I enjoy my own blowhardyness sometimes too much perhaps….

See for example this; ((it was in response to a blog about juggalos being classified as a gang by the fbi))


this is gonna be a longun…

yeah..good luck to them suing the government or a subsidiary of the government…they best have clean lifestyles or going after the fbi is going to end up burning them baaaaaaaad. As much as I hate juggalos…something I watched allowed me to gain a little respect to one of the guys in icp…but only a little respect…behind his stupid clown thing he seems like a decent human being…and there ARE of course jugglaos that aren’t douchebags…but I’ve said it before and now I’m saying it again…those people have mostly distanced themselves from running around proclaiming they are a juggalo to everyone….they are kind of like the hardcore kid, the sxe kid, the whatever kid that keeps their shit to themself and doesn’t make a fuss about how awesome they are for what they are….Or could be they just grew out of the phase of stupidity…..although deeper than that…a TON of old juggalos and non juggafools but still icp fans have said the last ten years or so of the group have been awful…so the violent dipshit juggafucks that still are causing problems in society…are the fatherless 14 year old shits that can’t understand the difference between metaphors or concepts in a song that aren’t to be taken literally…

Here’s the kicker. it goes far beyond juggalos….the fans of horrorcore that are ONLY into the horror core…do fucked up shit like raping their dead girlfriend…not all of them are juggalos…but by a couple degrees..hell one degree of separation…they may as well be because they are into that same scene ((icp is the tip of the iceberg…what they do is quite tasteful compared to some of that awful shit that people choose to take literally…….kind of like the dipshit death/black metal fans that take it to the extremes…certainly not a new phenomenon in music related culture by any means))

maybe you’ve got more of a juggaproblem where you live….they are mostly an endangered species around here or at least they are rarely seen in public..and when they are there MIGHT be two maybe three of them…although even more often I only see one…..but it’s NOThING at all like it was a few years back when literal droves of them sat outside the mall begging or smokes or change…or wandered around in the mall aimlessly (((though could have something to do with the banning of icp wear….but they could have gotten around that somehow or another and still wandered the mall aimlessly..but nope..they don’t anymore)))

Maybe it’s like many things popular culture..and there were a bunch of juggaposeurs…who as soon as it was no longer “cool” ((cuz it was quite mainstream for a good 5 years…at least around here))…moved on to something else…they are probably now ravers into dubstep that worship at the alter of skrillex…because hacky figureheads of a movement embraced by the mostly clueless music media are what make the world go round and keep them teeny boppers buying what the record man wants them to; never mind the fact no one is buying records…it’s an idea..(((I actually don’t hate skrillex..but I hate what he has become a figurehead for…OOOOOH dubstep? wow…that’s something they did in europe 8 years ago…but somehow the American version is something new…cept it’s not at all….OOOOH hey let’s get into edm now….let’s conveniently forget about what happened in the later 90s…electronic music has NEVER been this huge in america…*rolls eyes**….punk ass kids don’t know shit about the prodigy, orbital, underworld, and so on….somehow daft punk manages to be okay with the trendy little shits…endless cycle of people buying into what mass media propaganda wants them to….at least some people in all these cases see beyond what is shoved down their throat to find the better quality music that goes vastly under appreciated)))

yep…..I think i may have to post a blog with the above..linking back to your blog….is it okay if i copy paste your blog and stick my reply under it? I’ll stick a link to your blog in with it…chances are no one will pay attention to it anyway..BUT…I’ve seemingly got a few random views lately..so never know


I could have removed that last bit because it’s irrelevant to the comment..but I could also provide a trackback to her blog…I think i DID share a link to that blog however…and I don’t want to incidentally lead a bunch of angry juggalos to shit on her blog…she might read this and can feel free to say hey I’m the one that posted the original blog; ((also i fixed a couple of typos.just misspelled words the chaos is still in effect))

Anywho. Let me also add in I’m by no means suggesting all fans of black metal, horror core, and/or death metal are terrible humans that commit disgusting crime acts; there is however plenty of documentation of terrible acts associated with those scenes. And that’s that..unless someone wants to stupidly argue with me…feel free 😉

[[[[[on another note…I haven’t posted anything in nearly two and a half months..and I post a reply to a random blog I left…for my 50th posting…hahahaha…I actually have written a few things that I meant to post…one last night actually that I probably shouldn’t post (((it’s got a bit of character assassination in it..though the chances of the person(s) involved reading it are extremely slim to none))) but may post..I’m a bit on the fence about the appropriateness of thinly veiled attacks on character….I also wrote a bucket list inspired post that I mention in the aforementioned posting that I may or may not post….point being for my non existent fans and followers..I have been “silent” on the posting front but I have been writing….Also there’s many cases where wordpress didn’t let me post…it seems that I figured out a backwords way of posting that never gives me any problems and I actually had to do that just to post this…wordpress is a hater…ha]]]]]

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