The hypocrisy of myself…..((per live music))

So friday afternoon I found out the nappy roots were playing in tacoma. Long story short about the nappy roots; I randomly bought their first album that dropped because I liked the look of the cover or something to that effect..maybe I just liked what i saw and song titles (?) In any case I bought the album and loved it….they were supposed to play a free show in seattle about ten years ago..I think that got cancelled….they also were supposed to or DID play a show elsewhere in tacoma..and I wasn’t there…as I love the first album..kind of like the 2nd..not so much a fan of the 3rd and usure if there’s a 4th….I’m a fan..I’ve never seen them..if I had a bucket list they would probably be on there…so…I should have gone right?

Nope. Instead I bitched about how I didn’t find out about it until today on the facebook….The reason i didn’t go isn’t because I couldn’t or didn’t want to..but because I didn’t get a definite time they were going on and I was at another thing from 7-9….I could have got to the venue where nappy roots was at almost exactly 9 however..but instead of getting off the bus I didn’t. To be mildly fair to myself….it was raining…if I HAD gone I would have had a good hour walk home…possibly in the rain ((turns out it wouldn’t have been raining))…but also I would have paid 15 bucks to see them looks like maybe an hour…..someone from the venue told me the show would be over by 1030 BUT than around 8 there was a posting that said nappy roots would go on promptly at 10…..which would imply…30 minute set? I doubt that’s what happened….add to this at 1130 it turned into dancing with a I’m feeling they were doing an hour..perhaps even 90 minutes…BUT if doors really opened for the dj shit at 1030…you get my quandary; no?

So anywho. For a good hour or two i felt a bit guilty about not going. I had to convince myself it’s okay I didn’t go. I’m pretty broke right now so that 15 bucks I would have spent to get in..I could use better in other places. There’s a good chance nappy roots will roll through again as it seems like they’ve come through a good few times ((though this show was the kickoff to their “world tour” that seems to be mostly the west A few other of notes….the flyer I did see had 4 of them on it…I think there is or was like six of them…and based on comments on their official facebook page people said you need to get x and y back…so..yeah…I don’t know if x and y are HUGE parts of the group or not…honestly I kind of fell out of keeping up with them with the 3rd album on….: I was also not in a good mood because I basically had eaten NOTHING all day…or all i remember eating was two reeses peanut butter cups….throw in didn’t eat…not in a great mood….thus not in the mood to rock out or do whatever one does to the hip hop ((not that i’ve never seen live hip hop..but I’ve seen pits and I’ve seen people standing and looking pissed for those experiences….nappy roots probably the more bouncing around type..but one never can be sure))…and not in the mood to spend 15 bucks for an hour…and more so not in the mood to walk for an hour..and OH on top of that my barely employed job of cleaning out locker rooms at the pool down the street….2 + hours of that after an hour walk….wasn’t wanting that shit either….blah blah blah right?

I am over it as of my typing this….but if I think about it to long I will get mildly depressed and/or angry with myself again because the biggest factor in my not going was I didn’t want to potentially walk home in the rain. That’s stupid…..because you know damn well if it had been any of a few other groups I would have STILL gone…BUT the rain that magically stopped later….fucked up my plans..because I ALSO would have had my bike to ride…from venue a to venue b….and from venue b to home…thus not giving a shit about walking….a 5 mile walk versus a 5 mile good chunk of it downhill bike ride….well duh which option sounds better? Probably the bike unless of course it’s raining and you don’t have clothing or gear that will keep you dry as you ride in the rain. SO really the rain is to blame for fucking up my night BUT….seeing as I didn’t know about the show until 8 hours before it…..shit happens I reckon. Right?

also one more on that note…I’m not catholic but it felt guilt but instead of catholic music being the religion and going against hte religion of music. I have no doubt that I probably would have snapped out of my cloudy funk of a mood and had fun for that hour or however long they did their thing (((turns out it WAS about an hour..and also turns out if I had gotten off the bus I would definitely had seen them…oh’s the past now)))….but by that same token…i could have been miserable and pissed for spending the money to see them….though at least I would know they weren’t worth my seeing again in the future…music IS that important to me…music kind of IS my religion….for once I won’t go off on a further tirade but I’m sure I can and have written epic blogs about the importance of music to my life ((((though one slight nod at a tirade here…on a message board for a podcast I listen to someone said “I do not care about music”….anyone who really doesn’t’ care about music….what the fuck is wrong with you? Music is literally the heartbeat in your body….you don’t “care about music” you don’t fucking care about life in my opinion…..I also think people that passive about movies have something wrong with them..but to a lesser degree because I guess I can get not caring about movies…but not caring about music….you don’t deserve to walk the earth; imo of course…..subjective as it can be….that person is probably full of shit..much like how people will say oh yeah i listen to EVERYTHING…”BUT” ((thus not really everything is it?..I have been guilty thus now i say almost a bit of everything…as to not lie))) rap and country. Because for whatever reason rap and country are the two categories ignorant shallow people of society have decided are genres one shouldn’t like? I’d like to hear…”everything but dance music”…or “everything but folk”…..((((actually anyone who doesn’t like at least some dance music..I think they’re idiots too..but opinion deal with it or GTFO thank you very much))))…those answers seem more honest than “everything but country and rap”..sorry end tirade that wasn’t’ so mini 😀 )))  )))))

So where were we….guilty for not going to a show…when in most cases none of the performers give a shit if i show up….the venue probably doesn’t unless they were hurting to sell tickets….so I shouldn’t give a fuck too right? I’ve learned to do a better job of letting go of bands I couldn’t see because of cost and location issues….getting better at letting go shows i didn’t go to just because I’m lazy or didn’t feel like it…but…i dunno…there still are a few bands that I do my damnedest to go see and if I could have and don’t or didn’t….i feel like a douche.

there we have it….let’s add a bonus thought of I haven’t posted any blogs for a short while because the library was shut down for a week and the time I have been there since it’s reopening I’m to busy doing other shit that isn’t at all important..but I’m sure no body misses my movie reviews or other random babbling anyway..BUT if you do…I’ve got a good 3 or 4 movie blogs, a hey big brother part 2, and perhaps another one already written and waiting to be posted. SO perhaps even this and a few others will come at you the same time…if so…enjoy..or don’t…after-all getting the voices out of my head or expressing my art is what it’s all about anyway……….


Oh yeah and one more thing ;)……. I’ve got a friend supposedly trying to be a journalist. As far as I know she doesn’t keep a personal blog. IS it just me or is that a bit weird? IF you think you’re going to be a writer wouldn’t you be practicing your craft and sharing it with the world as much as you could? Or at least a little bit? I think she wants to be in the live action portion of the journalism world but I do see she has to do a lot of writing stuff for classes. So I guess MAYBE i can get why do for pleasure what you do for work kind of thing…but I think that’s fucking stupid, lazy, and a sign of someone who isn’t passionate enough to make it in the world they want to make it in. I’m a real asshole for saying that right? Well that’s okay because chances of her reading this are very slim to none BUT if she were to….or if she were to ask me if I think she will succeed…I would tell her nope I don’t see you making it. I good be wrong and she could be passionate beyond belief about the craft…but I don’t see it….further disclaimer it is a friend on facebook that while I’ve known for a good number of years pre facebook I’ve never met so what I ACTUALLY know about her could be nothing on the reality scale…but I do know she’s been engaged for what seems like 3 years past the point where one should admit you’re not going to get married and either drop the “engaged” act or drop the person you’re “engaged” to.  But hey what the hell do I know. Me and relationships don’t happen…me and being engaged has never been an occurrence and I would never say never…but….all that crap about ….love will sneak up on you when you least expect it…utter and complete bullshit until i magically find myself in a relationship about to get married and I’m one of those people that says “oh it just snuck up on me and was so unexpected and oh i wasn’t looking either”

yep…that’s my further 3cents for the day. thanks and enjoy…


(((ooh one more one more thing as I’m about to watch disc 2 of season 1……anyone else mistakingly call and read downton abbey as downTOWN abbey? I know I can’t be the only one….and yes..I’m watching that….I was very anti it because of all the freaking hype but i incidentally or accidentally found myself watching a pbs channel and random episode of it was on and well….it was damn engaging for a show i had no interest in. Feels to me a bit like if you would like more of that movie albert nobbs..but without albert nobbs…here you go…..and on that note…albert nobbs damn good movie and really sticks in ones, or at least mine, head. Okay that’s all….if you watch or haven’t watched downton abbey let me know your thoughts on it…not that anyone is going to do that..but still….one can ask can’t one?)))

“”””””would you like to know more ?””””””””” (((((the animated starship troopers movie..that line comes into play in quite an amusing way….))))))


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