The politics of facebook……(yeah only not really what this is about)

What this is going to be briefly about…receiving likes on facebook. More particularly receiving likes on comments left on random pages by either slightly attractive, above average attractiveness, or down right damn hot chicks liking them.

You’d think I’d know the protocol by now..but I don’t.

Is a like in of a sense kind of an online flirtation? If so is them outright leaving a comment and obvious and DUH sign I should perhaps message them….or maybe befriend them..or what exactly?

If I were really the pimp type…i’d know the exact right thing to say to them and 48 hours later wam bam and thank you mam…but that’s not I or me or I lack that talent….so where to go from a to b to C(ee) you later…

let’s play the game of my shallowtude for a moment..when i get a like from a could be beautiful but turns out to look like they were run over by the ugly train like……is it wrong that little thrill of an attractive person liking my slight bits of insanity turns into a bit of a disappointment that the troll living under the bridge might have a thing for me? AND to raise that bar higher….how come it’s the troll that likes something and sends me a friend request…but it’s the ‘beautiful stranger’..who likes and continues about their way with nary a thought thrown my way…beyond said like of course…

Admittedly I know nothing while knowing everything…..I think I’m definitely to smart for my own good….but I also feel like I’ve got a bit of the aspergers in me…or autism….where I don’t like the idea of playing the let’s see where this can go game…..or maybe with my advancement in age….I feel like it woudn’t be entirely inappropaite for me to just come out and ask… ‘so you want to get into my pants and me to get in yours right’?

Not exactly tactful..but aren’t chicks supposed to like “honesty”? Sure I’d probably like to get to know you too….but I don’t think I wouldn’t mind a shag or two…I’m not a person of a mortal standing that I can do the one night stand thing….at least I don’t think so…hell we all surprise ourselves every once in a while right?

on a slight relate to that note…..I’ve seen/bore witness/heard that line many a times….if you were getting laid you wouldn’t have so much to say…..well i have to say…i disagree nearly hole heartedly about that thought….even when you’re “getting laid”….it’s not usually a 24 7 event… also needs a career that consumes nearly any or all other free time…at which point the getting laid thing isn’t a matter….but even still……..most people usually have that time alone with themselves…..and even IF 110% of my time were filled…I’d find some time to write out epic collections of words that ultimately mean nothing…while entirely meaning everything…..

I’m to old for the meet someone on the inter-web thing….I’m beyond the meet someone at a club or show or concert or event or what have you thing….what’s left other than being trapped alone with myself?

Suddenly the theme smells a bit familiar to anyone who has read the last handful of things I’ve posted…not because I’ve been bitching or whining about this very subject en mass but because there was a good one and a half blogs that touched up on it…

To much time on my hands and yet time flies by when you’re barely doing anything…..on another side note to a side note to a side note…it’s quite annoying when you’re basically without internet for a week because your local internet place of convenience has some business going on that prevents you from said internet..

This week those few days I usually spend on or about and around 3 hours on the internet at the library…have left a void in my day…that has been filled with mostly longing for the inter-web….and playing video games….slightly old school..pre existence to some of you out there….snes…and game boy games on super game boy….and..yeah…….the magic never goes away from them older systems….when those days you go on a bender just happen to come around…and the world becomes slightly innocent if not entirely ignorant again….

Just another day walking in my shoes..though to be honest I’m more often than not barefoot….so there you go


I feel better for the moment at least….now for we to see if I take my lazy ass to the downtown public library I quite dislike and post this…or wait till friday when a slightly further but nicer library will be open again….or maybe next week this will get which point in time it’s past the timeliness that it hearkens too..

Uhm hmm

9-13-2012 as of my typing….we shall see what we shall see

((((I’ve begun to notice a trend that I think I have to attribute to tagging my blogs with “blogging” seems to get more action than when not being tagged with it….but still when I click my own tags…it only gives me results of my own blog…so in that regard wordpress still is outsmarting me….IF you’re reading or casting eyes upon this and you’re new to my stupidity….do me a favor and comment to confirm YES and indeed it’s due to the tag of “blogging” that you came upon me…and if not….tell me why? Likes are both fine and dandy, despite george carlin having a bit about how one can’t be both, …but if you like what I in the fuck do you not have a response to it?….unless of course you’re just spam bots with a soul or self promoting assholes…..i’ve noticed quite a few likes or follows from accounts that are only there trying to sell such and such….to be fair I think all of us are kind of trying to sell something…but I’m referring to those word press accounts that exist for that sole purpose…not to share their random thoughts or opinions with the inter-webs…thank you and buh bye)))))

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