My mission in life…getting blocked on facebook…haha I keed i keed BUT…..

I’ve done it again. Whooooo. Let’s call this 12….I’ve lost count..but on that note there was someone who blocked me that unblocked me….I thought of sending her a message saying simply “sup” or something similar..just to see if I would be reblocked….I enjoy chaos obviously right? Note of importance that as far as I know no one I know in the real world has blocked me..but most of them are smart enough NOT to be my friend to begin with…hahahaha ((((buuut I’m pretty damn sure a few to a dozen have hidden the majority of their updates from me….so why be my friend dipshits?….I also got blocked by someone once when they completely blocked me from seeing their updates so I said something to the effect of…why are you my friend if I can’t see what you post…and tadaaaaa block.))))

so what was the reason this time? Well I can’t verify it WAS because of this..but something I said when she sent me a link for a video on youtube….a day or two after I explained I don’t really watch videos on youtube (((I have watched a few..but I feel like there’s better ways of wasting my time on the internet…the vast wasteland of youtube isn’t worth my wasted time..and when it is it’s only to watch a music video…..which this particular video was…but you’ll see that as i share…let’s call it highlights..let me get back out of my parenthesis to continue now )))….as I was saying. Fuck youtube. :D.

now with this unnecessary space block..also i was heading towards in between my () recently as of a day or two ago this chick said she liked me or something to that effect ((see below)). This chick added me only because of a shared love, like, or obsession with silverchair. This chick a few weeks back talked about how much she loved the mtv show based on the movie..catfish (suspicious a little..wait for the next thing to tie in ooh and probably see below)))…This chick also supposedly has been engaged to a dude for however long we’ve been friends (I think a couple of years)…YET I’ve never seen evidence that he’s a real person….no I didn’t spend a ton of time creeping her profile BUT other people who are engaged or have significant others (((again recently..someones boyfriend felt inclined to message me because he didn’t like something I said on his girls facebook..hahaha…fuckin people…I was going to share that too..I just still might..but…the moment may have passed))) or a husband or something other..that I’ve been friends with longer than 5 minutes (and in some cases I think within 3 minutes)..I see evidence of said person existing because they comment on something I comment on..or there’s pictures posted with the person…or you know something. Also she sure seemed quite flirty with me a few times….bored lonely house(not yet married)wife? Phony persona with a real person behind it? Do I really give a shit? ((surely you reading this don’t..ha ha HA)).

I was going to start 2013 off with a blog featuring either a few movie reviews of the last couple movies i watched last year and the first couple I’ve watched this year….I fully intend on publishing a best of or my favorite that I think are the best of what I saw for 2012 movies….(((not that anyone cares..and that moment is quickly passing too…who cares it’s 2013 now right?..hahaha)))….but no instead of either of those things….or maybe a stupid mission statement for 2013 and beyond..or maybe resolutions…or whatever whatever (cake baby)….IIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kick off the new year with a blog about someone blocking me on facebook….onward and upward with more of the same….but I fucking love it. I love it even more when I manage to get people I DO know to cut me out of their social networking online presence….((makes me a bit of a sociopath itinit? but I’m tuned for right after this and…))….la la la la la….as I yet again began to say…no…I LOVE being blocked because that’s further evidence of how fucking awesome(ly annoying) I am. People can’t take my sarcasm online they sure as fuck wouldn’t last very long face to face (((not to say that I AM in the least…I don’t think I’m all that sarcastic at all..but my sense of sense of sense of life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of misery is mostly shared by those who tend to lead a life doing stand up comedy…..that blanket statement I base on books I’ve read by said type of performers…podcasts listened to..and so on and so forth….to bad I’m so damned unfocused or untalented…I could totally piss off or maybe slay crowds like daniel tosh….you think he goes inappropriate?….well I raise the bar..BUT…more so by words than actions…some of that gay shit he does…sorry I ain’t going there)))

hell yes I’m a know it all blow hard. Hell yes I say things that are insensitive and often times morons take as a personal attack (((wrap your head around that statement….if you take it personally you’re a fucking idiot…if I meant it personally I probably wouldn’t be bullshitting with you…I would say flat out fuck you…and hey I HAVE done that to a few people…and yet some people stick around…’s like I have Aspergers but just selectively….Yep I’m selling that I’m brutally honest….sometimes I won’t just blurt out mean spirited things that I feel..BUT I also won’t hold back just because I might hurt said feelings. It’s not that I don’t give a fuck about other people…it’s that I care more about myself than most of you. No one should take that personally though…..unless you’re my girlfriend or wife….which you’re not…so suck it up and move on with your life…..I’m going to….but I’m also going to cherish these types of moments where I think you’re a fucking idiot and I’m the fucking shit….maybe I was an asshole…but I don’t play nice or pretend to kiss anyones ass….some parts of my life would be better if I DID kiss peoples asses I reckon..but that ain’t me….all those who fucked me over…you’re to blame….’societtttty’….but I ain’t mad at ya 😉 ((((you just give me more material….uhm hmm hell of a rant inside my still technaically going ((()))…but that’s what i do now itinit?)))) )))

Okay so that all being said, and if you’re not new to my world of stupidity/insanity/whateverty you’ve heard or read or seen it before..but does it really ever get old *?* (ha), the person in this case some of my rant I went off..most of it actually isn’t pertaining directly to her…..I wish her the best in her future endeavors and hope she finds what is obviously lacking in her life that she put up with me as long as she did….hahahahaha…no but seriously…blah blah blah and away we go.

*****of most entertaining note LITERALLY as I went to send a follow up statement the picture and her name went from being her picture and her name to “facebook user”…which it does when someone deactivates….or in this case when someone blocks you. hahaha 😀


yep..that got me blocked..and here’s the better part her name went “facebook user” right before I sent
“Bit of sarcasm there…but I’m also anti the apple I-pire just how I roll 🙂 “

yep….I am awesome.. HA HA HA HA HA

A few days previously this. (((the bit I left out just her suggesting a bunch of videos for me to watch and my saying something stupid..but I did in fact say I don’t generally go on youtube…I think I referenced that somewhere above or it will be referenced somewhere below…this is just to show how quickly a dog can turn on you…or something..ha)))

screenshot would be here if I could figure out how to insert a second… maybe not….maybe I can post it in the comments..but if not…just know a few days previously essentially she was like ‘you’re funny…’re kool….I like you’….yeah…I know “you’re kool”…sounds or reads like a 14 year old or something right?..but she was in her mid to late 20’s allegedly…so…yeah….craaaaazy can’t be painted into a corner


***post face*** despite my ranting about how I could give a shit less about anyone elses feelings…there’s a blog I posted I don’t know how long ago where I said something quite mean about someone…..since I posted that though I’ve seen a turnaround in regards to my negative like statement….so maybe I will be proven wrong…kudos to you for showing me that…chances still are she hasn’t and won’t read what I said….pretty good chance she ain’t reading this….but in any case…she seems to get it or if not she has some self destructive reasoning behind keeping me as a “friend”….oh and she also recently joined wordpress…so the chances of her reading this are maybe now 3% instead of less than 1…haha..but seriously…to know me is to want to punch me in the face (((someone I was in the military with who literally did just that is my “friend” on facebook..and he’s the one that sent me the friend request..lmgdfao…I don’t know if he even remembers doing that…I often think of posting “hey remember that time you punched me in the head because i was joking around about who your baby’s daddy was and you decided suddenly I was crossing the line despite about ten people joking about it?”…yeah…he says he didn’t give it full force but it felt like he hit me as hard as he could…and I stood there and took it….sure to some that makes me a bitch..but in my eyes that made him the bitch because he hit me with his best shot and it barely phased me….oooh and the best part was we were standing in formation when it happened….hahahaha..nice professionalism by him right? But I have no ill will towards him….cuz I’m the mother fucking champion son)))….so tie this into what I quite often like to mention. See big brother producers who aren’t reading this. THIS IS WHY…I should nay…must be on your fucking show. If most of the house didn’t want to kill me by day, let’s say 9, I would be surprised. But then…that wouldn’t be the way to play the game right? I’d make them hate me while simultaneously loving me…..make myself valuable and because people tend to assume I’m crazy…make them scared to voice their opinions…make them scared to stab me in the back or “throw me under the bus”….haha….but seriously….I am a mother fucking mindfuck..or a master of the mother fucking mindfuck……I’m brian pillman….you can’t tell if the gimmick is me or I’m the gimmick….and sure I’m overselling myself…..but at least I’m honest about it 😉 mwah ha ha ha ha ha

         (mother fucking)
“Stop the ^ boat”


“would you like to know more?”………………..

Iiiii am the champions my friends………..


and one more thing….HA….no..actually I’ve got nothing….if you’re not intrigued by me already there’s not much more to sell you on me….maybe if you’re a first time reader check out a few of my older blogs…maybe check out the nonsense I posted on myspace…or other sites…..I’m easy to find…I’m jahwoo quite a few places….still the worst stuff or definitely most offensive stuff I posted had to of been on xanga…..but I don’t remember what my name is or was on xanga…go figure…HA…..that is all….enjoy your day/night/morning/afternoon/evening…..and remember kiddies

“Only you can prevent a forest fire” (((there we go that’s your one more thing…though I’ve always thought that’s a crock of shit…unless everyone goes out and ensures trees are never dry…or somehow posses God powers or are like..storm from the x-men…there’s hella ways forest fires start that you can’t prevent…..”the more you know” ((sic…the more you mother fucking know)

Thanks :-D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((((oh the one tragedy is that she’s a silverchair fan..and one who still cares about them…those are a rare breed of people…especially when they aren’t Australian….but…that’s life I guess))))

((((((((( I believe there was yet one more thing to add to this….as I typed it a day or two ago and can’t remember what is all included……wait no…never that I think about it…it’s covered already 🙂 hahahaha….. )))))))))

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3 Responses to My mission in life…getting blocked on facebook…haha I keed i keed BUT…..

  1. You definitely have selective aspergers 🙂

    • jahwoo says:

      yeah…I surely don’t have actual aspergers….I don’t meet enough of the qualifications….but I’ve long or at least for a few recent years held I suffer from a bit of autism and I was just never properly diagnosed…..I have an almost single minded passion for music….(and movies..and pro wrestling..and college football..and….)….and I totally am socially awkward more often than I’m not…..I really should be a comedian..but I dislike the whole concept of touring around an hour’s worth of material that you update ever other tour or so ((((There’s a few comedians I saw a few times over a few years that had pretty much the exact same act….that’s lame)))…also I don’t know that standing in front of a room of people and saying things that they won’t understand I’m not being serious about..or maybe I am BUT I don’t mean in a negatively focused towards them way isn’t the greatest idea……I’ve thought about going to an open mic..but I also think I could potentially get jumped outside the venue afterwards…haha….THAT is why I need big brother to showcase my awesomeness to the world…..that takes away the guess work…..I’m not to obsessed with big brother am I? ha ha ha

  2. jahwoo says:

    as I often end up writing a mini blog or mini rant when I share my shit on facebook….enjoy my status update shared with the sharing of this here blog

    “yep….I effing ENJOY getting if any of you don’t like me or have been on the fence…how about you make it interesting and give me a big blow out or something before you block me so I can blog about it :D.

    fuckin people though seriously…if you’ve known me more than 2 minutes you know I’m a smartass sometimes…or often…or most of the time….if you get butthurt by something I say to you online about something as trivial as youtube you’re dumb….yep”

    hahahaha….I have issues right?

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