I’m a master of speculation….

…and yet I do so little with that speculation.

That could be the entirety of the blog and speak enough about what I’m possibly going to write about now….Thus as

I just said….I may have a direction to go…I may not….I have plenty of thoughts, ideas, concepts, propositions,

and what have yous up in my head……..

So that being said. Nope. This is it. No one to barely no one is reading anyway…why should I bother writing

something of epic proportions and massive lengths that no one is going to read and no one will appreciate?

^^^you see what I kind of just did there…i came full circle on the opening statement..as you could interpret my

negativity as speculation couldn’t you? Maybe that was my intent….and if you think so….I win…it wasn’t….if

you didn’t think so…I still win…This is my blog 😀

Thanks for reading, skimming, browsing, and even ignoring. You know how they say one can only really be their

worst critic? ((They do don’t they? whomever they are? )) Well that would be a non explicit reality that what you

think doesn’t matter….I only give a fudge pop about what I think….I don’t need your approval or appreciation of

what I do, say, write, create, and dot dot dot. Blah blah blah and all that jazz…..

Join us next time when we dive even shallower into noting in particular…..

‘stop the proverbial boat’ and “Would you like to know more?”


***bonus bit that I randomly came up with and was going to go somewhere with but….ultimately didn’t..obviously…***


I’m a winner or randomness….the young mc thrilla from the port of manilla…would you like a bit of my vanilla?

Ice ice baby…..

About jahwoo

I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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