life is insignificant at the end of the day…

Unless you’re someone who did something that touched millions or at least thousands (maybe hundreds) of lives.

My footprint is not nearly as significant as I sometimes might let myself think it is.

When I die there won’t be even a ripple felt in the space time continuum….nobody will care for to much longer than possibly 35 seconds…and even 35 seconds is probably being overly generous to myself.

Yep. My life has been pretty meaningless….Not to say any of you non readers are any more important than I am either though.

We are all nothing more than specks….strike that…the vast majority of us are nothing more than specks…a few select significant are closer to grains of sand….

The body dies….the soul…well not to many people seem to believe there is a soul anymore..but the being..the essence…the whatever that makes us more than bits and pieces and organs wandering around in skin suits…it probably dies too..but religious beliefs or lack therefore of….faith in whatever you may or may not have…the energy never dies….

Even though I think it maybe due to a technicality does….but basic science that I’m probably pulling from my ass suggests the ripple from the energy goes on and on and on and on……..

Contradicting my own self proclamation of insignificance perhaps maybe just a little….but it takes a lot of insignificance to make a difference…..or does it?

The big bang can be both a little bit of nothing and a whole lot at the right time; right?

Momentum of energy carries on even after we die….but is it really or is it just the echos of our past?

Questions beget answers beget questions beget indefiniteness…..


Not sure how much it shines through in the above…my mind was brought to or fell into a dark place. Probably unnoticeable without my suggesting that…but if you weren’t getting that….reread it with a darkness to the tone….my insignificance is fucking brilliant isn’t it?

You see…the beauty of the question….it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree or have an indifference… just is…or isn’t….it will be…or won’t be….as now I’ve put that energy out to the universe…

Like that tree falling in the forest that will still make a sound even if no one is hearing it or no one cares…….It still is or was….has happened….

the cycle in or of perpetual motion….

there’s no stopping it…..

it is what it is.

~fin 8-31-2012 530 am pacific standard time;;;; victory all in the perception of those whence view it. We are all no more or no less than what is destined of us…..thanks and come again~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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