You never know who’s a somebody….

Okay so sometimes you do..but let’s play into my concept presented to you…(brought courtesy of a thank you and the magic of a really seems I come up with a rough draft of many of my “blogs” while in the shower..and to really get it while it’s hot….I nearly have to jump out of the shower and directly to my keyboard…maybe I need a fancy digital recorder I can demand start recording my thoughts..but than I’d just be that weirdo talking to no one in the shower….also recorders don’t often quite work out how you saw they would in your head…I had one…and well…those tapes are mostly not gold..although I’ve not heard most of them in a good 10-13 years..that happens when you break the player and don’t get another one and they are mini cassettes..yep…they don’t even make those anymore I don’t think)

(((shocking I’d go off in myne parenthesis itinit?))

So As I was presenting to you. You never really know who might be someone. Given the obvious someones you DO know are someone..but even in some of those cases..they might really be more of a no one.

Are we tracking?

I’m a nobody..or am I? Anyone else ask themselves that type of question on a semi regular and/or constant basis? There’s negative paranoia but I think living in the wonderful delusional land of anyone might decide I’m worthy of playing such and such in their next project….I don’t think it hurts anyone if you have that long as you’re still 51% grounded in reality.

Those things being said this is my point I’ve touched upon previously…in particular in regards to when trying to get on reality tv. You should always assume everyone around you IS someone that might be that someone that gets you somewhere. Therefore I guess in some regard everyone should respect everyone else and blah blah blah….that’s not really my goal to point that out to you though…and from that note..I’ve had my fair share of being a dick to people. If I was a dick to a “someone”..well happens than aint it?…It wasn’t meant to be if I shit on a potential the bridge to terabithia….

Over my life there have been quite a few cases of where I was given that bit of respect as if I were someone….the first case and point that ties into what spawned this….when i saw strung out in 1997…was one of the first few shows I went to…I wasn’t all that young but I was still at least relatively young….me and my sister went…i don’t know if we knew who the opening bands were ahead of time or not..but in any case…we got there when the show was advertised to start…if yo go to clubs you know how that goes….if it says 6 pm that usually means doors 6 pm show at 7…but could also mean..well to many combinations for one to spend time drawing a diagram to explore; I think we were raised with a bit of jew spend thrift in us….maybe it wasn’t raised into us..but when I go somewhere..I like to get there and see it all..and close it down…I’ve sat through plenty of bands I can’t stand based on that principal….I’m that asshole sitting in the movie theater all alone watching the credits while the theater employees give me dirty looks for daring to watch the credits…I’m that last person out of the amusement park….I was once literally the last person down the slopes when i went snowboarding…..I have it in me to shut shit down and open shit up….when i go to Disneyland I want to be there an hour before gates open and an hour after gates are closed…I’m sure you get the point……

SO that all being said. We got there before basically everyone..probably including strung out ((((don’t get me started on the number of shows or concerts or whatever I’ve gone to where the headliners weren’t there till a couple hours after I got there…that’s fine sometimes..but sometimes it equals us waiting on them..that isn’t how that shit should be….)))) anywho…(((((I really didn’t need to parenthesis that shit now did i?))))) we got there at whatever time was probably when doors opened..maybe before..there were maybe 20 people in the room…that’s probably being overly generous….the first band was pulley (((which over the years featured various people from various bands…I think the first incarnation featured a dude or two from strung out and dude from screeching weasel)))…so they played their set..and after they finished and came off the stage they told me and my sister ‘hey thanks for coming out’…probably not exactly what they said..but they thanked us for being there….where as the vast majority of people didn’t show up until it was about time for strung out to take the stage  ((of course that’s another of my pet peeves…people who show up just in time for whatever band is the “big band” that are popular…to be fair…i’ve gotten closer and closer to becoming one of those people as I’ve gotten older…where I don’t mind missing an opener or two…BUT….I usually do my research too..and I know if I miss them I won’t hate myself for it because..well I didn’t like what I heard of them anyway…doesn’t mean they aren’t a great band…some will surprise you…but sadly I can’t stand through 8 bands I’ve never heard of and don’t plan on becoming a fan of if there’s only one band I care about on the bill….if it’s 3 bands I don’t know anything about and one I’m there to see…that’s even pushing it but kind of my acceptable ratio…..however ON that note….if the band I want to see isn’t headlining…rarely will i walk out on the other band(s)….per what I said earlier….wanting to get all out of my money…or maybe wanting to give the respect that is due….only a few times have I walked out on a headliner and that was more due to transportation issues I was trying to avoid more so than my not giving a shit about their crappy band….hell i stood through nickelback when I could have easily left on that principal (((although I’ve also previously run as fast as I could away from nickelback so ….the scales had to be balanced I guess..iono)))

Damn I feel sorry for anyone who reads this…:D….Seriously I know my initial thought went babababab boom bada boom….leeloo dallas..multi pass..

Let’s skip an assload more of my babbling and bring us to now last night….the show i went to at the place where I didn’t expect there to be a ton of people while not exactly sure what to expect….of course the band that I went to see..nobody else went to see….a few points during their set it was literally me and their friend sitting in the room watching them….and when it wasn’t that..the only other people in the room seemed to be people from other bands…..funny how many times though I’ve been in that situation….ANYwho….((oh yeah and they were the last band…I wouldn’t call it headlining exactly because..well it wasn’t really a proper show….I might get into that later but I might not….if so..see part 2..haha :P))….so after they were done…went outside and I believe it was the lead singer was like hey man thanks for sticking around….to which I replied well I came to see you so…yeah..and a bit of small chit or chat occurred..but you see..bring me back to my original fuckin thought ((((see …i didn’t go to far off course)))))

I’m just a random asshole that happened to be in the room while they basically got to rehearse for no one…..but as far as they know…maybe I’m somebody….I’m sure they don’t think I’m somebody…we all know I’m not somebody….but..But..BUUUT….maybe I AM…..also touched upon in a previous blog….who knows who I might come across that I share whatever thought with..and I could be a part of a movement happening……I already take credit for a few things that I probably had nothing to do with…sorry can’t give you exact examples because well….none come to mind right now…hahahaha….I’ve seen some of my suggestions that I didn’t see tons of other people suggesting come to fruition in various avenues however….so point being….they could have said nothing…they could have gave me a dirty look or OOOOH they could have, and i meant to touch upon this earlier, called me a faggot for being there and checking out their band (((I had the lead singer of an opening band verbally attack me…when I was the only person giving any kind of reaction at all other than standing like a statue in the small audience of people who were paying them any attention…for apparently not standing like a statue like everyone else…I dunno….perhaps I was mockingly enjoying them..but I don’t think so…even if that had been the case…isn’t a reaction of some type better than stoically staring off into space eyes and blank of any type of emotion faces?…probably non shockingly ain’t the only time I got a negative reaction from someone on stage…..and it’s not like I get a negative reaction for telling them to fuck….it’s always something that shouldn’t get any reaction….thus I guess alwaysa a bit of fun to get singled out and made an asshole because they have small dicks and have to pick on someone in the crowd to make them feel better about themselves..

So where was i? It’s nice to be thanked for doing nothing more than what i would be doing anyway. It’s funny to get the opposite reaction….it’s expected to get no thanks or anything from the performers…..

Maybe they are just polite or courteous well raised ass kissers….maybe they really DO appreciate the fact you or i happen to be there and aren’t ignoring them….maybe they too believe in my you never know who’s somebody thought…maybe they just don’t like what could come off as awkward silences…..maybe none of this really happened(s) and I’ve got a greatly overly active imagination….maybe I shouldn’t have stopped taking my pills ;)……….

(((I don’t take pills and never have been prescribed any for any thing more than physical reasons…I probably am mentally not right in the head but if I’m craaaaazy I’ve never been formally diagnosed as such….why’d I have to go there right?)))

now that I’ve good and proper liked melted my brain…

What do you think imaginary readers….I seem to have gained some followers but none of them seem to read what I write….just randomly like shit to give that appearance that they read so I will do the same for them….again I make mention of my lost, really not lost just not posted, bit about ass kissers on word press..but HEY if you do actually read this…and you aren’t just following me or liking shit i post or whatevering my blog for whatever non reason….if I haven’t returned the favor well…as I alluded to…I’m not into kissing your ass because you kissed mine…HOWEVER….there’s a better chance I haven’t gotten around to looking at your shit…I have limited time and as per mentioned previously as well….I seem a bit to stupid for the wonder that is wordpress…’s hard to look at someones shit when I click the picture that liked my post and it takes me to a static image that doesn’t go anywhere else..

before we go…nicki minaj singing abut her roman holiday…OMFG that’s hard to push out of my head….catchy like herpes…

on that note…..adiou..but remember…you never know who’s somebody…so I could be slapping the face of a potential mover or shaker by not reacting to things they/you post ………my head hurts…

we are everything we are nothing……..diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig~


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