The Cabin in the Woods and We Bought A Zoo (and commentary)……apples and oranges; no?

the cabin in the woods….

I wish they didn’t give one of the twists everyone probably already knows about so early in the movie…AND via the dvd menu…..but twist or non twist a side……this is easily any seasoned horror fans wet dream. Thrown in a bit of evil dead, mix in a bit of the cube, and a few other surprises one might recognize…and it’s a fun time. It gets just a smidgen bloody in some of the most fun scenes is given away in trailers that you should avoid watching…and there’s plenty of things that you’re going to see coming (or are there?)…but it is after all a horror movie so what do you expect? Easily walks a line between horror and comedy and a bit of sci fi….but that’s just my opinion…I could be in the boat alone. Some really quite awful acting early on but those same characters seemed to improve to almost Shakespearean levels by midway….okay so maybe they still sucked..but what do you want from characters that we are probably never meant to care about anyway? If you’re a horror fan there’s just as good of a chance that you’re rooting for the bad guys as you’re rooting for the good guys…..and as it’s all kind of subjective….it’s a fun ride. It would be a great universal studios halloween maze…and if you’re a fan of the horror genre I don’t see how you cant find yourself loving this.  Also there were a few new things in it or at least things I’ve never personally seen in other movies….so paint me a fan (((literally one of the characters..i hope there’s an action figure available for me to own..because it’s pimp shit…strike that..a few of the characters are quite excellent…even if there’s not a whole lot in development…if you’ve seen it you might get me…if you watch it…same goes..but if you don’t..well you’re probably a lost cause anywho)))

5*s BUUUUUUUUUUUUT if you’re not a horror fanboy or fangirl….you will probably see it more around 3….but in any case people are watching it en mass from the local last weekend I went 0 for 7 machines..and this weekend we got the last copy in one of the machines…not saying all those people are loving it…but they should…..weight the two ratings above and we still get a solid average of 4…to further bastardize my own rating system…probably a bit under 4….so….again without further explaining

Horror fanboy/girl 5*s
Casual movie viewer 3*s
fan of horror but not drooling over everything even if it’s a piece of shit 4*s…(more or less)

let’s raise it one…..average of those 3 scores..4*s……the majority wins out… in the end right? 5 / 4*s 😀

(((((I must further add..yes yes I’s a lions gate film….I think the lions gate opening doohickey kind of appeared in the movie…maybe that was my imagination..maybe that was done intentionally..maybe it was a coincidence (also I think I’ve seen that happen in a few other lions gate films…so coincidence…probably not)…in any case I still highly recommend Lions Gate stock to anyone in the market….though I’ve never bought any myself….they are kind of to horror what miramax was to indies before they went south…and even the non scary type movies from lions gate are generally pretty good….their stock usually is pretty inexpensive….but if I had bough it when, I believe it had just gone public, I could have made a pretty decent profit…though I don’t think I would have sold it….i want to own shares in lions gate because I support what they do….even if I don’t love all their movies…I’m almost always entertained….I know..ain’t no one coming to me for stock advise..but hey I’m just saying…if you’re a fan of movies and want to feel like you’re REALLY a part of them and you’re not…there you go 😉 😀 ))))

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((oooooooooooooh yeah and one more thing….it’s definitely on that fine line between r and hard r…it pushes for that hard r but it’s still pretty tame compared to OOOOOh so many other things out there)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

We bough a zoo… Let’s get this out of the way first in a faux spoiley way…but guess what THEY BOUGHT A ZOOOOOOOOO. Now a bit more seriously and in a way that COULD be seen as a spoiler..but..they do buy a zoo; well not exactly “they”…but that’s not all that important. Or is it?

Let’s jump to the end of the movie for a moment just to say there’s a bit of a WTF was that moment that I think I’ve heard other people also question. If you’ve seen it..I think you know what I’m referring to. If you haven’t seen it…well now you might be looking for it..but don’t…because I could be alone in the boat..but it certainly has a weird bit in the end. (((not a negative WTF was that though…just a general wtf moment….similar to what I would say the chumscrubber has a lot of…though the similarities between the chumscrubber and WE BOUGHT A ZOOOOO end there)))

So now let’s go back to the beginning shall we? This is yet another in a long line of movies I initially wasn’t all that interested in…because after all…I’m not a 8 year old girl or woman….okay so that’s not being fair…how about I don’t exactly love matt damon either. I’m not sure when I went from being kind of a fan of matt damon to ugh…..why does he always look constipated in regards to Mr. Damon. That being said he does a decent to above average job with his part. I’m unsure if it’s all that much like any other characters he’s played….while at the same time it probably IS just the character he always plays but with a family man angle. So back to my opening point of this stanza. I wasn’t initially interested although chances are I would have ended up watching it one day anyway BUT there was a trailer that I saw that, unlike the others, really made me say to myself…wow I think I want to watch that. ((((and so many many weeks after it came out on it at the library…I think I may have tried to get it at redbox a few times but it was out…can’t remember though)))))

Okay so all that out of the way…did I mention WE BOUGHT A ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Scarlett johansson is still kind of awkwardly hot. There’s a bit of adolescent angst and probable love interests. The daughter is a bit of that disgustingly cute sugary sweet can’t help but want to smack or love. The rest of the supporting cast are quite a decent array of literal characters. ((maybe with not as much development as they could have received in a 2 hours plus movie however)). And oh yeah uhm…there are some animals, a few more animals, and a couple more animals…because after all WE BOUGHT A ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . one of said animals..maybe more than one…actually get a bit of their own storyline as well. Actually to be fair DUH the animals as a collective ((ever listened to that group the animal collective?)) are a storyline but despite or inspite of the fact that (you know we bought ….) the movie is less about the zoo and more about family, moving on in life, and festive pinita parties…wait no not that last thing.

So what does it all mean harry? Well; It is an enjoyable enough watch. Matt damon seems somehow less annoying than he usually he is ((on that note…i’m a big fan of ewan mcGregorbut that being said….he and matt damon have kind of become the same guy)). The b and c stories are entertaining. Elle fanning, who I haven’t mentioend yet, also is great as she always seems to be ((much more digetstible en mass than dakota…sad that people thought dakota was so talented but elle has proven she’s far superior when it comes to the acting..and a little bit less jodie foster to look at to boot)). The movie clocks in at enough over 2 hours that one might think…DAMN that’s kind of long but none of it really plods along ALTHOUGh the beginning maybe could have lost 8 to 12 minutes and still have been just as effective (((really rough estimate..don’t hold me to that..I still have to watch it with the commnetnary as of this typing so I could reneag that)))…Before I somehow make this even more long winded than it allready is….

WE BOUGHT A ZOOOOOOO~!@#$&? 4*s ((that’s right I’m being lazy with my rating again :D)) but easily 4*’s +… perhaps my rating will increase after watching it again..maybe solidify more around a 4.17295 or something..BUT I feel comfortable despite calling myself lazy giving it a 4.

We Bought a zoo audio commentary; First off I have to point out…i forgot cameron crowe directed this as quickly as I found out he had. That’s right. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know he was the director until i watched it…maybe after reading the back of the dvd…but not really any case this commentary opens differently than any other I’ve ever heard..and thus differently than most if not all. There’s about a 2 minute blank screen bonus audio chapter of sorts before the movie starts. Cameron introduces himself and the person sitting in with him… J.B. smoove. (also another producer or something is there with them) J.B. is barely in the movie..but unlike the carrot top commentary I enjoy bringing up anytime I find a reason to ((see the rules of attraction..he’s not in it..but he does a commentary track for it))..he is at least IN the movie. So all that being said….I just started listening to the commentary as of my typing this right far it’s at least on par with your average commentary…hoping it might get a bit more fun as may have been implied in the bonus audio bit. ;;;;;so the commentary is entertaining enough…lots of name drop checking of documentaries about various bands that cameron has seen or been a part of..not really a bad thing as it gave me a few things to add to my potentially indefinite to view list….does what it does and that’s all you can ask for. 4*s


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