my wacky adventures in stupidity featuring the honda civic tour with linkin park, incubus, and mutemath.

So let’s preface this with the fact that due to bad financial decisions and bad timing with when I get paid…I didn’t have a ticket. Not the first time I’ve attempted to go to an event without a ticket…but this time all I had to offer people is a $%0 gift card for southwest airlines….if you’ve ever tried to trade gift cards for tickets…people usually laugh at you.

On that note…literally one of the scalper dudes who asked me what I had laughed at it….but of course what good is 50 bucks towards your fare right?

Anywho; ((oh yeah tickets were at the most expensive only 65 bucks if you bought them at the box least I think so..that’s what they led me to believe…so it’s not like I was offering something worth 50 for something worth 150 or something crazy…but i could tell you a story about how I lost over 100 bucks on a ticket when I sold it to a scalper…in another instance..actually multiple instances I even tried to GIVE AWAY spare tickets and wasn’t able to…I guess I scare people…that will be touched upon later scaring people…and just yeah….people are idiots I think…also will be touched upon later D: ))

so slowly we mosey to me asking literally two guys that I think were together and probably with the scalpers if they were trying to get rid of a ticket..having them roll their eyes at my offer…followed by scalper dude laughing at me…followed by me standing around like a douche a bit…..interspersed I tried the atm because I thought I MIGHT get paid today, or rather yesterday as of this typing..i think i do in fact get paid today as in right now as I type…I digress……or not…eventually about 10 minutes or so before mutemath is about to go on ..or maybe they were already on…I honestly didn’t care about mutemath…we’ll also get to…anywho noticed two dudes ask three chicks sitting on a bench outside if they needed tickets…and good people watcher/observer/creeper I am…(((more so they said something and the chicks said we already have do the logic math there..dee dee dee))…I went to them and asked if they were trying to get rid of tickets…they said yes..I said all I got to offer is a southwest airlines gift card….they were kind of like uhhhh and than told me to go in with them (((I’ve noticed people like to have you go in with them sometimes as it seems they tend to think you’re a scalper…since most of the people out there saying “I need a ticket” are fucking scalpers)….anywho turned out they had like 3 extra tickets…and they seemed to be in a rush to go we did….and between x and y I offered to pay them in a couple of days or maybe send them a gift card for somewhere else….they were first like well if you feel guilty and want to pay…basically I could have just said thanks dudes and that would be that..but I said I’d send them a gift card and got dudes address ((because they don’t live locally enough to me that I could meet them somewhere and pay them at a later date))

So..yeah I got in…basically free…but I said I would send a gift card…they were like yeah if you wanna pay what you think is fair….I pointed out the fact that they probably would be surprised if I do..and they were like yeah we probably aint ever going to see you again..and yada yada yada. As I said to them…I will because it makes for “good karma”…though I’m not Buddhist so technically I can’t receive any karma (or is that hindu? fuck me for not knowing..)

blah blah blah blah and more blah….to another anywho;

My first thought upon seeing where the seats were…awful seats..they were a straight line from about mid stage…which during mutemath and incubus there was a bunch of crap hanging from the ceiling….even during linkin park the view was less than great…could have been worse and…oh yeah I hate being in seats for fucking concerts where I feel I need to be with the masses on the floor……

During mutemath I took the opportunity to empty my bladder while there wasn’t a gigantic line to use the bathroom….exciting right…I watched a bit of them from various vantage points ((hard to explain any further than can only relate if you’ve been in the tacoma dome or venues similar to it but there are a few big open spaces where a normal arena would have walls preventing you from seeing the stage))…. also you could hear them from basically I heard mutemath for a few songs….the “this is our last song” song…was only instrumental….I think i remember disliking them for some reason in the past..but from what little I heard I could see myself not hating them..but i don’t’ see myself becoming a fan.

between bands I made note to the dudes i got the ticket from and whomever was in earshot about my fear that the vast majority of the crowd didn’t know shit about incubus…of course I was right….one of the dudes said they were his favorite band of all time and the chick in front of me said she was there to see them..or was a fan of them..iono..same diff….at some point during incubus while i was sitting on the edge of my seat as it was in an upright position chick behind me asked me if I wanted move down 2 seats so i could see the stage better……she obviously wanted my junk….wait no….it felt like it was her nice way of telling me to sit down because the people behind me…and 99.9% around me…per my fear..were sitting like fucking frogs on a log…. It really quite angers me when bands like incubus (and bush..and tons others)….get no fucking respect from the stupid fuckhead poseur twats that are only there for the headliner… cases like this it’s not like incubus couldn’t headline their own fucking show (or bush for that matter..I saw them open for nickelback…I went to see bush and seether….I dislike nickelback….disrespectful dipshits almost prevented my ability to enjoy bush..but i prevailed….on that whole ranting note….I saw the mars volta open for a perfect circle…and 98% of the crowd on the floor were douchebag maynard worshipers that spent the whole set screaming at them about how much they granted they did only play 2 songs for 45 minutes..but that’s what the fuck they do…you don’t like it STFU and play with yourself until you can blow your load when maynard proceeds to come out and hide behind a curtain….))

Shocking that I would lose my way….i fucking hate Hate HATE people at concerts who either ONLY stand when their beloved whomever headliner comes out ((though I’ve been to concerts where people didn’t even stand for the headliner….I don’t get why in the fuck they were there….I don’t get sitting to enjoy a concert by a rock band….or any band that has a general admission floor for that matter….I get sitting to listen to bach or an orchestra..but I do NOT fucking get sitting during a band that deserves way more respect than that ((((yeah I DO get that some people prefer seats because of whatever reason….that’s fine…but they can promptly STFU when they are bothered because I’m not some asshat that goes to a concert to sit…it’s out of my control sometimes as to whether I’m on the floor where I belong or want to be…I might feel bad for standing….but when you in turn are an asshole to me because i’m standing..well that merely encourages me to stand even when i don’t want to…so go fuck yourself uhmkay……..that’s another rant..about almost getting my ass kicked during rascall flatts opening for toby keith when I was standing and dipshits behind me were bothered by that…..maybe if they had bought their tickets sooner they wouldn’t have been behind me….also the same fucksticks OF COURSE magically knew how to stand up themselves during toby keith…..and oooh the best part of that adventure..least I forget they were throwing trash at me and calling me fun names like faggot and what have you….the best part was securities (sp?) solution to the problem was the offer to move me BACK about ten rows….yeah…don’t kick the dipshit out..move me BACK from where I paid my hard earned money to sit…..cockknockers……I once saw a dude at an ozzfest I went to get kicked out or standing up…..actually people behind him started shit with him because he was standing up..but of course the victim was the one that got punished….my answer anytime when they DARE to tell me I have to sit down….uhm no..if my standing is a problem than find me a g.a. ticket…thanks….I don’t stand to be an asshole….unless people make me stand to be an asshole….

End rant..for the moment.

So yeah…Incubus I’ve been a fan of since s.c.i.e.n.c.e. ….so yes that makes me better than you if you didn’t get into them until one of the albums after that 🙂 ((but the few people I’ve come across that were into them since the fungus among us can lay claim to being better than me))….let me point out there is sarcasm there…but I do think I’m better than dipshits who don’t know anything about what the band was about in the early days…that being said….and prepare to be shocked….exactly TWO Songs got a big response from “everyone”….one that seemed to require everyone to pull out their phone and record it ((I believe that was during pardon me))….the ironic thing was it wasn’t even a newer song that “everybody” knows…. on that note megalomaniac got nary a response…it was all over the radio here…people are stupid…as referenced earlier………before I almost began to rant again….so incubus I’ve been a fan a long time…I believe this was my 4th time seeing them over 14 years or so…they played for 90 or so minutes….and as much as I love them….I felt myself thinking…damn how long is this going to go on….combine that with them not playing new skin or redefine (the songs on a two song sampler cassette that basically introduced me to incubus in 97..maybe 98)..and the fact that their last song was a song I didn’t’ recognize and really more of a jam session than a song….((they do that stoner space rock jam thing pretty effing good…I think that had a lot to do with the lukewarm…nay..poor overall response they received))… I would never say incubus sucked..unless they sucked…but…they were much better the other three times I saw them ((once was from the lawn at an outdoor amphitheater, the first time was in a small club like venue…up close and personal, another was also at an amphitheater but from …ugh…seats…so it wasn’t the seats that ruined it this time…especially seeing as the crowd on the floor barely moved for about 95% of their set))..but …incubus wasn’t great….great for about six or seven songs…less than great on the other six or seven songs ((guesstimating how many songs they played of course)))….aside from the singles that everyone should know..but clearly didn’t they played a few deeper cuts..which of course where I was seated..I felt like the only person that knew what they were playing..and that includes the so called long time fan sitting in front of me…although she did record that song I think…..she didn’t seem to sing along to anything though……that’s another thing I don’t really get….let’s go watch a band and not sing along to any of the songs..or at least mouth along the words….at least I can see the side of you want to hear them…..but a concert is a fucking interactive experience….again unless it’s like a chamber orchestra or something BUT even some of them DO interact with the audience… why go to a concert if you’re going to sit there playing with facebook on your phone as you occasionally look up….hardly move..and sing along to nothing….couldn’t you just have stayed home and done that?

annnnnnnnnnnywho..again….incubus could have trimmed some of the fat…and I could have NOT been surrounded by people that didn’t seem to know who incubus was (((how the fuck that’s even possible..I don’t know….it’s not like it was say…..I don’t even know who….point being…incubus and linkin park are peers…it’s not like…wait I’s not like bush opening for nickelback…where dipshits (((spell check suggests dips hits..hahaha..had to share that))) who LoooooovVE nickelback don’t have any clue at all who bush is….also mildly shocking to me that there are so many people who don’t know who bush is..but at least that’s understandable seeing as they had one hit album a million years ago….followed by another album that was decently received if i remember right…followed by a not so good album…and than a break up or gavin going solo and/or hooking up with gwen steffani..before releasing a new album, which is a damn fine album btw, that….doesn’t get the airplay it should is a joke..but I digress…hahah

fucking hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate people that insist on vocally letting me know how much they hate or think sucks a band that I’m a fan of and that ARE talented musicians….it’s a bit more acceptable when it’s a band or group that I like who even I admit aren’t great…why can’t people take the proper step to show their opinion of bands they don’t like by simply waving their middle finger during the whole set…..remember when people used to do that…they’d flip the band off…MAYBE yell fuck you you suck once or twice…but not sit there or stand there and bitch for 45 minutes or an hour or a half hour or however long……ESPECIALLY IN FUCKING SEATS. IF you think they suck that bad…go fucking take a walk or something…you’re not going to lose your seat…(((and these douchebags sitting behind me were drinking beer I rather than sitting there saying how much incubus sucked….they could have gone and sucked on some beer elsewhere))))

fucking morons.

Let’s not get me started on people who spend more time leaving their seat to buy more beer than they do watching the band….again on the floor…I don’t give a shit what people do….in seats….I obviously do….I guess I’m a seat snob despite the fact i fucking hate being in the seats….have I mentioned that yet? If not…I hate being in the fucking seats……I know there will come a time when I’m a broken old fuck and I’ll probably start choosing to sit over standing if there’s g.a….but I don’t know….at that point I may also just have to stop going to concerts….guess we, and by we I mean In I….all your base are belong to us, shall see.

time for a break from writing for a few hours….so if there’s any disconnect in the fucked out writing style…it might be due to that…I COULD just not spend 30 minutes writing about linkin park and ranting about other things…but where would be the fun in that?….

I momentarily thought about posting what has been written and adding “to be continued”…but seeing as wordpress was acting up on me again..i may not be able to post this in a timely manner anyway (guess we shall see)…so alas we continue

Back to incubus for one moment before we go on….at some point in the set and about 4 seconds into a song they began to play…I yelled out hello…somewhat sarcastically….but I DID hear that..and turns out…they did play it….I’m to effing good sometimes….the last time I saw aerosmith I IMMEDIATELY knew when they had busted into dream on..but the rest of the audience, at least in particular for sure the people directly around me, it took them like 2 minutes to realize what song it was…..that happens at least once every concert I’m at I think..where everybody else takes a minute to figure out what I knew after 5 seconds….anywho…moving on.

Incubus came off stage about being a veteran concert goer and knowing that shows at this particular venue most often end around 1030 I was expecting a 30 minute break between bands….anything more than 15 or 20 minutes is to much in my opinion..but anywho…45 short minutes later..and by short I mean….during the 45 minutes commercials for honda civics played…and the same video package with linkin park answering “fans questions” played at least 3 times….that was the most annoying part since they also played a few linkin park songs or clips of songs in the videos…so 45 minutes later…strike that..40 minutes later the video screen turned off and no sleep till Brooklyn, beastie boys, started playing….now here’s where my annoyance with stupid people kicks in again…at this point promptly almost EVERYONE in the seats stands up…..5 minutes later the band came out..and of course NOW all the poseurific asshats that have no respect for music magically have legs they can stand on….as I promptly shouted a few obscenities towards the people in front of me about how they’d magically grown legs…chicks in front of me laughed…

A good cross section of the linkin park back catalog was played….they even threw in a bit of collision course during one song….the transformers song got one of the biggest responses…go figure…the 3 or 4 new songs they played got almost no response….they broke into a beastie boys song during bleed it out..and that was kind of niffty (((sabotage if you care to know….I try not to be spoiley when posting concert shit but…the tour is almost over chances are if you’re reading this you missed your chance to see them anyay)))…and they wrapped up, after leaving the stage for about 5 minutes as is custom at concerts when doing the fake encore thing….that’s another annoyance to me..not that they do that but people think it’s really an encore…as if it wasn’t planned in their set….rarely do you see an actual legit encore anymore…anywho…..they came back out played a new song and ended with the two singles that broke them on hybrid theory. ((one step closer was the last song…not shockingly…but kind of weird at the same time…it IS the song that broke them to the masses…but I’d wager a good chunk of the audience don’t know shit about the first album))

Also of note during linkin park….the chicks in front of me at some point…about 3 or 4 songs in I think disappeared…the guys i got the ticket from also disappeared shortly there after or before…..maybe they hooked up somewhere or something..hahaha…..the people behind me..most of them also disappeared….maybe they all found their way to the floor…maybe they left….but it’s NOT the first time that I was stuck in the seats and people around me semi promptly left (((when i saw ac dc…dude and his son I got the ticket from…left around song 2 or 3 from ac dc…..that was one of the weirdest instances of people disappearing from around me)))……I do tend to act like I’m on the floor even though I’m in the seats….so what I’m saying is it’s highly possible I scared people away..and have scared people away in the past…also first few linkin park songs I busted out some death growls and dude in front of me turned and said nice scream or something like that…I think it was mockingly said….I do have a nice scream….it’s sad when i am able to overpower the actual band playing though…lol….which I was….I usually am pretty spot on to the linkin park screams but my voice wasn’t cooperating so much last night so after over emphasizing it for a song or two…i cut it down and blended in with the rest of the singing masses….

And oh yeah one last thing….at a few points the backing tracks that they must have been using seemed to skip a beat….there was a point when i swear I heard a vocal track skip a beat too. Now I’m not saying they DO or do NOT use backing tracks…but it wouldn’t surprise me. They are after all predominately a pop act..and that’s what pop acts do. But at least with live bands they usually are playing most of what you hear live. Combine that with the fact that a lot of their music has digitally created sounds…I’m pretty sure a small percentage of what was being heard was NOT “live”…..make that two more things. I was a little bit disappointed in them not playing my december…and the last album that so many people hated…only one of those last album songs they played got a lukewarm response…so…I don’t know what that says…it probably says the other songs were the ones that got airplay somewhere so those are the songs people feel alright…..I’m so effing jaded aint I?

So there you have it….way more than need be written…mutemath was mutemath…incubus played a bit to long..but I think more so the hostile dipshit crowd that were mostly somehow unfamiliar with incubus made it hard to enjoy incubus ((ooh look a pun 😉 ))…and linkin park made the paralyzed miraculously able to stand once again…(((also since I didn’t mention above..linkin park too played roughly 90 minutes…but because the crowd was alive during linkin park…none of that 90 minutes plodded….sans maybe one song…..the crowd being into it really makes a huge fucking difference….so i kind of feel bad for incubus….maybe they get into the zone and don’t notice the lackluster crowd response…maybe they only choose to notice those few people who give a shit about them..but I fucking hate that shit..again I say if it’s some new band nobody has ever heard of that isn’t great opening up…I get it..but fucking incubus? Really…REally…fucking REALLY????)))

All in all I don’t know if I would have had more fun on the floor….I’m sure I would have gotten dirty looks for pushing through some people who were standing around like totem poles during incubus when I pushed through them…really that was the only time I kind of gave a shit I wasn’t on the floor…I’m still a fan of both bands..but I’d really like to see incubus do a club tour that they are headlining so I can experience them amongst fellow fans..

the end 😀

As always pics on facebook…pretty shitty pics as my camera is officially antiquated and I was pretty far from the stage…but pics none the less.

Oh shit and oh yeah…can’t believe I nearly forgot… after the house lights came up..and the roadies began to pour out to tear down……the sweet voice of jack black began to serenade us with the tenacious d tune “the roadie”….i thought that was a nice touch…and nod at the people who are the backbone of your concert experience….after the roadie ended…speakers went silent ((((and oh yeah again….during the 5 minutes off stage…a good 25% of the floor cleared out…all during linkin park actually people seemed to be leaving…like they had a bus to catch…or their mom and dad waiting outside for them….I ALWAYS love the fucking idiots that leave pre the fake encore because they think it’s over….some of those people are leaving simply to beat traffic…but that, to me, is just as fucking stupid…if you’re a fan of the band there’s a good chance they are going to play songs that you want to hear….BUT at the same time….there’s also a good change they are going to play the songs that are fucked out and you’ve heard a few times live already if you’ve seen the band previously……still to me….I’m fine with hearing the fucked out songs…..a nine inch nails concert, for example, wouldn’t be complete with hurt closing out the night….but stupid people make the world rotate I guess….again one of those issues that is mostly far less noticeable on the floor than in the seats…but I’ve been at a few concerts/shows on the floor where the exodus was en mass enough that it was noticeable…….one of my favorite examples of that retardedness……tour headlined by mxpx and simple seattle..after simple plan…easily half of the floor (70% of which were “14 year old girls”) cleared out….because mxpx, a band essentially from seattle, playing in seattle…who wants to see that….stupid little twats that don’t know shit about music..but on the plus side…there was that much more breathign room and/or room to move around during mxpx……that kind of thing used to bother me alot more….I was going to say used to disappoint me..but i think it still disappoints me just a little bit…..their loss though right. the end :)))))))))

(((one more one more thing..forgive any leftover typos…i realy really REALLY need to remember the proper way to spell disappoint …I think I DO know how to spell it but always seem to make a typo that spell check is so confused by it doesn’t even suggest disappoint as the proper (((((oh and if you read all of that…wow and thanks…)))))

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  1. jahwoo says:

    my pictures actually aren’t to terrible after looking at them…for the first time ever I actual pictures look better than what I was seeing on the screen…whoooo

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