“somewhere” down the “rabbit hole” with “the birds”….

Misleading title because one of these three I’m not reviewing…:D I think I posted my somewhere review previously at some point BUT if not. The bare bones on somewhere is…it’s a weird movie worth watching that doesn’t answer all the questions for you. It’s less like a film / movie than it is like well…it really is more like a film than a movie…anywho…moving on

Alfred HItchcock’s ‘The Birds’ – Believe it or not…I had never watched/seen this movie from a to b. I think I caught a few minutes once on a cable channel but as far as I can remember, at least, I had never seen the entire film. Without doing any research I’m sure it’s probably on the afi top 100 or various other lists of movies everyone should see…If I’m incorrect as I said I’ve done no research so..yeah. Anywho. What can be said about the birds? Scenes in the movie definitely showcase what a terrifying idea of birds flipping on humans could be. Although I kept yelling at my tv ‘get some baseball bats and knock those mother fuckers out of the sky’..or some such similar statements/thoughts. Not really at all spoiler alert…but there’s no baseball bats taken to the birds. Decent convincing performances; some of the effects show their age as you can see the seams that make the magic BUT they hold up almost everywhere throughout. (((Maybe one or two scenes if you’re the over observant type it might pull you out of the story….otherwise as I said effects seem to hold up quite well))). The story..or plot…without giving to much away…the birds have gone wild; I believe as with most Hitchcock films the focus is less on the primary objective then it is the characters? I’m by no means a Hitchcock expert…and I’ve actually probably not seen most of his movies HOWEVER…however what I don’t even know. I’ll just nod in agreement that he’s a master of the psychological scare/thrill. Psycho IS one of the greatest movies ever made…I think as I’m typing this it comes to me that his flicks were character driven with the bits of terror thrown in ans cake dressings….(((i know I said that already..but reinstating the fact I’m buying my own hype as far as what I’m writing 😉 ))) I haven’t seen the vast majority of his films and that should change but within the birds there’s definitely some good stuff. Gotta kind of wonder, again without doing any research, why there’s been no big budget remake of the birds? I think Hitchcock films are seemingly scared material…..just ignore the awful “shot for shot remake” with Vince Vaughn that came out….and the countless sequels (((btw …..I’m still pissed/annoyed with all the press about how it was a “shot for shot remake”….and it wasn’t. There’s a scene featuring semen that was definitely not in the original picture….there may or may not have been a few other scenes that were added but that one stands out is the most grievous *?* [[[graveous I thought was a word but spell check suggests not as well as the dictionary..anyone know the word I was going for? would it be grievous? I’m confused]]] of unnecessary tweaks..))). As I was saying there’s some good or at least decent stuff to be seen (scene..ha) in the birds if you’ve never seen it; more so than anything else if you’re a fan of movie and you’ve never watched it you should and should be able to enjoy it for what it was or is..or maybe what it wasn’t. Here’s the funny part after all of my babbling I’m not sure what my * rating for it is. I feel like maybe my first thought was 3.75 *s..but then I realize no that was another movie….The jury is still out on this one so I’ll just say for the moment it’s at worst worth a watch…it’s at best…something everyone should see….if we average those two thoughts (3 and 5)….we get a 4. So for the time being…..4 Pensive *’s out of 5. Enjoy 😀

Mild spoiler that doesn’t actual reveal anything that happens…but does reveal…perhaps how things unfold….that’s almost as vague as what follows…proceed at your own risk…lol ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
(((((one more thought…..based on what Hitchcock movies I’ve seen it’s got a very Hitchcockian ending…..this is good or bad depending on what you’re into….I have to say…I’m not a huge fan of the end? Maybe I am. As per my pensive rating..maybe the whole flick will grow on me..maybe it won’t….if nothing less or more I can say I’ve seen it and check it off the non literal list of movies to see ((((though I do have multiple lists of movies I want or need to see….I can’t really say that the birds was every physically written or typed down as one of those..but as I speculated …it’s surely on a bunch of other lists so…there you go))))))


Rabbit Hole – This is one of those movies that I heard the title a ton of times but never felt like I wanted, needed, or desired to see it. Eventually a trailer, maybe multiple trailers, wore me down and my brain decided..yep need to see it.

Aaron Eckhart seems to be a vastly underrated or under appreciated actor. (((at least in my eyes..he seems to be almost a character actor…but he has a bit of range..while at the core playing your everyday man in ever role…..it’s usually a psychologically damaged every man..but then aren’t we all?))). Nicole Kidman is Nicole Kidman. I don’t believe I’ve ever thought she was a great actress as far as acting abilities go…but she always looks appealing…She’s a beautiful woman and that’s why she continues to find roles. She’s a “movie star” much in the same way her ex beau tom cruise is. Bankable, appealing, and can play nearly any part BUT the acting chops aren’t all that impressive. ((((One doesn’t have to be a good actor to be a “movie star” of course…some people would argue that point..some people think tom cruise is an amazing thespian..he’s not..he just is good at what he’s good at and again….has what it takes to draw people to the theaters….but thespian that does not make….tom cruise doing Shakespeare (((without researching i feel like he DID attempt that once..and it wasn’t great))) probably wouldn’t work….tom cruise playing mr action man….or even mr comedy man..mr drama man..it all kind of works but still a thespian of greatness…no…just no)))….. back to where I was going…I don’t know…the oher cast sufficiently plays their parts ((((note that per the review above, which I also just wrote, displaying..I don’t have one review style..rabbit hole is definitely more of a film than a movie…so mentioning the acting is warranted…..that or maybe I don’t have a whole lot else to say about it..we shall see shan’t we?))))

***blah blah blah*** (((and this is why I probably will never be a professional movie reviewer..hahaha))))

So let’s revisit…a trailer or trailers got me in. This is one of those , seemingly more rare, cases where the trailer didn’t spoil anything. More so the trailer painted a portrait of a slightly different film; at least in my opinion (obviously). This isn’t necessarily bad..buuuut….this wasn’t quite the movie I was expecting. A quote on the dvd cover also suggests this is something quite different than it is ((I’ll get to that in a moment)). Despite or in spite of those things it’s a well put together movi..er film. It does play a bit on some cliche’s….it does seem like you know exactly what is going to happen (((I thought I did…I won’t tell you if I was correct or not…unless you ask nicely 😉 ))) It does seem a little bit like…wait is this supposed to be funny? Amusing? Entertaining? I think it has a few faint hints at humor but mostly it’s a quite serious drama about big changes in a married couples life and how they cope with it.(See a mild spoiley thought that goes into that a bit more after the “review” has concluded if you’d like (((imaginary readers..hahaha..had to throw at least one in…if you DO read you have to appreciate the self depreciation..if you don’t read…then exactly))). I believe I’ve said all there is to say but before the final verdict the quote on the front of the dvd I alluded too “Entertaining and surprisingly amusing” *Roger Ebert* . God bless his soul…(because he died I mean not because I’m being condescending). Entertaining….It’s not that kind of movie…thus my saying and using film. It’s a bit to much on the serious side to be well “amusing”. Maybe if I was currently or previously married there would be “amusing” that I would get from it. I probably laughed once or twice but “entertaining and surprisingly amusing” I’d most definitely not label it…maybe….well see the not really spoiler section below for my quote if I had to give it one 😉 . Perhaps I’m the minority and most people find it to be a laugh riot and vastly entertaining. I found it to be a well made film that is worth a watch but nothing to write home about…nothing to need in a home collection…nothing to need ever see again (((although there’s a commentary so chances are I WILL be watching it at least one more time…lol)))…so those things being said it maybe should be obvious around what my rating will be……..well if you’re thinking around a 3..you’re a little bit wrong. Rabbit hole 4 solidly made *’s out of 5.

my not really all that much spoiley stuff..but COULD be spoilers particularly if you just went into this movie COMPLETELY blind..having seen no trailer or heard nothing more than who is in it or maybe…my review above….even if you see the trailer that’s on the dvd I think as I said above and will elaborate on below…the trailer paints a portrait of a slightly different film
Okay so here we go. If you’re reading this I’ll assume you’ve already seen the movie and give a fuck about what I thought so you read my review…or you trust me that I’m not going to really spoil anything ((and there’s a good chance I’m not….to say this is a spoiler might be like saying that star wars takes place in space…is a a spoiler BUT I try to respect the possibility that someone just happens to end up with a copy of the movie or sees that it is on tv and decides to watch it..ya dig?)) as I was going towards somewhere up above but decided to omit. The description on the dvd and the trailers I’ve seen border on being vague. I think the idea that their son died is there BUT the trailers make it seem like we ever get or got to spend time with them and their son…other than a few flashbacks….actually strike that..other than a video clip maybe two….we don’t. I was expecting….fade in..family and their new child..maybe their child of a few years…..fade out..fade in..tragedy strikes..fade out…fade in..here’s the aftermath of the tragedy. It is probably a big DUH but…it might not be…the back of the dvd says ‘picture perfect life with their young son now posing as normal in wake of a big loss’ so…I’m sure most people can do that math…I usually don’t read the back of a dvd until AFTER I’ve watched a movie….kind of to compare notes but also because I’ve discovered….if you read the back…like trailers…there’s sometimes BLATANT spoilers..sometimes inadvertent spoilers..I like going into a movie as blind as I can as far as for what plays out. I avoid trailers if it’s for a summer blockbuster type particularly because they ALWAYS always always (almost always) blow a big wad of the story or action in the trailers….well done trailers, such as the one(s) I saw for rabbit hole, do a GOOD job of not ruining/spoiling/showing you anything that is to obvious that make for okay to watch before seeing the movie…but sadly most don’t. anywho. if I had a quote to put on the front of the dvd….or was asked…((((because actually it goes back to..hinting at something you MIGHT NOT be aware of if you’re only looking at the cover of the dvd and going by maybe word of mouth and that’s why you’ve decided to watch….ie….really ie I’m over thinking this..I think my quote could be on the cover and it would be a perfect summary that stays just vague enough that I wouldn’t be pissed it was there_____”shockingly not morose in spite of the subject matter”
. Now sure it could just be “shockingly non morose”…it’s a working idea…maybe “surprisingly uplifting”? ..I think you get the idea….i hope SOMEONE actually reads this part since I babbled so much within it..if not…shit happens))))

also ran / also viewed/ also watched recently but I’m either to lazy to write more or to typed out from the above (((although to be honest i wrote it BEFORE the rabbit hole review..lol)))

the man with the iron fists 3.75*s. Lots of violence….to much going on in what is essentially a spurt-a-thon..granted I watched the unrated…it’s mindless fun that tries to be a thinking mans flick I think.

I probably could write a a whole lot more..I may in fact later write a whole lot more…If anyone requests more I definitely can do…but…doing what I do..this says enough. And though I’ve seen a decent number of “kung fu flicks”…I’m by no means an expert..so compare and contrast I wouldn’t be doing….this whole stanza was just now added on..post rabbit hole..haha…my tweetview and facebook posting are pretty much the short bit you read above for this movie. It’s a solid but slightly confusing, at least as I keep saying..why was there so many story-lines that we probably didn’t need, but fun flick. Unless you hate kung fu (fighting…do do do do do do dee doo)…then you should be at least mildly amused. I enjoyed Batista being a douchebag and getting smacked around…but that’s just me. 🙂

***post scripted additional notes or points of interest…watching the extra stuff on “The Birds” dvd Hitchcock I guess was referred to often as the ‘master of suspense’..that’s what I was looking for in my review up there above..also it was his 50th film..I think I’ve seen maybe four…I need to get on seeing everything I can that I haven’t. (((the four maybe psycho, the birds, rear window, and another one..haha…rear window, btw, excellent flick….if anyone is actually reading…what Hitchcock flicks do YOU consider to be must sees? Or do you think none of his movies are “Must see”? Take the 35 seconds to two minutes to reply to that question if you could. Thanks 🙂 )))

also sometimes I capitalize names..sometimes I don’t; that’s mostly because spell check insists some are incorrect while, for some reason, was perfectly fine with “tom cruise” ..maybe because those are both words on their own? ((((I think I’ve cracked that case haven’t I?)))

also I’ve tried something new I probably should do..seeing as my blogs are Text heavy….really let’s not lie…all text (((though I posted one or two with pictures…ain’t nobody got time for that..particularly when I write at home post on a public computer at the library))….I’ve bolded the movie titles for easier distinction from the rest of the text (((though really a little bit of eyeball fucking could decipher things for you anywho..or the control F trick to search for what you’re searching for))) and I’ve italicized my ratings so if you don’t want to read my thoughts but do want to see my rating….there you go..simple as can be short of following me @originaljahwoo on twitter where I occasionally to often tweet “tweetviews” that include a thought or three and my rating…and also over on facebook sometimes I go longer than the tweetviews….on rare occasions I don’t post a review here but I post a decent lengthened review on facebook…and been plenty of tweetviews that didn’t become a review here (((Although it’s quite possible I DID write a review and just never got around to posting it..because I know nobody REALLY gives a shit….and besides that….if I ever compile my reviews and make a book out of them….more so if I somehow get fame and thus a large amount of people suddenly care what I think about movies….there becomes material that would be exclusive to the book…..I may be an artiste but I’m also a businessman…hahaha 😉 )))

There we go..three ratings and a fourth movie with some randomly generated out of my proverbial ass on the fly thoughts…as on occasion I ask….Any movies that someone would LIKE me to write a review for? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. ((((yep I’m that delusional..I just KNOW someone is reading and has a burning desire to know what I think about…..the fox and the hound III))))

Thanks for reading, viewing, or liking…but I’d REALLY appreciate comments more than likes…or feedback…arguments…something…I enjoy talking to the wall as much as the next person but it’s nice to at least once in a while feel like somebody gives a fuck about what I think about…whatever :D~~~~~~

also new…this

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