The Perks of Being a Wallflower ((movie and commentaries review))

Having watched this movie three times in approximately 16 hours….it could be needless to say I liked it. No I more than liked it. I identify with many aspects of it. Ever since the movie came out I’ve been saying I’m pretty sure I read the book….now having seen it I still feel like…I’m pretty sure I’ve read the book. If not though…now I’m going to. If we’ve not noticed this is a bit different than my movie related blogs usually are…I have no review already written and I’m going to actually write it in real time for once..hahaha…going to find out if that turns out as good or bad but in any case…..away we go?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Can I just just this off again by pointing out I’m pretty sure I’ve read the book? Okay. That out of the way. I adore Emma Watson. Ha. Now that we also have that out of the way. I KNEW I wanted to see this movie; I really think I would have liked to see it in the theater but it just wasn’t meant to be. Now having seen it three times I would definitely go watch it a few more in a theater. Why? I think there are moments that would be fun or interesting or just those “need to experience it with a live audience” moments that would be good to see with a room full of people. Maybe I’m weird in that but we all know there are plenty of movies best experienced alone or in small groups and plenty of movies that without the crowd experience….just aren’t the same. That, however, being said. This was great even watching alone.

My facebook has a few status updates singing the praises of the movie. My twitter I did about ten tweets in a row praising the movie ((i think a couple of those were retweets..but in any case)). So just to add further to that praise. The film is fucking amazing. I don’t know if someone that can’t relate to events in the movie…or characters in the movie..or that moment in time will feel the same..BUT even if you don’t..I think it’s still a far above average movie.

The main cast are great. As I said I adore Emma, but the other two are outstanding as well; as well are pretty much the entire supporting cast. Paul Rudd shows up for a few scenes and is pretty epic..or at least is what you’d expect out of Paul Rudd. If I were a more competent reviewer of movies I’d take a moment to look up the actors names but as I am not….just believe you will know who they are sooner than later. ((in my often wrong about what will become huge opinion…ha))

At first glance and for a few more glances I thought to myself…’eeh…I’m not feeling this filter that’s being used’. I don’t think it goes away but it easily becomes unnoticeable? The soundtrack is quite great if not amazing ((as I often point makes a movie…music can most definitely also break a’s spot on here)). And really I don’t know what else to say about the movie other than it’s effing epic.

5 “heroic” *’s out of 5……

But wait there’s more. Remember I watched it thrice. On a quick side note spun is the only other movie I remember watching multiple times in less than a day..I believe I ended up watching it five times in around forty eight hours…..anywho. There are two commentaries on the dvd…and I got it via redbox…for free….and usually redbox or “rental” copies in general have none of the special features. It was a treat to see that both commentaries and the special features are here though I plan on eventually owning a copy of it I had to of COURSE get my moneys worth (haha). Even if it had been awful if a dvd has the commentary on it I’m going to listen to it if I can do so when I have it for only a day. With awful movies often the commentary is LITERALLY better than the movie…just saying bad movies may still have something of entertainment value…but again I point out. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is far from bad. It’s amazing. It may be my favorite movie of 2012…only beat out on the best of the year by a movie that I thought was better…but I didn’t like more. (((and oh yeah…my best of 2012…still may eventually come to be..but no one really cares so I’m in no big rush to post it…hahaha…)))

so anywho. commentaries

Directors commentary with Stephen Chbosky. Let’s open this up with, in case you’re not aware, Mr. Chbosky is also the author of the book the movie is based on; oh and the screenplay was written by him. (and per it being a directors commentary). I enjoyed the fact that very early on in the commentary he said something to the effect of ‘i assume you’re a fan if you’re watching for your 2nd or 5th time’, yeah I think he gets it. I have to say if you watch the movie and dislike it, and I don’t see how you would, than there’s probably nothing here for you. If you watch the movie and love it. I say you MUST listen to this commentary track. It’s really a great supplement to the film. ((like how I switch between film and movie and back and forth and back and forth and back and…)). Sure most commentaries should be that but most fall somewhere between indulgent snooty I’m an expert on film because I made the movie and the I’m just going to joke and bs as I don’t have anything of actual interest to say. His is not the high road, the low road, or in between. His is just as I said; great supplementary information to the movie. I would almost go as far as to say if you only plan on watching it once maybe watch it with his commentary.
4-4.5 *’s….average that out you’ve got a 4.25.

Cast and director commentary with Stephen Chbosky and the the main characters of the cast. Sorry I can’t seem to find for sure who is on the commentary but I believe it’s Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, Emma Watson, and Mae Whitman. If I am mistaken I’ll correct that or I will edit this as I need to. Anywho. This was one of those interesting two of you are over there, two of us are over here, and I’m over at that other place kind of cast commentaries. If you don’t know what I mean sometimes the cast can’t get together in one place for whatever reason BUT they are all watching it together so the commentary goes well together. ((in some cases group comnetaries switch back and forth between other cases one group does one chunk, another group does another chunk, and so on)). So yeah. Everyone that gets a lot of screen time is essentially represented. Formula for success. For the most part it is very successful. It’s less must listen to than the directors commentary BUT..if you’re a will enjoy it. They did seem to flake out a bit in the final act and there was a bathroom break that they left in at some point (((which actually was kind of amusing…watch/listen to it and see if you agree with me….it was definitely different as far as what yo usually get in a However that being said…if you didn’t want to listen to all of it but still care what they thought about their experience…you could listen to it from about the 2nd to last chapter, perhaps it was the last chapter, and they all say how wonderful it was..but in their own words. With both commentaries our director seems to speak from the heart in regards to us the viewer. I think that’s vague enough that I’m not potentially spoiling anything…do people care about spoilers on commentary tracks? . Yeah so anywho. If you like or love the movie. You will enjoy this commentary. 4*s. ((if you didn’t like the movie…you wouldn’t be reading my review of commentaries…if you haven’t seen the movie….watch it and at least the directors commentary and come back and yell at me if you hate them both. ))

So there we have it. To say that I love the movie would be an understatement I think. I believe my facebook quick review said “fucking amazing”…((((on that note..I’ve been doing short tweetviews for movies I watched recently..which I then basically copy and paste on to facebook and I add a little bit more. I’m thinking of incorporating that here. Post my review and my tweetview…so you get the quick and the to the point and the little bit longer me rambling and going off subject types…I think I’ve done that also in the past…I still don’t believe anyone is reading anyway…but just throwing that out there if anyone thinks it’s a terrible idea tell me..or great…tell me…indifferent…tell me 😉 )). So yeah. I love(d) it. I could be biased. Obviously any and every critic will always have some bit of bias. Even if you’re not me though I don’t see how you couldn’t rate it a 4 on a 1-5 scale…it’s great. Made greater if you can identify with bits of it. So saying that…I have an example or two…but I think I will keep them to myself unless someone asks. 🙂 . I could potentially be posting a spoiler if I said…I remember when I ….. Before I end this I also have to point out that there are many things in the movie that ARE relevant to things in the movie that had I not watched with the director commentary I may have never noticed. I plan on seeing this movie many more maybe I would have BUT since I watched with the commentary that’s irrelevant now; part of his ‘if you’re viewing for the 5th time’ thing was actually in regards to that. He said there’s lots of things that you probably wouldn’t notice upon first viewing. I think there’s definitely some very minor things that no one could have possibly noticed but that do add to the story. (((again I would point out an example..but I’d rather you find those for yourself or listen to the commentary and say ‘OOOOOooooh no shit’ to yourself. One of those details is at least kind of obvious…one is definitely not…and there’s a few others thrown in that I think could go either way.)))

So there we go ((yeah i know I just said so there we have it…I like to wrap up multiple times..lols)). If you have NOT seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower; get to it!. If you think it doesn’t look like something you’d enjoy. I still suggest you watch it. ((and again if only once and you’re not that with the director commentary..and maybe you’ll decide to watch it again without commentary. Highly recommended and one of the best movies of 2012 if NOT the best.

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