HA..hahaha…karma mother fuckers)) )))))…where was I going. I’m sure eddie isn’t a dirty hippie douche BUT he was a san diego surfer….so….you know ;)….I actually don’t dislike any of the members of pearl jam on a personal level I’m just being a smartass/jackass/assass….anywho…I like pearl jam just fine….they were proficient enough…but it wasn’t an amazing ground breaking experience to write home about….or write anyone else about….in my own favourite/best/whatever list pearl Jam really didn’t even cross my mind to even get an honorable nod…i don’t think….so I surely don’t agree with their being 23…however I can’t say that they’re not at least good live….they could be great or amazing but that wasn’t my experience.

22. Tom Waits

He likes to sing and sound like he’s warbling with marbles in his mouth…….(((kind of like weird al..smells like nirvana…bazinga)))….he’s been around forever..was in some group or something right? I don’t care…he makes depressing music to slit your wrists too…that’s not my cup of tea..and I can’t see how that would be amazing, great, powerful, moving, or even good live. Feel free to hook me up with some tickets to one of your shows and show me otherwise mr Waits ;-D

21. Red Hot Chili Peppers

I used to really really really really……really dig them. I love their first couple of albums…but wasn’t aware of them, like many people I’m sure, until under the bridge. one hot minute was a life enhancing (yep enhancing not so much altering) album…That tour….I swear a TON of people the next day in school had the tour shirts on….I was poor folk with no friends and no way of getting to seattle so I had no way of going…my lameness aside (((and maybe why once I started going to shows and concerts….I amassed quite a few..and continue going to more than I’d say the average person….though I definitely go to nowhere near as many as I used to….mostly due to slim pickings…other factors that I’m sure have been babbled about in past blogs)))…I was a pretty strong fan of the red hot chilli peppers even through californication which I believe is where a TON of people turned their backs…I quite enjoyed what I remember hearing of stadium arcadium…and Anthony Kiedis’s book is one of the best rock and roll autobiographies out there (((see also Duff McKagan’s, Ozzy Osbourne’s, and Grandmaster Flash’s for other good reads from music royalty.)))..anywho…I’ve never seen the chili peppers live…not even a whole lot of prerecorded ‘live’ footage….so i don’t know if they’re great live or not….I still would like to see them..however their prime is long past….and I’m afraid of what the set would contain…..that one hot minute tour was probably the one ghat got away (((9see also white zombie and smashing pumpkins for two concerts I realllllllly wanted to go to in high school and both I almost found a way to go to..but the bus system was far shittier than it is today as far as tacoma to seattle and back))). Also and mostly I feel like unless they played two or three hours…it’d be a waste of time….I don’t turn my back on bands I love…but I definitely am ‘just not all that into them’ anymore. 😛

20. Kanye West

Fuck Kanye 😀

19. The Roots

Never seen them…have seen that they or portions of they are extremely talented. Ironically they make the kind of hip hop I prefer over the club banger bling bling let’s do some molly and smoke some weed….or gangsta shit….but I’m not like..a massive supporter I guess you could say? I have an album of theirs on my hard drive I think..I like their music I’ve heard okay….I give them props..but have never seen them or rather never experienced them live for myself…and mostly the closest to live I’ve seen is via jimmy fallon..and that probably don’t count. I agree based on nothing much thus that they deserve to crack the top 20…and maybe one day I’ll find myself experiencing them for myself…lol.

18. Metallica

I wasn’t a huge or even minimal metallica fan growing up….i still wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan or that I love what they do. I like an album and a few dozen songs…lars is a beast on the drums…and they are quite great live. I’ve only seen them once…I didn’t expect to get much out of their performance..but they were great ((was at summer sanitarium where I was going to see mundane{ who I missed because of bullshit security not letting people in}, deftones, and linkin park….sadly limp bizkit was part of that bill and the best part of their set was when fred left the stage ((seriously…I suffered through limp bizkit 2.5 they were also at wrestlemania in seattle…my goodness that was awful)). Metallica headlining over 3 other bands I quite enjoy was just kind of a bonus of..oh well I guess I’m going to mark metallica off the indefinite checklist of bands I’ve seen…but as I already said..they were great. Unlike pearl jam not moving me to anything..and being almost forgettable….metallica was amazing by comparison….great stage presence, great lighting, great pyro, and most importantly [I think] of all they sounded amazing…maybe a little bit TOO amazing…but in any case…yes..metallica is great live..and they might place highly on my list…or maybe not…we shall see.

17. Nine Inch Nails

Nine inch nails is definitely high on my list….that being said I’ll say more about them when I compile my list…haha….but for now let me just say/point out that nine inch nails….is a lie as far as pretending there’s a group….trent reznor (much like a ton of people I could name but wont….but my favourite example chris whats his face of dashboard confessional)((who, by the way, I can’t stand and might warrant rounding out spot number 25 for 25 worst groups I’ve seen..hahaha))…IS “Nine Inch Nails”…..or trent and his toys. I believe no one in the current incarnation was a member of any of the original runs as nin….oh and there’s that whole there would be no more nine inch nails music thing..that kind of makes me want to see someone bitch slap trent. I think anyone who is a fan of his music now knows everything i just typed….we all accept that trent and nine inch nails are one in the same…but I speculate…and question…and wonder….why not be true to what you NOT tour as nine inch nails…tour as trent reznor…maybe trent reznor and friends…although…lots of former nine inch nails players would say he’s an asshole and they hate him…so trent reznor and his hired guns perhaps? …hell..why not just tour as a solo musician….acting as more an mc or dj than presenting the illusion that there’s a “band”….My negativity aside..I fucking love the music of nine inch nails perhaps irregardless of whom is behind the knob twisting, keyboard playing, and other random triggered effects…..but I do like to think and say to anyone who will listen. “REALLY trent?” 😀

Maybe because I’m a smart ass…and just because I noticed I do about 7 of these before my mind starts to melt….this will actually be part three….but published before part two..per the obvious reasons that open this segment….does that mean there will end up being 5 parts in total that don’t contain 10 each? Probably….but it’s my blog so I do what I want…hahahaha….[[[per the aforementioned words and occurrence of fact that this is going to be posted before those that come before it…part three before part two..not that it really matters anyway to anyone but maybe myself…and not really even to myself :D]]]{{{{{{is aforementioned not a great word?}}}}}

to be continued mah niggas…..
[[[[don’t mind my lack of capitalization versus sometimes random capitalziation of band names, people names, and city names…that’s just what I do..because I can…ha…if it makes me look like a shitty writer or be it..but I’m sure that would be the least of the things that might make me look like a shitty writer 😀 ]]]]

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