“All” I want for Christmas….aka my xmas list 2012..yep…..((and some babbling of course :D ))

yep. I’m an adult and I still have nearly 30 itemized items…and when you go deeper, like say into the amazon wish lists, i have easily over 500 items I want. But duh. I’m a person that likes things. I’m a person that likes to give people lots of options as I’ve heard people all my life bitch about a lack of options when it comes to christmas presents ((not for example my parents to me..but other relatives when it comes to the drawing names thing they do….the first time I participated I added a note to my list pointing out that I don’t see how all of you have so many problems coming up with your list and if you’re one of those people that complain about how small other peoples lists are you’re going to love mine))

obviously a lot of it isn’t christmas list exclusive but a few of the items are in the tone of xmas gifts. Besides of which…if it’s something I want…why wouldn’t I want it for christmas? Then there’s those “you don’t need any of this” types of people. Thus I do include things I “Need”….granted that could be debated but case in point here within the giftcards I “need” because it allows me to not spend my cash for items I might need. IN that regard there’s a few things that aren’t listed, as of currently, because it’s an unspoken. I.e.. laundry detergent. I prefer tide. I’ve gotten tide probably 5 of the last 6 years…at least twice of which it wasn’t on my “list”….it’s just a given kind of thing. See also body washes and shampoo although I have gotten cheap generic shit because of that unexpressed concept of DUH I could use it. I prefer none over the cheap generic stuff that I don’t like…as that’s kind of like if you buy fake oreos for someone who loves oreos….okay not quite..but I’m sure we see my point?!

So let’s quickly touch on why would I post this as a blog? Why would I glorify what a greedy person I could be seen to be for the world to see? Well honestly….maybe someone will read this that has a nintendo 64 laying around and collecting dust and think..hey I can provide some happiness with this by passing it on to a guy who (though I probably would rarely play it) would like to own it. I gained a virtual boy for my collection merely by bsing about video games at a previous place of employment. Sadly it mostly sits around collecting dust but the guy who owned it didn’t want it..and I wanted one just to have one….so there you go..that math adds up or something (((it’s not for the reasons of it’s an awful system….or that the weird red frame 3d isn’t cool…it’s more so due to the pain in the ass it presents in actually setting it up and playing…..now I need one of the display modules they had in stores that allowed people standing up to play around with it…lol….I did find a awkward position that made the most out of it…but…yeah….playing the games aren’t worth the effort get get to a comfortable place to play them…if you know nothing about the nintendo virtual boy google it and you’ll probably get what I’m saying..if you do know about it well…there you go 😉 ))))

Also it’s not that I’m greedy. I would argue there’s plenty of stuff on my amazon wish lists that I “need”….I’m a completion-est when it comes to some stuff…anyone who doesn’t have a wants list that is of quite a decent length. I don’t see how life can be very exciting to live. Sure I get the “I’ve got my family what else do I need” line..but..at the same time i call bs on that. That’s kind of giving up individuality. Perhaps you’re supposed to do that…I don’t have a wife or kids so I can’t judge you if you’re one of those people….I never see myself having trouble coming up with things I want. Also let us point out want does not mean I can’t live my life without it, doesn’t mean I necessarily will ever get it, and doesn’t mean more than…well I want that. But again…it keeps life interesting if i want something….as I could stumble upon that something I’ve wanted a long time and maybe there will be a story to go with it…such as how i got the virtual boy….sure that’s not an exciting story..but it is…a story, maybe more an event, none the less….and if you live life without experiencing it…what’s the point?

okay enough of my babbling now…here’s shit I want…:D   if you’re a stranger and want to buy me something I want..or have it laying around collecting dust and want to pass it on…holler at me and I’ll get you an address to send it to….lol…or you know we could work something or someway out of getting it to me…maybe someone out there has all the virtual boy games laying around in a box and now you know what you can do with them…ha..

my “xmas list” 2012  ((though it’s always a work in progress..things get added…sometimes deleted….mostly added…but it is where it is as i tried to keep it first around 20 items..than 25..and i think it’s still under 30 bullet points))     ((((oooh just one more thing…I’ve been posting or trying to post my christmas list publicly a few weeks pre black friday for a few years now..going back to the early days of myspace…i think i missed a few years between the death of myspace and starting my wordpress…though I think i posted one on facebook..but facebook really lacks a blog feature…the closest thing was or is “notes” which nobody seems to do anything with anymore..nor did they do much with it previously….matter of fact I’ve only seen one or two other facebook accounts that nave more notes than I do posted…as most people have none…i have like 25 or something nutty..anywho…just saying that’s the backstory further behind why I’m posting it….tradition …hahahah 🙂 )))))

Dvd burner

skies of arcadia Dreamcast

ps 2 dual shock 2 controller

kingdom hearts 2 ps2

grandia ps

cd album 200 or so size

digital camera  10-12 mp, optical zoom,  cannon, fuji, kodak are preferred brands..but others might work. Prefer the skinny small ones in black or some other darker color (such as maybe a dark blue..not a big fan of red…other colors could work too))

mp3 player. Preference of a sansa similar to the black one I had…like sansa whatever at bestbuy with fm radio tuner. would like 4 gigs with memory card slot for expansion possibilities. ((i have a micro sd so one that uses that would be good). 2 gig with expandable okay too. really I need something that can hold like 100 gigs but you have to go into ipod territory to get that and i do NOT want an ipod…unless you win one or get one for like 1/10th of the price in which case you can get it for me…but i wouldn’t buy an ipod.;;; also sony walkman mp3 player good option. I would say generic brands are okay BUT i did buy a generic brand and it didn’t work…so eff the generics. Sansa and sony are the preference..ipod is a distant third..and only want an ipod that can hold a plethora of music…like 25 gigs + …anything less is kind of pointless. ((also I don’t think but the newest ipod(s) can get the radio on) (((really I need a portable media player that can hold about 100 gigs?..not that i NEED to bring all or most of my music everywhere..but hey why not?)))

virgin mobile smartphone and per with that top up $$$ for it because with the smartphone one has to pay 35 bucks a month for the unlimited data and texts. Never mind I’ve been randomly getting free internet with my stupid phone..BUT would like a phone where i can use apps so I could spend less time on library computers as i would be able to download mp3s to the phone via sites and/or apps.

vhs storage cases like I already own but aren’t sold anymore but you may be able to find one somewhere…need 1-3 more

gift cards for places I actually would use ; target, half price books, fye, blockbuster, redbox, red robin, olive garden, amazon,  that place in federal way, mcdonalds, subway, Taqueria El Antojo, hot topic, vans store, etcetera; ((also ticketmaster but it seems that they are a pain in the ass to use and it’s cheaper if you buy tickets at certain places..like the tacoma dome for example with cash…)) ((other stores I would proably not mind too..but why get me a gift card for a store that I don’t reguarly frequent?))

rear wheel for the bike with the original number of gears (sprockets) as the current tire has one more than I need I think? more so just get me a gift card for old town bicycle and I’ll buy it myself. Also could use a headlight like they sell there …I believe it’s red and flashes on and off..need new brake pads too….so again…giftcard the best option if they do that.

cash towards more ink or gift card but that never works out quite right.

record brush? or wtf ever it is that exists for cleaning records off..I remember seeing a brush in a movie that was used though.

Bumbershoot 3 day pass

gameboy advace sp ?? the square one that folds over as I don’t have one and could use it to play old gameboy color games that can’t be played on a ds

usc, stanford, sdsu, hawaii attire. There’s other versions of usc stuff that I can’t seem to find for sale anywhere that I would like. It feels like certain hoodies you can only buy from the school itself.

amazon wish list/gift list items. Cds, dvds, and games can be new or used but I have notes on some of those things explaining why or if or what I prefer. If you buy me a game used it would be nice if it had the original case and instructions BUT if you can get it for half the cost because it doesn’t have those things..knock yourself out. ;;;; also of note that the stuff is in no particular order other than when I added it for the most part. See also in regards to the books i want…used is fine via half price books IF the copies are in almost new to new condition.  ((jahwoo or pulpbatman@yahoo.com to view my wish and gift list on the amazon…haha :P…maybe someone will read this and buy me something…and i wouldn’t even realize it until I got it..come on..you KNOW you wanna…ha ha ha ha ha :P:))

dj hero with the deck for ps2

wii (((the place formally known as pawn xchange had them for like 50 or 60 bucks a while back…)))



sega saturn (((if you can find one for like..20 bucks or so…as i don’t think I have any games for it but I still want to own one)))

other old game systems such as nintendo 64, game cube, sega master system, turbo graphiics, turbo express, 3do, game gear, jaguar, etcetera…just to own to own as I kind of collect systems. I could use a snes that’s in better shape than mine too but of lowest priority….aso with that games for snes, gensisis,nes, sega cd, saturn, and so forth and so on if you find a stockpile of them for like 5 bucks…unless they are a bunch of old sports games or something (sans racing which less an issue). and it’s like 10 bucks buy it 😀 (((which if you look on ebay…people sell lots of games…or at least they used to…so if you can get 50 gameboy games for 25 bucks or something crazy…they are all probably shitty games but there could be a diamond amongst the shit))))


xbox 360
(((I know those aint gonna happen but if you find one extremely cheap or win one or something…you can give it to me 😀 )))

disneyland multiday park hopper pass if there’s one that doesn’t ever expire because I don’t know when i’ll actually be able to go but I will go eventually. Same for disneyworld because I gotta get there one day…but that’s even less likely of happening any time soon .

other shit I’ve pointed out i wanted, said I wanted, or asked for.

shirts xl, pants 34/32?, shoes 9.5,

boot socks and on that note the boots i currently have are starting to fall apart..so i could use a pair very similar as same as can be; but I’m not sure what size i wear..i got them at big 5 so maybe a giftcard for there….or my favorite store famous footwear but they don’t have very good workboot options that I’ve remembered ever seeing.

A spot on the next season of big brother !  (((as per below..just added…hahahah)))

*****Let’s also note…some of these things are a bit to specific for a person who randomly reads this…and again I point to I’m not greedy…these are things I want or need….never ever will I have EVERYTHING….obviously….OOOOOH but also…if someone can pull some strings somewhere or with someone……let me add one more thing ***proactively goes up and adds………..


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