Marley, Albert Nobbs (+ commentary), & piranha 3dd…sans the 3 part…making for an odd title…and my review….goes to a whole…nother….level!

random speckling for you today as I randomly do watch things sometimes….I’ve got a very badly written herbie (as in the lovebug) collective coming as soon as I’ve finished watching or rewatching all of them..get excited for that..hahaha)

Marley  ;;; I watched this on tv and it feels like something may have been missing..however even if it were..I think I got the just of it. Well done and informative but does leave things to be desired. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the dvd will have bonus features with a bunch of deleted or extra scenes and some other fun extras…if not…lame..if so…excellent…in any case…if you’ve ever even remotely been a fan of reggae in general or a song bob marley did…and you’d like to know more about his life and haven’t watched another doc or special or whatever about him..this is well worth your time . 4*s

(((update of sorts IMDB lists the running time as 144 minutes…I watched on tv with a TON of commercials and it was only only for 2 and a half hours…so to answer my own thought…they obviously took something if not a LOT out…so maybe after I’ve watched it again…the rating will go up…I have a feeling it WILL in fact go up…but for now…tentative rating of 4*s )))

albert nobbs; yet another in a long line of movies I’m pretty sure I had no interest in watching…but of course if that were entirely true I wouldn’t have right? ((although I of course DO fancy myself a critic and a lover of movies…yes you CAN be both…so I tend to watch just about everything..eventually…there are a few films I have still managed to avoid….cowboys and aliens for example…but that is eluding me as i KNOW it’s awful….I’ve seen approximately. ten minutes of it..but every so often it pops into my mind that i in fact WANT to watch it to see if it’s as awful as I know it is….hell…I even put myself through from justin to kelly for the sake of….the ability to have an educated opinion on it.))…so per what is in the parenthesis….I don’t know what my desire level to watch albert nobbs was…however it did seem like it might be a bit of a weird movie..and I have to say it DOES kind of deliver on the weird factor. Sure the story isn’t all that bizarre…but the title character….he sure is. If by some miracle you’re reading this and don’t know the premise behind the story…I’m not going to mention it as it COULD be mildly spoiley. (although also just reading the back of the dvd lays out the premise((or watching a trailer…))….but I think the more in the dark you are about the premise the more you can enjoy it…I DID know the premise..and it still managed to pull me in…so there you go) I will say however I found myself oddly engaged…the first seven minutes or so kind of are hard to understand and are capped off by one of the quirks of our main character…but from that point on I was pulled in and it managed to make me care about what happens to the characters..or at least to want to see what happens next. It does tend to walk a fine line between artsy fartsy and something different….so there’s a good chance most people won’t enjoy it…but as I said…it managed to captivate me…so there’s something right going on in the movie. The one complaint or the biggest negative of it to me was the ending seemed a bit rushed and was one of those endings that I didn’t love…and would guess most people aren’t going to love..and many might even hate. Not to say everything is not effectively wrapped up…although…I guess that’s for the viewer to determine? It doesn’t beat you over the head with the end result but it does allow a certain measure of doubt to be had. Until it felt like they were in a rush to get it over with….it was feeling like a 5* movie to me…because I didn’t like the ending portion so much..and because I feel it took away from the rest of the film…. 4.5*s…however it easily falls pretty much everywhere else between 4.5 and 5 as well.

(((additionally as I’m watching the deleted scenes I’m inclined to say…it feels and plays out like something that has already been made and shown on masterpiece theater…I’m not going to look that up but I have a feeling if I did…I would in fact find out this has been a movie before….also for whatever reason I didn’t do the math of where it’s set….feels a bit like one place..but is another place…one of those things that you might not realize if you don’t read the back of the dvd, a description on whatever source you use to watch movies, or don’t watch said deleted scenes)))

!!one more additional thought…that I can’t believe I forgot…albert nobbs kind of looks like a wax conan o’brian had a bit of a melting issue…I guess that fact alone should have clued me in on where the movie!!!

((((((also…because I never can have to many add ons to something I write….there’s almost NO reason this movie is rated R…unless I’m dismissing a lot of profanity or something? There is one scene that probably got it the R rating..and even that…it’s all implication of what’s happening….there’s a tiny bit of nudity but not really any worse than janet jackson at the superbowl…and even though a bit more is shown than janet did…it’s not at all in a sexual context)))))))

Albert Nobbs audio commentary with glenn close and I think it was the director? 3.5 *s…. as in quite average…and I may have slept through some of it..more so because of my current state of health than it having been that boring…i enjoyed watching most of the movie a 2nd time as i listened to them not share anything all that entertaining or informative…also the pronoun choice by both of them…I think it managed to take away just a bit from the source material…almost making it more jokey than serious..but that’s probably not what their intent was? I hope not. Not a must listen to by any means..not awful…not great….very average…and thus 3.5..suggesting better than average on the surface but if you convert it to 100…it’s a mere 70%….thus quite average.

Piranah (3) dd ; lmao…this isn’t a good movie….LMGDFAO @ the ending…..david hasselhoff might be the best part…or 2nd only to christopher Lloyd…Piranha 3d was a better movie as far as actual plot and storyline go….this one was just mindless “fun”…if you hated the predecessor you’re not going to enjoy this one …unless you have a thing for water parks in which case…you should watch it because there’s a water park….lmao.;;; Even had I been watching this in 3d…I think the first one delivers better than this one did…and for my money….piranha 3d is a great fun movie…piranha 3dd…feels like a made for syfy orignal feature film…and if they make another one…it’s only going to jump that proverbial shark even more….but OF COURSE i will be watching it….hell…make a 3rd and perhaps someone will play the back to back to back trilogy in a theater…that could be good fun…seeing as a possible 3rd movie would probably still be less than 90 minutes long too; 3.35 *S

(((yep that’s right..I open with this isn’t a good movie but still give it a 3.35….I can’t look at this purely as a critic…or critically as a critic….sometimes a good mindless escape from reality is just what the doctor ordered and this delivers on ridiculousness…..also certain other actors that may or may not play one of the mainish characters…fun little gag reel during the credits…that’s all I’m saying…maybe with no gag reel credits…it would have to be a 3..but still worth wasting your 84 minutes to watch)))

(((((actually the movie is more like 72 minutes without the gag reel stuff….i as a rule HATE most movies that are below around 89 minutes long…not just because of their length but also because 97 times out 0f 99.5 they are god awful; If I had paid full price to see this in a theater…I’d probably be pissed…but for the price of a F-R-E-E redbox rental….it’s nearly 6*S..haha….good mindless fun..for the whole family…unless you don’t want the kiddies to see some boobies….but most of them are circus boobs rather than realistic every day average normal human being person breasts….boobs becomes a funnier and funnier word the more you type it…it also makes me feel temporarily like I’m 6 years old or so…that’s a whole other tangent but when do they develop, pun intended (?), from boots to tits to breasts to ta tas to …..etcetera…..hmm))))))

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