my love of professional wrestling isn’t matched by many…

but I may have discovered today….the people who come closest…seem to be 10 year old boys….I’m just guesstimating the age..but….long short on that note….it’s good to see kids that say they want to be a pro wrestler when they grow up…a little bit less so because they ONLY dream of wwe…but today I told a kid…you really don’t want to work for the wwe….you have no freedom there….okay so that point is probably lost on a ten year old.but hey I was a smart ass (and smartass) 10 year old who would have understood that…so maybe he did too….maybe I made a positive impact on a possible future superstar? haha..maybe but unlikely….

Rewinding of sorts. A month or two back i wrote a blog…about the lack of passion people in the indie wrestling circuit sometimes seem to have….I’m pretty sure I never posted it…so was it REALLY a blog? In any case..i wrote a very lonnnnng winded essay or blog or..whatever on my passion for pro wrestling; well the company I was bitching about proved to me that there are people working for them who care…I don’t think we need go into any deeper details than that.

So another thought I had as I was wandering around the house in a towel…and oh yeah it’s almost 4 am…my recent new source of employment leaves me quite filthy sometimes…so I end up taking a shower at 3 in the morning….the more you know that you don’t need to know…as I was going to go on about….obviously my love or passion or obsession with and for pro wrestling is probably also shared by some of the performers…(((notice I’m not calling them actors…or wrestlers…or aesthetes….some are all, one, none, maybe two of the above..but performer is the perfect term to respect the business that is)))..and I say some because I’ve seen my fair share of people who were doing it because they wanted to become rich and famous…or they were doing it because they thought it was a joke…or they were doing it because it’s a family thing….but that passion is most definitely NOT always there…in some..that passion becomes something a bit sadder and is more like trying to hold on to the past that isn’t their present…..some of those old timers do it for shits and giggles…some do it because it’s in their blood…some of what I just said could read as the same thing…well none of them are exactly I don’t think…and brings me to another point or thought or statement or what have you….which is…

Yesterday, as of my typing this, I saw kevin sullivan….wrestling a show that was put on for free…in the opening match….in the parking lot of drug/convenience/grocery store (Think walgreens…but not a lot …i dunno how why spread they if you don’t have them you get the picture I hope). Now. Here’s what threw me for a loop….He should have a decent amount of cash…he was a HUGE part of wcw ((he was ‘the taskmaster and leader of the dungeon of doom…look it up…..))…He IS (well he was…but he seems still sharp as a tack) one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling history ((and stupid me..I didn’t go bug him and pick his brain….hell i didn’t even get a picture with him…I think my batteries may have been dead and I figure he’ll be back because he’s done shows with this company before..and it seems lives semi locally..per a conversation I had with one of the more….interesting yet OH YEAH..that’s a wrestling fan type people…back to my point outside the parenthesis))….so one wonders why he is working a free a parking lot…with a bunch of “nobodies” as one who has a closed mind to the HUGE picture outside of wwe…and tna…and any of the other major leagues of pro wrestling….it’s a hell of a business ya know….I think there’s a renaissance of GOOD indie wrestling happening right now..but I’m off point again…let’s break for a moment shall we;;

okay…so point being…it could be seen as sad…but I think he’s in the league of someone doing it for that passion that still burns…and because, according to the same person that said he live in oregon, he has ownership stake in one of the companies that was represented (((that’s a whole clusterfuck of it’s own….there was like 3 different association/company/federation/whatevers represented….a title match for two different companies..and a number one contenders match for yet another..if i followed correctly)))….all over the place again but it’s endearing to see a man that is up there in age…performing in a parking lot…in the not so hot part of town….for mostly a bunch of poor people…shit going off on a tangent but it’s true…….here’s the kicker. He stuck around. So for whatever reason I’m going to assume he wanted to open the show…who the hell knows ((actually he’s co champion with his..sons?…holding 3man tag team championships…and yes…that may seem odd to you..but again …look it up..i think the awa had such a thing wayyyyyyyyy back in the day…and the wwwf I believe had such a thing before becoming the wwf…I think it serves as a position to elevate younger guys and give a vet something to do….but what do I know right?

Look at all that crap i just wrote…and I haven’t even really touched upon to much….I think I’m going to post this hot mess anyway….and this could be a part 1…but if it’s a part only (((though i kind of planned on putting up some kind of review of the show itself…that probably won’t happen….pics of course will materialize on facebook..but…a review that no one is going to read….would just be more self indulgence)))…so long short of it and yet another in a series of not really needed space breaks;

Here’s what it boils down to. Though I’ve met quite a few douchebags at various wrestling events. Though I’ve had conversations with many a so called wrestling ‘fans’….Though I’m not a hipster…there were some hipsters at the show..haha…but uhm..yeah where was I going…though many things including I often don’t fit in…..there’s a select batch of wrestling fans out there who seem as passionate about it…or at least as still into it beyond the age of let’s say 16…..there’s people out there that are my people…or I’m one of them…i don’t know for sure BUT…..they all seem to have 20 years on me and have something wrong with them….such is the guy who has half of his legs missing due to diabetes that was one of my conversation partners yesterday ((I didn’t ask…but i overheard….))….it seems to be the hillbilly redneck possibly slightly retarded people that are as into wrestling as I am…at least 8 times out of 10…..Not to knock them….I’m sure they are fine people…6 out of those 8 times…but…..though those are my people..those aren’t my people….you know what I’m saying?

((yes another unnecessary space)) I’m not at all saying I’m better than them….they all could be plenty smart and just seem to be yokels….but maybe the love of pro wrestling I’ve got inside is the white trash buried deep within yearning to get out? ((in which case…you too are white trash if you’re a fan ;-P))…….I also get this feeling almost every show I’ve been to…I think i give off a vibe to the wrestlers ((oops i called them wrestlers this time :-X)) of someone who is mocking what they do….maybe that’s just me projecting or something…but I’m pretty sure a few of them have wanted to smack me (((Which I’d be perfectly fine with if it was a work :-D)))….none of your big wwe or tna superstars ((yeah i know..big tna superstar..hey…bite me))….although taz and HHH both seemed to roll their eyes a bit at me……..but hey… christopher daniels..I shook his hand and said you’re awesome..and he replied “thanks kid”….so he either thought I was way younger than I am, calls everyone kid, or he  gets it.

yep…let’s just end this here…what did we learn today? A) I’m better than the average pro wrestling fan. B) wrestlers don’t like me b) they are performers not wrestlers C)I think I’m better than everyone d) I have the mind of a ten year old boy (or at least am into the same thing they are?) E. I write about shit that I know in all likelihood no one is going to read…and write it as such…while also writing it as if I’ve got thousands of dedicated fans……I’ve obviously got a obsessive personality compulsive disorder issue;

uhm hmm….

part another maybe to come….at least the shit is out of my head now….I wonder what you call a dude who hangs around the wrestlers but isn’t doing it because he wants to fuck them? What’s the male not quite equivalent to ring rat (((cuz actually…there would have to be male ring rats right?….)))…But I’m not even what I initially described either..but I did hang around and just they were tearing down….I actually helped them a little by moving a couple of chairs back with the other chairs…though I don’t think anyone noticed me doing that….I actually had the thought of saying HEY…so I can’t wrestle..but I’d like to help you out…do you mind if i help you put your chairs away……maybe get my foot in the door and become promoter extraordinaire….yep….I live in a land of delusion…..but..I don’t know..”sorry kid we don’t want your help”..I don’t think so…in any case..I did my best to spread the word to my ‘friends’ who i know don’t give a shit…or they are somehow to good for indie wrestling..but if it’s wwe…oh boy THEN they’re down…fuckin poseurs….on that note I DO feel like I’m better than most wrestling fans….I take it to the extremes…I watch (well I used to..not so much for a while now) lucha libre…which the announcers…speaking in spanish..I don’t know spanish..but my love for wresting (((or my sick obession))…allowed me to watch and enjoy it….

Final suffix I promise….I do have that sickness of when I get into something I go all in……thus unhealthily obsessed with music, movies, some television, wrestling, and amusement/theme parks……those are what keep me moving….normal people would have family or something that keeps them going..not me….cuz I’m a fucking weirdo…per populous consensus of society….oh well i is what i is what i am i is~

toodle loo

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