how winning a 5K shopping spree for furniture can be nothing more than a huge pain in the ass…………


So about six months ago I won a shopping spree for a furniture store. Funny part was I didn’t know I had entered for that and I won….via drawing…in a room full of people ((i thought, because the box had a thing on it that said it was for, I was entering for a vacation weekend getaway at the beach or something like that))…there’s pictures on facebook I think…if not…there was pictures on the radio stations website..anywho I digress

So six months ago i won. Six months ago I asked if anyone was interested in buying a stake in the shopping spree as per a few reasons. I don’t need 5k in furniture..I don’t have room for 5k in furniture ((unless stuff is priced vastly higher than expected))…and more so I need cash more than furniture.

SO I had a bit of interest. One person in particular said he was interested. A month later I brought it up again..he said oh yeah I’m still down; Than some shit went down in his life so i didn’t bug him about it…than a couple months later I believe he sent ME a message asking about it…said he’s still down but it might take a while..and well cue to now..another good two months later…and still up in the air.

You might ask why I didn’t just go use it already; WELL it’s at a furniture store in another city a bit away and I have to pay the sales tax. No I can’t afford to do either of those things…or I would have. I haven’t even been to the effing store to price things and get an idea of what I want (((their website says to call and ask for the price on EVERYTHING…I’ve noticed as I was comparing and trying to find prices…that’s pretty much par the course for furniture stores)))…well I don’t want to call and ask how much something I haven’t actually seen in person would cost me…and oh sale prices for me either they go by the full price….

ANYwho. Again. So i was just in the shower..and started thinking about this all..and began to get really pissed. While I COULD in fact use a few pieces of furniture…the prize obviously couldn’t be any more useless to me. I’ve been thinking of maybe calling them and asking them if there’s a way I could get cash instead of furniture..but I already know that answer is going to be a big fat no (((because why would they?))) I even thought hmm..maybe they will let me “buy” it…and sell it in their store…and when it’s sold…I could get cash for the item…but I’m sure that isn’t really an option either. I also ran the thought of that show barter kings through my head…and that kind of goes to the line of craigslist …BUT here’s the fucking problem with that idea. Trading isn’t likely to get me cash and as much as there are a few things I DO need…I need cash much more….cash I needed six months ago to boot ((which I guess maybe it’s better that I didn’t have it six months ago as I would have likely found myself in the same financial issue situation as I am now))… Part b. Craigslist isn’t exactly the safest…but even that aside…I don’t have like a gift card I can give them or something..I have to go to the fucking store….I would have to go to the fucking store with some strangers…I would than have to trust them not to murder me or something..okay so I kid..but it HAS happened a couple of times that someone was murdered by someone they met via craigslist and in the general vicinity of where i that option doesn’t sound so grand.

The latest and greatest thoughts I’ve had….Maybe there’s a charity that would be willing to pay the sales tax in return for the furniture; 500 bucks for 5k in furniture…even at full price I’m sure would be worth it to a charity; Right? And I could write it off…not that I make enough money to need to write something off…and that’s another unforeseen maybe issue I may end up with tax liability for this “prize”….

So anyone wanna buy some furniture? My initial offer half price but you pay your part of the sales tax….we can negotiate from there if need be….and oooh I almost forgot my prize expires at the end of september ((fiscal year ending and know))

so let’s move on to a part b to this…and say..the person that has been my most likely to come through on this person…..has essentially screwed me over in the past on things….I already lacked faith in him…this might push me over the edge as far as ever trying to go to him for something (((this same person I loaned like 500-700 bucks for a period that ended up being over multiple months(((it might not have been that much..but I think it was pretty close to 500..and I did so because..well it’s a story all of its own I wont go into…I know better than loaning “friends” money…it was a specific situation that kind of called for it)))…..for a while I did kind of hold that over his head….just a little bit I still do because he hasn’t quite done a big favor similar in fashion to cancel it out…and no I’m not saying he has to…but it would be nice for that reciprocation..if it never huge worries..he has done a number of smaller things that pay that theoretical debt at least in half..if not seventy five percent of it))))

Where was I…that’s confusing to read I bet….SO this person and others I’ve learned…will most likely fuck you over…so fuck other people as you can only trust yourself not to do you wrong…and even YOU can somehow manage to do yourself wrong too..  ((that’s badly structured..but I think my point came across…I’m really irritated and annoyed and what have you right now….working myself into a tizzy))

back to the initial subject matter..and the prize….six months of a huge pain in my ass is all I really won….If it ends up not being used….I think I won’t let that happen…I’ll go spend the part of it I can’t really afford to spend but have the cash for the sales tax to spend….but that would require me to not pay rent…..and the BIG fucking pain in the ass and ache in my head with all of this shit….If I had the stuff I could potentially sell the stuff….but only if I had somewhere to put the stuff..which I don’ my option would be….buy shit…leave it at the store until it’s ready to be picked up by someone…take pictures and try to sell the stuff on craigslist…….with a condition to the potential buyer that they wouldn’t be able to see it in person without bringing me to the store..and oh yeah they will have to figure out a way to get it to their home or wherever they want to get it..yeah…..sounds like WINNING to me….how about you?

Next time I win something that I potentially know I’m not going to be able to use, give away, or get rid of…I may just have to say…’sorry not trying to be an asshole or anything but….take your prize and shove it up your ass’… the doing nothing with it for six months and than stressing out about it as the deadline to do something approaches….

So fuck it all!~

((((and yes…I’ve won things in the past I couldn’t give away…that’s kind of
funny to me…i don’t know if there’s any irony…but it’s definitely funny))))



ooooh so here’s the even better part…the person DID fall through on me so my options are sell it to my aunt that didn’t actually directly make me an offer and get hugely ripped off because I think she was only offering like 1500 bucks or something….or…hope my cousin can pull 500 bucks out of his ass and find the time to come here to give it to me…..still leaving me with a bunch of furniture that will be mostly worthless to me….my life is fucking awesome! Anyone jealous? You want to win a prize you can’t do a effing thing with? It’s oh so fun…no’s effing awesome!~!~!~!~!

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