Bits and pieces from the week that was….august 8th-? 2012

Seeing as mostly what I write goes unseen….maybe I’ll start reviewing trailers? No..yes? maybe perhaps!@? This thought brought to you courtesy of a trailer for salmon fishing in the yemen that actually makes me want to see it. I’m pretty much still an ewan mcgregor fan but….nothing up until the trailer on the bitch in black made me have any interest in seeing it. I heard good reviews or words from respectibale sources and that didn’t sell me…but one trailer where it pushed a bit more on the fact that it ahs humor..and a little less so on the artistic merits….now I want to see it. Which isn’t to say i’m not a fan of art in cinema….but still usually has to be a hook to get me to watch something….without the hook…unless it just happens to be the only thing on or maybe…nothing else is on….chances are I won’t see it…(((or if it happesn to be on the shelf at the library and I suddenyl realize…I guess i ought watch it now since i’ve avoided it this long..haha)))

the more you know

Ooh as I just typed the above…i just had another I’ve already given this a title but not really sure if much more will be written…but much like how I used to save up all my movie reviews and post them at the end of the month ((maybe i should go weekly here..but thus far I’ve just been posting them within a few days of when I watched them if doable…I don’t want to post a bunch of reviews for one movie nor do I want to post a 30 movie review gargantuan blog no one reads either…))…so as I was getting to…I write tons of shit throughout the week it seems…some are simple ideas…some are more like for my eyes only journal type entries…some are things I intend to share but never get around to doing…so what if I just maybe do a weekly breakdown of randomness posting? ….It doesn’t matter if someone were to tell me what an awful idea it was…there’s a good chance this I’m writing at this moment won’t get posted…but since I’m thinking about it…It probably will. Future episodes of this possible blog that you may very well right now be reading will probably be much shorter and much less pondering about the concept that is currently in action…so as an example it would be like

monday…the color purple is vastly under rated…and I mean the literal color purple not the prince movie..although now that I mention it….

thursday – I saw a dog walking on it’s front legs today….that makes me wonder if all dogs go to heaven was a live action movie instead of animated…..

Sunday – I never quite fully analyzed the phenomenon of “i like turtles” until yesterday when i saw  turtle crossing….

And so on. Although no where nearly as formulated as the above…more free range…like free range chickens but not the kind that aren’t REALLY free range…((if you don’t know what I mean…research free range chickens and join the knowledge train….”the more you know” as I keep stealing and randomly interjecting as of late)))

With all of that above…this concludes your weekly randomness….sans the actual week…as I’m fully intent on posting this sooner than later…but just a preview of what might be to come….not that any of you are reading..or if you are not that you care…..but why keep my thoughts private when I can spread the disease like a plague to all in the land of wordpress and beyond?….much like a disease my blogs randomly spread….one of my last bitching fits had 11 shares via facebook last time I looked and what might be my very first wordpress blog like..from someone I don’t know…who now of course I will have to take a look at their blogs ((((funny bit of near irony…I wrote a blog about how everyone kisses each others ass on wordpress…I wrote it…it’s ready to post..but I haven’t posted it…mostly because I write one thing…go to post it…can’t sign in…so the next day I go to do the same thing…I can sign in but..OOPS looks like I’ve got three more blogs written and ready to be shared….perhaps that’s a good or positive side effect of the lack of my internet access at home….i can’t post/won’t post everything I write….but then…when I’ve taken to turning into everything , or almost everything, in to a blog by default…ironic stupidity or something..I dunno I’ve just lost my thought)))

^^^something somewhere the point above I was trying to make…when I had internet at home and I was active on myspace….i would post far to often far to much….the lack of internet at home slows down my posting of far to much….but at the same time…it’s not as if once I’ve got my mind set on posting something I’m going to have a change of heart and wise up about maybe NOT posting it for the public to see…..really entices you wonder what you’re not getting the opportunity to read itint? (((I also spell that incorrectly…it’s a british thing…they like to say what sounds like it-in-it..or at least russell brand does….I like my spelling over the actual way I’ve seen it spelled or I’d obviously have adapted the probable correct way of spelling it….no? Seeing as it’s not even proper vocabulary is there REALLY a proper spelling?…unless in england it is in fact considered proper language..but doubtful)))……Stupid perhaps when I decide not to post something as it is no longer so timely…such as about day 3 or 4 of the olympics…I wrote a bit about said olympics..and how I’ve for quite a long time wanted to go to the summer games..and poor ticket sales/sponsors dropping the ball means better chance of scoring tickets…..look at that…I saved you from reading another thousand or so words on the olympics as seen from my mind…But yeah…I feel lame when i write something..and I pull out from posting it for whatever the reason…especially when I went out with the intent of posting…such as I’m doing right now….although for the last ten or fifteen minutes I’ve been intending to start watching the woman in black I think it is…the dvd case is pointed the wrong direction and just out of reach for me to grab..but harry potter (yeah I know his actual what) playing a serious role in a semi would be horror movie…gotta be at least average or decent right?….I sure hope so…I actually have been anticipating an enjoyable viewing experience….I can really only be let down.

The more you it were…itnit!

or maybe I should go back to signing off with “would you like to know more”…..the two things…kind of the same if you think about it… a kind of anti matter parallel universe kind of way….speaking of that new mars rover….just kidding….adieu till we meet again!~:

(((( I ended up watching about 20 minutes of the woman in black…bordering on being bored to tears as I was so exhausted I began to fall asleep…but in an ironic twist..I turned off the movie and proceeded to be kept awake by the glow and buzz of my computer for two hours before I had the insight to put it into standby….although I may have technically slept for about 14 minutes…so though I was anticipating it…it seems like it’s not all that good…but maybe being awake and getting through those first 20 minutes is the key….I guess we shall see…))))

((two more things aproximetly maybe two minuteslater..yes indeed it’s ‘the woman in black, or as the dvd title button dealy reads, Woman In Black, The ; and secondly “shareing is caring” just randomly popped into mind….but more so in my case…I think NOT shareing is careing…so by sharing..I further cement my lack of caring..and though the more you know comes from nbc public service announcments…it brings to mind gi joe…..where ‘knowing is half the battle’…all kind of the same difference though… GOOOOOOO JOE!))

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