Daft Punk – Random Access Memories !!!!! a “review”

1. Give Life Back To Music – Honestly I’m not feeling the disco vibe..but disco is alive! πŸ™‚ 3.45*s

2. The Game of Love – Get down and dirty nizzle….can smell the sex oozing off the walls. This is like quincy jones, issac hayes, and marvin gaye thrown into an electro down tempo trance blender. Can you dig it? I can dig it! 4*s (((also some Carlos Santana style grooves thrown in to the mix))

3. Giorgio By Moroder – eh….a conversation in the album? odd…feels like the teaser music from the tv commercials behind him talking. AN education in the discotheque? I dunno…I’m not loving it. 3.32 *S feeling uber down tempo..no bangers yet..I hope it builds up to some or I’ll have to be let down. HOWEVER. THIS TRACK proves to naysayers about electronic music being “music”…there’s orchestration on this track for God’s sake. THIS IS THE HEART OF MOTHER SCOOTIN MUSIC. ….and then this track builds up like a mofo….3.85*s…nearly a 4…I can change my mind about how i feel can’t I?

4. Within – Opens with some bluesy piano…..and I don’t love this either…3.4 for just what it is musically.

5. Instant Crush – Sounds like a pop tune…a little bit “I’ll be watching you”…. 3.795-4.2037 +++++++ ….4.5

6. Lose Yourself To Dance – Instantly IN love with this track !!!!! 5*s

7. Touch – Holy fudgesicles…I dig the opening of this…now business has picked up! 3.75-4.25 ((so calling it a 4 for my track by track rating)

8. Get Lucky – 5*s #DiscoIsAlive πŸ˜€

9. Beyond – EPic!!! 6.35….okay so that’s ridiculous….this is like an orchestra in your ears…and then back to some baby making music. 5*s. πŸ˜€

10. Motherboard – 4*s? …this one is all music..it’s a bit of a audible journey through…a motherboard I guess? Not bad…not a track to jam..but easy to get lost in.

11. Fragments of Time – Vocals are quite nice…unsure who it is..the stream doesn’t have the “featuring” whomever next to it..but this is groovy, literally, and again beckons back to…late 70s maybe early 80s disco tinged pop..or pop tinged disco…lol…. 3.795 (((seriously feels a bit like hall and oates…that’s good or bad dependent on how you feel about Hall & Oates..lololol)))

12. Doin It Right – Niiiiiice!!! \m/ 4.35*s

13. Contact – 5*s. THis sounds like some black sabbath opening riffs thrown in an electro blender..yep…. ((could even call it 5.5…it’s epicness defined)) (((seriously..rager….I love this track..I can see myself listening to it a few hundred times….in a row :-D~ )))

Overall opinion of the album….Takes a while to get going but once it does…good shit. 4.5*s based on the listening, 4.25730769231 based on the track by track average ((based on final * rating for tracks I had multiples of and not going over 5*s for the ratings used..even though I think contact IS 6* worthy..so the score would bump up a little bit..but as I was saying…)), combine those two for an overall rating of 4.3787 (5384616) *’s out of 5. Subjectively…that seems a little low if I were to just come up with a score….Contact is pretty freaking epic..the bits I don’t love aren’t great…so worst case scenario even if I called it a 4…that’s a solid album….I feel like 4.5…but who am I to argue with my own system that puts it around an low b+? The reason behind my wackadoo rating system is to attempt to be less biased…but that’s impossible unless it’s someone I’ve never listened to before..in which case I will probably love or hate it…I don’t rate track by track or album compared to other music or necessarily compared to other music by the same artist…simply a gut feeling about the songs…the further step I’ve rarely incorporated..throw the album on random…rate individualy again…average that score….see if it’s close to the in order average or vastly different…I never seem to be more than .25 maybe .35 different so I believe it’s a solid fair way of doing things….and seeing as I don’t get paid to “review” music and the chance anyone else but me cares what I think….It doesn’t matter if people think it’s a fair way to rate….BUT….just for the arguments sake….that’s how I try to be unbiased as I can…or something :)D

So I recommend picking up if you love music…if you don’t love music why would you read this? If you love Daft Punk you will like at least half of this album…if you hate daft punk…I pity you πŸ˜€

stand out tracks imo

Instant crush, Lose Yourself To Dance !!!!!, Get Lucky, Doin it Right, Contact !!!!

lose yourself to dance….seriously amazing….A-MAZ-ING!!!

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