Not that this really ties in all that much to the title..but that’s not necessarily the point of a title is it? It could be just to be witty..or to try to be witty….that’s some great American English grammar right there itinit?

So..do I have a point? Probably not..nay..definetly not….there is in fact speculation however so I’m not just titling out of my ass..but it’s not really speculation at the same time….that makes sense right?…Yeah you’re right probably not. I apologize if someone is reading this and expecting something with a message..this is really more me thinking out loud like..but not all that loudly; you dig?

SO anywho here’s the point. I’ve got a friend..who has a friend…this friend may or may not be related to me….that may or may not make a difference…but in any case. There’s a quite attractive lady…whom I may have liked a picture or two of in the past…more recently I liked a picture of hers ((this would be on facebook)) that she’s not even in….I constantly question the procedures of facebook…or something…..a like is probably just a like but sometimes….it’s like why would someone like that of which is totally out of context..unless…..dun dun dun…..

I’m a pimp in my head but clearly to anyone who pays a minute bit of attention I get about as much play as the stick with a cup on the end and a ball attached….I don’t approach people….people sure as hell don’t approach me…so the online world of imaginary people is my best avenue for …meeting people…but really I don’t like most of them all that much either…hahahaha…I’ve been burned in the past…or maybe not burned but no overly positive experiences that have led to great friends or other for life have actually come of anything like that….so paint me jaded…although I state quite clearly often I’m jaded…..so paint a second or third layer of jadedness on me …and…..I really should get to the point shouldn’t I?

The point, if there was one, I just wonder….do I bug friends of friends that I think I may find compatibility with on the ol facebook..or do I just leave it be and hope they might come to me? Realistically….I probably prefer nothing to ever come of anything…ha…I know it’s lame to send friend requests to said friend(s) of friends…also lame to drop a comment on something of theirs if it’s not something that randomly appears in my stream? Does anyone give a fuck one way or another? ….I clearly think far to much about it but than not really at all….

“I am everything I am nothing…I am something’

“Stop the boat”……

and something about wild horses running free…..

Advice or suggestions  are welcome but I’ll probably only disagree with you…unless of course you completely agree with me and suggest that it’s better to be an admirer from afar than to say hey…you seem like you might be cool….are you up for a chat…or coffee…or world domination…. (((like spike….on buffy…maybe more so angel..but angel is a dick itinit he))

yep and there we go…this is closer to being representative of blogs I posted on myspace…a whole lot of “oh woah is me”…although really not..but I could see how people on the outside would interpret them as such…..the next part of the rolling stone’s best live performers should be coming soon…I also wrote a blog inspired by instagram….which is another blah blah blah woah is me style blog….I keep forgetting to make sure it’s saved on my flash drive before hitting the library though….and clearly I’m never going to post my favourite flicks of 2012…so let me say it here….(((hey why not?))) the best movie I saw last year was Prometheus….I believe I initially had a tie….or maybe a split number one but not really a tie…and thus the number two….The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I THINK that was one and two…there may have been a 3way for number one…but…how relavent to anything is that currently? Not so much….I DO have a blog chambered and ready to post featuring a few awful movies I’ve watched this year…but…I dunno if or when it will see the light of day…as it were…maybe soon..maybe never…back to what I’ve posted at a previous time I’ve got a ton…or at least many…blogs that were written…or collections of words that just needed a little bit more to make them a complete piece laying around collecting virtual dust in text files on my computer, flash drive(S), and/or/also external hard drives…..some perfect for a series that I think I may have begun but if not definitely have mentioned the thought of doing…”lost blogs”….featuring things that are no longer relevant as far as in a timely manner…sure there’s no reason to post most of them….BUT and(perhaps or) however….there are definitely a few that I consider better than average….at least b….maybe b+ material…but since only one person likely casts eyes upon my gibberish (((and I know you browse over more so than actually read them…if not….you must suffer headaches every time you do read one fully 😀 )))….

Yeap…and yep too..there you have it….there’s maybe a question inline there…there’s maybe not….I’ve come to realize I’m not a “people person”….not that I don’t like people…really it’s more they don’t like me…haha…I’m NOT antisocial…I just don’t socialize to make people like me or to pass time..unless it’s somewhere that it just happens organically….(((think like airplanes…or trains…lots of people talk to their neighbors…it’s not that I don’t..but if I start talking..and they tune out…I think I get offended..so I take the higher road of why bother….maybe shutting me out of meeting people…BUT…..in all experiences over life….rarely has my talking done anything more than passed time…I’m jaded but like to believe in the romantic fairy tale notion of meeting that special someone in some magical way…like david copperfield introduces us or something…ha)))

now that I’ve begun to go off on another tangent….let’s leave on that note…but let’s also say or add that I just typed all of this right now and in the order you see it….that’s rare as I write out of order and can’t post live…..so ..that’s good or bad…..makes for much more stream of consciousness anyway…right?

“””””everybody wants to rule the world “”””””””

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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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