not quite week in review

saturday new generation northwest wrestling show…where I was approached by the guy who runs it asking if i wanted to get in the ring , hold his belt, and if I’ve ever thought about training to become a wrestler. pointlessly wandered around at the mall as it was in line with my return voyage home from the wrestling show.

sunday…don’t remember doing anything outside of watching big brother…after it was on…because i thought it was on at 9…and it was on at 8…terribly exciting bit of info itinit? oh yeah the seahawks game was on..duh

monday….monday night raw…and nothing else I’m sure

tuesday….played a bunch of snes  (tetris attack; and than tetris and kirbys pinball land on the supergame boy dealy..and oh feud…which the ai is way better than any actual people I’ve played against…there used to be an answer we always gave that was no where near any of the correct answers but it would give us one like…. kitchen dresser or some other such odd bit that doesn’t fully make sense…kind of you had to be there to lol at it but…if you ever played family feud on the super nes…for a good let’s say 3 hours or so…you know what I’m talking about

wednesday played some more snes….americas got talent…watched 3 episodes of the us version of the inbetweeners (2-4)

thursday….impact…oh and shockingly or not so..but watched a few good men for the first time ever…at least as far as I can remember….tom cruise looks so young in it….he should have banged demi moore….there’s a “the end” at the end and rob reiner directed it….and it’s mostly a serious film movie..but it does have quite a few laughs…probably not all of them intentional…but…rob reiner is best known for “laughts” itinit he? 4*s or so

friday..hasn’t happened yet…might be going to watch a band play at the tahoma tea place…maybe hook up with the chick commented on my status for said show… hook up…cuz yeah THAT happens 😛

I also may have watched new years eve this week but that may have been last friday..which maybe this should begin with because it is now friday…but hey it’s a work in progress

mass excitement eh…as of this typing it’s roughly 3 am..and I’ve got into the abyss in the dvd player….werner (verner) herzog documentary about murderers…good light cheery fair to go to sleep to 🙂 (((that’s what the kids used to call sarcasm when the kids partook in such things)))

ooooh and i listened to nicki minajs 2nd album and did my overly complicated way of rating an album for it….as per the usual i probably won’t post it as a blog…even though that intent is there….it’s just easier to keep to myself rather than share it to the non masses that wouldn’t quite get it…very quickly broken down however…..first bit isn’t good..2nd bit is good if you liked the first album…3rd bit is wow we’re in Ibiza…last bit is okay..

yep….. “would you like to know more?”

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