scattered thoughts….

(((as often written quite a few days ago..combination of wordpress being a dick and other time published roughly 5 days…)))

Just got out of the shower and usually in the shower my mind is over powered by thinking far to deeply about things that don’t need to be.

I also do that at other times not in the shower…I know..who cares right?

My last blog entry went viral or something…I got a reblog, a comment, and two new followers seemingly from it (A like or two too i think?)…((never mind the fact I think i had only one follower previously…what does that really mean anyway…they get an email of my newly posted blog and promptly ignore it….saves them the trouble of coming to the page to ignore it I guess..hahaha))

Yeah. Where was I. Whenever I seem to get a lot of “hits” or what have you on the social networking sites and such…or whatever on the internet…my first thought usually seems to be…wow how in the hell did that happen?

Usually there’s no explanation that can be i accept my 14 seconds or so of feeling famous..and life goes on.

Can I also mention today or yesterday or…maybe both was a bit weird ((friday august the 31st the day in question))…guess it was one of those once in a blue moon days…literally and all….not just a catchy saying….yep.

So anywho. Whenever I seem to get a blast of newly interested parties in whatever…It’s quite confusing as to why all of a sudden..and usually why in particular the thing that got me the hits got me the hits; It’s never like..something I WANT to get responses to…it’s always the things that are kind of the “I’m just saying” things…

Go figure.

That being said new people who found me…read a few of my older blogs and you can see that….there’s no real pattern to the chaos…or maybe there is..who am I to judge myself but…myself?

I’ll probably end up following you too….despite my never to be published blog about ass kissers on this here wordpress….but if I see something in your writing that keeps my attention for 40 seconds and you don’t post to often or whatever the opposite of that is…I may just become a pain in the ass and comment on everything you post….just to put myself out there..hahaha….cept it’s kind of true…I’m a shameless whore sometimes….and yet i haven’t managed to get cast on reality tv…go figure..again

So what was it? The amazingly short, compared to most things I write and post, and to the pointedness of it….did I find myself sharing something in common with actual people?…Or was it just more randomness of the universe fucking with me? (((I actually had one blog that it said was shared on facebook like 15 times…but no one left a comment….and the only like i got was from a blog that seemed to be a business trying to sell crafts and shit))) Maybe I should get even more self indulgent as I pretend thousands upon millions upon…at least tens of people are reading…and I’ll ask with every blog…what brought you here..hahaha….redundancy in the hizzy~!!!

(or maybe one of my tags some how got me attention? That would be swell seeing far as I can tell the tags don’t go anywhere beyond the reach of my own blog…..there are many things on wordpress that sadly are beyond my comprehension…and the help files or frequently asked questions or whatever…aren’t a help….but hey at least with their new home page layout I haven’t seemed to have trouble signing in like I have a bunch of times in the past)


So anywho. It keeps feeling like there was something else floating above my head I wanted to babble about…..whatever that was I think I may have forgotten..but there was also something to the effect of….welcome to the circle of lunatics….never mind it’s barely a triangle…if even a square….but circle gets a…I mean…but I’m having flashbacks to visions of blog-rings past….and my imaginary ambitions of playing cult leader….or at least brainwashing masses into stupidly following me…just so I can have them like cook and clean for me though or something..ya know?

what better place to end than there….I enjoy the concept of having (a?) adoring masses that will blow smoke up my ass about my greatness like I’m daniel tosh or something….and the great part of if you’re a person at that level in society…..haters do just as much good for the ego as the lovers…uhm hmm. ……Digging way deeper than need be…I used to have this thought of I enjoy offending people or pissing people off…because in fact what I’m hopefully doing is making them think….like say marilyn manson….I’m here to make other people better….to help them open their eyes….and yet…I’m not at all that out there ((though depending on who you ask that could be an argument waiting to happen))…I’m just a bill….on capitol hill…and I’m waiting for the white house to ……..

oh yeah..I was sposed to be ending this…


enjoy my self indulgence as much as I have for the last..probably far to many more minutes than it should have taken for me to write this…and if you in fact don’t read it..well go back and ignore a few of my older blogs and you’ll see how I feel about that :-)~@!

power to the people…..”””

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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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