Hey man. I don’t like what you said..I’m going to block you!

lots of swirling thoughts that could COULD be a massively long blog but this might be massively short…cept..of course not.

I’m about 98% sure I was blocked by someone on facebook recently. If so it wouldn’t be the first time. However it would be bordering on the first time when I didn’t expect it. Oh..I did question this persons taste in movies..but I didn’t say “hey you’re a fucking idiot..how in the hell would you want to watch that piece of shit”….okay so maybe I DID but just nicer. In any case this same person defriended me about a year ago…and we weren’t friends for a good year and a half or two because one of her friends ‘thought i was creepy’….We could discuss that but lots of people think that of me just looking at me….that’s their prerogative and it don’t really bother me…

So that being said. I’ve had at least a handful of people..let’s just go with 3…they blocked me because I commented to much on their facebook….because the object of facebook of course is to NOT comment on things people post….you’re supposed to just stare at it and keep your thoughts or opinions to yourself it seems. Go figure when one of those people that blocked me for that reason…she was, I’ll wager still is, a massive whore. Let’s not get into what does or doesn’t make a whore..but run with…she’s quite loose with the morals. Whatever floats your boat right BUT the funny thing…a whore..blocked me..for commenting….Does that really make much sense to you? And no before you think I was posting obscene things..I wasn’t…maybe I SHOULD have..haha right?

Another person who blocked me was a chick who I could say was all in love with me or some shit….I guess she blocked me because I didn’t say hey let me meet you next week and we can fuck. She was really no big loss though…was one of the first times I was greatly amused by someone blocking me and my having done nothing really that should warrant it.

Now. Let me say there are definitely people who I think SHOULD have blocked me….I’ve been rude…I’m often an asshole…but people getting butt hurt on the internet is a sing of their being something severely wrong with them. On the flip side the same COULD be tossed back at me…for some of the things I “say” online…I’m sure they think I am the one with the problems….anywho toemato poe-tato.

I feel a little bit insulted when someone blocks me. A little more so when it’s random or they are someone I liked to interact with. I also find amusement in it. More so when it’s people I didn’t really give two, three, or even one shit about. I just wish people would give the common courtesy of sending a message saying “hey you’re a fucking asshole I’m deleting you”…although I DO get why one wouldn’t…I might respond or do something that could prevent them from blocking me. Still…it’s nice when someone gives a courtesy fuck you.

So let’s go back to this person I think blocked me. It’s probably better that she blocked me. That allows me to not give a shit about her and good riddance to another internet friend. It also speaks very lowly of her. Unless there’s something that I would agree is a good reason for blocking me…whatever the hell that could be…If it was peer pressure from friends again….that’s kind of sad…..I feel sorry for people who give in to the pressure of others in something as trivial as a friend on a social networking site. If it’s a situation in the real world where abuse or bullying or something is a factor….I get it….same actually online…BUT I wasn’t bullying her and I wasn’t abusing her. I guess it’s another case of my commenting to much. OOPS and HOW DARE I…socially interact on social networking sites….When will I learn my lesson? People want to be friends to increase their numbers…like in the good old days of myspace whores…..

A few more amusing bits to go with this babbling….someone who I kind of felt I may have pushed a button that wold lead to her defriending me….she actually deleted that posting that I posted on…or it doesn’t seem to show up in my notifications..who knows…also the person of which blocked me…was still following me on twitter; BUT I did accidentally hit unfollow and hit follow again so she may get a notification saying I’m following her now and promptly block me there too. If not I’ll have to dm her and just ask…so you blocked me? Fair enough I guess…no worries…blah blah blah.

Anyone else feel like they have had a record number of people blocking them on social networking sites for trivial, miniscule, or just in general nothing reasoning? It can kind of be turned into a fun game if you’re a massive asshole..add people just to see how long it takes before they block you…but you’re not allowed to give them GOOD reasons to block you…that would be cheating..hahaha.

stupid is as stupid does~!

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