revisionist history…..It’s a trip;

revisionist history…..It’s a trip;

Or reality is a fickle broad

This should be totally irrelevant but how some people magically write me out of their lives….well…I know the truth.

But of course perception in the eye of the beholder(s) itnit?

As often as I’ve grown to realize or been flat out told by someone that they never took me seriously as a person on any level….it doesn’t have that sting of a being slapped by a wet towel any less.

At least I’ve got one person left in the world that doesn’t seem to pretend I wasn’t at least partially relevant at some point in their life….granted that person barely communicates with me at all anymore either…but despite or in spite of that fact I seem to still exist at least somewhere out there in her gravitational pull.

more easily I could have just said… “I know right…but I don’t need to be confronted by it”

I reckon it’s my own fault though…always my faith in people ends with my being burned by that faith. It’s niffty though how I’ve learned to let the asshole inside me overpower me…and notice how much better things work out. It’s true what I imagine they must say….Everybody loves an asshole.

The more you know “”


((((holly crap….Did I just write something that was short and sweet? Directly indirectly to the point…life lesson continues to be “I hate people” is a much better way to walk through life than “I’m a fan of people” though…yep and uhmhmm….discuss and talk amongst yourselves))))



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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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