Finding Nemo 3d, the hunger games, a couple of commentaries, and chimpanzee (((and of course tangents, ranting, and babbling as you should always expect :) )))

finding nemo 3d……. Still the same movie but some of it looks retouched in addition to the transformation into 3d…chick behind me was reciting quite a bit of the movie….slightly annoying but in teh whooping capacity of 8 patrons….didn’t bug me enough to turn and give her a dirty look…not that you can see people through the glasses anyway; On that note my first current gen 3d movie…and the glasses aren’t horrible BUT would be great if they wrapped around the head to block out light that gets in on the side….also as per many complaints I’ve seen or read either the glasses tend to randomly get a bit foggy or some scenes just for whatever reason come in a bit muddy….muddy maybe not the right word but what is coming to me as of my typing ((see also perhaps foggy or hazy..but as it may be literal fog…I dunno))….. Features a new toy story short before hand that was entertaining enough…think the dinosaur, some other toys, and ….a rave….weeee. ((better than it might sound…))  Seeing as this was my first current gen 3d experience I think I could be a fan but also have a feeling animated movies in 3d are better than any of the live action stuff ever could be. At the end of the credits a start bar such as you would see on your pc filled the screen…..Didn’t need to see that to share with me the fact that what I just watched was merely digital projection from a computer as opposed to film..but than most things are digital non film projected now I think so…not a huge deal. If you’ve seen finding nemo and love it ….I think it’s worth catching once in 3d. There’s not a ton of outstanding effects but there are a few scenes that popped already in 2d that look that much more amazing in 3d….sure it’s just a gimmick that allows theaters to rip you off by charging $4 or more for a pair of glasses that…let’s be honest..once you bought a pair why should you buy another pair?..things shot in 3d obviously going to be better than the tacked on 3d..but again I think with “animated” features much easier and much more natural for that conversion. Also and or lastly it’s been quite a few years since I last had seen finding nemo..but it was or is one of my favorite offerings from pixar..scenes that I don’t quite fully remember did seem newly fresh…okay so as always not quite one last thing..i did notice a joke…maybe two that are now a bit dated..but ..the movie defeinetly holds up…as it’s got heart as all the good pixar movies do.

5*s? at least a 4.5*s….I honestly don’t have other 3d experiences to compare it to….so finding nemo STILL great..finding nemo in 3d….worth it if you love the movie…worth it if you’ve never seen the movie…but probably not worth it if you’re not a fan….but than…why would you go watch it in 3d if you didn’t like it in 2d? (((unless maybe your a douchey reviewer or something right ? 😉 )) ((((I could be considered a douchey reviewer by some I’m sure..but finding nemo back when it was released on dvd…I purchased it..having NOT had seen it in theaters….thus I’ve always wanted to see it on a big screen…and thus I have…it remains one of the best looking movie for the obvious reason of many of the great on that…I’m done gushing…but can’t wait for say…wall e in 3d…..(as of yet announced know)….and may have to go and watch monsters inc in 3d when it comes…there’s plenty of scenes that could be fun in it in 3d)

(((oh yeah..look…the second movie I went to in the theaters in about 3 months…new recent record..I’d like to go to one once a week or at least every other week..but that ain’t currently in the cards)))
(((((also the sound quality in the digital theaters seems to be far superior than in the other ones….at least during the trailers…why do theaters play trailers so loud but the movies at like a 4? so freaking annoying)))))

The hunger games
the first 15-30 minutes I was wondering HOW in the hell this had made so much freaking money……by the end of it…kind of still felt that way but understood why it received so much praise….or at least kind of.

Though I fancy myself an amateur critic….I don’t seek out movies to hate…Hunger games was actually on my list of movies I’d like to go watch in a theater but because I’m cheap, lazy, or maybe just because the theater isn’t nearly as convenient as it should be ((or I was just broke…probably mostly that)) I was unable to catch it in theaters. I don’t think it NEEDS to be experienced in theaters either..but maybe getting ahead of myself.

So as I was getting to…the first 25 minutes lets say…not a good time..not really to much getting set up that we don’t read on the screen as it opens…and WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much shaky camera work (((I think I remember reading a lot of people saying something about that…if I did..that isn’t why I noticed but merely supports the fact I’m not crazy)))….followed later by a good 20 minutes spent focusing on the importance of sponsors followed by….almost no scenes having anything to do with sponsors..I don’t know if a lot was cut out or if they simply felt beating us over the head with the sponsor nonsense and than practically cutting said sponsors out of the story was somehow the route to go…but as I was looking for things that I felt were negatives..that hit me over the head. Also there’s a decent amount of training shown..that doesn’t pay off in very much actual fighting….I know that’s not what it’s supposed to be about (?)…but most of fight or battle or confrontation scenes were shot in a very…let’s not quite show you what’s happening way that left me wondering well than why the eff show them training? …those few complaints(ish) being said….clocking in at 2 hours and 22 minutes ((perhaps minus about ten for the credits))…and once I got past that first 20 (((I know I’ve given you like 5 numbers now..but it really is all of those time marks…because welll…I say so 😀 ))) I was into the story or something enough that I stuck with it and didn’t find myself bored for the better part of 2 + hours. Not that I’m someone who gets bored often or easily with movies..there’s always something or some reason to keep watching..but that opening however many minutes…gave me nothing to like and pushed towards giving me a headache for the uber shaky camera work. Thus blah blaah blah and some more blah blah blah…and ooh I can’t forget…not a ton of songs..but the music in the movie and the songs that were chosen to be included…I did the soundtrack..that’s ALWAYS a plus…so back to the point. Not at all a great movie. Did manage to make me probably care about seeing more. I’d like to see the first x tribunals (((I’m pretty sure I’ve spoiled nothing..but if I have tell me so I can work on not doing that in the future..but x per i KNOW which tribunal it was in the movie but maybe you don’t want to know)))…and i really got into the concept of I want to know the rules and procedures for the game being played. ((such as…does someone clear the dead bodies from the playing field or….what?; thinking maybe the books cover some of that….knowing I don’t really want to read the books…but I’d read the rule book if it was available…lol)))

so everything being said and things I may have left out….shaky cameras in the beginning not good……engrossing story or whatever it was that kept me IN ….great…not an amazing movie..but duh I didn’t think it was awful….easily above average soundtrack ((vastly imo as I could see someone saying it is in fact quite average..but keep in mind I watch the credits and I may like one of the songs played during the credits quite a bit…or if not…it still fit the movie)). I’m interested in seeing the past, further present, and deeper future tense…easily 4*s……maybe not more..maybe a smidge less…but solid 4 despite my just saying a maybe a smidge less….duh much of this is perspective or reflective or subjective…and or all and none or more of the above 3…..but as I often argue with myself…there’s definitely thing that everyone really SHOULD thus deserve MUST see….there are definitely things that are so awful…that it would make only sense to tell people to avoid at all costs (((I think of movies I’ve rated 1 and below…the strangers is the only one I’ve had lots of disagreements about….few others I’ve had a few people disagree..but everything else…people either didn’t see or agree with it being bad bad bad..though they might give it a 2 as ooposed to my 1 and below….that’s got not much to do with the hunger games sans to make my poitn that….i think anyone would say it’s at least avearge and/or worth watching (my 3 = worth watching….3.5 is really meaning of average..okay so those maight be flip flopped to common logic.but oh well..and there’s surely a ton of people that would say it’s a must see…so 4ish *s works in every way….great but not amazing…or at least better than aveerage but not perfect……AND / But / or if it’s something you don’t think you’d be intersted in….i wouldn’t disagree….therefore you don’t need to see it…thus my not gving it 5*s….and d…..I should be sleeping right now instead of writing this….. The hunger games is a good time but more focus on the action and less on the metaphors and shadowing of current reality…may have turned it into just another action flick but it could have been a little bit more fun…..


(((((((((((((oooooooh yeah….I think part of the show us less is more approach….probably something to do with going for that pg-13 rating….i get it..doesn’t mean i have to be a fan of it)))))))))))))

there we go.

2 not so vastly different flicks….a fish trying to find another fish in 3d….a hick trying to not get killed in another…..both worth watching….and well..there you go.

Aloha bitches~

maybe not aloha because look I’ve got more

American Reunion commentary track 4*s At Least I think that’s about how I felt..not awful…but far from great (so maybe more like a 3.5 right?)’s definitely a commentary one can live without but if you’re a fan of such’s also worth listening to.

Also American Reunion unrated. I watched it and didn’t notice anything different. I may have watched it twice..and I know i watched the rated version at least twice (when i had it a month or so ago from the redbox..but sans any bonus features because of the lameness of redbox movie only discs…which blockbuster also does on many movies)…the unrated version only has one more minute anyway ((again per the previous ()..makes it REALLLLLLLLLLLLY stupid that the unrated version was left off the redbox rental…way to scam stupid people into wasting their money..which of course “unrated” versions quite often are just a way to make stupid people spend more money….at least when it’s a directors cut you actually get more..but MOST of the “unrated” versions of movies…are pure shit….sex drive being a stand out of where the two versions are kind of vastly different))..and actually that one more minute looked like about 45 more seconds as it says 1hour 54 but it was actually like 1 53:45. So whatever I rated the rated version…the same for the unrated…if you care enough to read my nonsense to see what I think of a can look that up yourself but I think I gave it a 4.

21 Jump Street commentary 5*s. Quite simply the kind of commentary most, and in particular on a comedy, should be like. Features a bit of behind the scenes, a bit of how we did this or that, a bit of irreverence, a bit of stuff that one would think the studios winced at (((and you know those little statements about how the commentaries and such don’t reflect the studios…those are stupid and ironic because there have been at least a handful of movies where for the commentary track they were given a checklist of preapproved things to talk about..and told things they were NOT allowed to talk about ((and I’ve actually heard things beeped out of commentaries too))…all still WITH that there comments don’t reflect us thing…I blame lawyers…and stupid people for those disclaimers))), and of course it’s just fun to listen to. Commentaries where the people involved are enjoying themselves in turn allow the listener to enjoy them….even people who are hoity toity and snooty about NOT listening to them….(((((to you I say fuck you….you’re not really a fan of movies…or you would listen to an occasional commentary)))) yeah….one of the better commentary tracks out there…though it would have been better if a certain few other people had popped in or called in ((((which I HAVE heard call ins on commentaries…..while on my tangent…carrot top did a commentary track for the rules of attraction….he’s not in the movie..had nothing to do with it’s making….there should be more dvds with more random commentaries like that..but thankfully, or less than so, with everybody, their mother, and their dog doing their versions of a commentary for movies…there are tons of alternatives out there now..but I like it when it’s ON the disc; ***sniff***)))

Chimpanzee presented by Disney Nature. Well it is what it is. I was fighting sleep while I watched it. I don’t think due to it being boring but more so to my being exhausted. If it seems like something you want to watch than watch it..if it seems like something you don’t want to watch….no reason I think you should…besides the fact I’m sure you can see something similar and better from the bbc…So this will go down as one of those occasions where I don’t feel like assigning a rating to it. It serves the purpose it needs to….there is one questionable scene in my opinion for being included in a g rated movie (((not quite spoiler alert…involves when the chimps are on the search for a meal….besides being just a bit slightly disturbing it could easily traumatize many of the younger set…despite not showing to much… of the mind ya dig)). So there you go. Watch it if you were going to anyway…don’t watch it if you weren’t going to watch it…and if you are flipping channels and it happened to be on ((which ain’t going to happen but hypothetical’s…))…you wouldn’t do yourself a disservice by staying on the channel or continuing to flip.

tada…the end~

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