Here’s why I’m awesome….

and you’re a cunt…or you’ve seem to have found a large bit of sand in your pussy….well I WAS taking the high road until i wrote this….

I’d love to say I went on facebook today (yesterday now..but as of the typing it was the same with the intent of getting someone to block me….sadly, perhaps not sadly, it was a bit more magical than it was making an effort…however as you will see I DID suggest it…..but for stupid things like that I can take small victories…if I hadn’t suggested she block me…perhaps she wouldn’t have and it wold never had ended….so…I win…you lose….and that’s all there is to it.

This all began because I commented on a friends picture of a camera….speaking out loud questioning why people who aren’t professional photographers spend hundreds of dollars on cameras….not to go after my friend..but here I go. She doesn’t post a whole lot of photos on facebook…that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take photos…but I’m just saying…I don’t think it’s that wrong of me to not understand why someone who doesn’t seem to take all that many pictures and who i KNOW isn’t a professional photographer…..would feel the need to spend a ton of cash on a camera…..this same person has bitched about money in the past also…so go figure; TO be fair other people I know or have met in my life…also not professional photographers..also think they need to own a thousand dollar camera….I don’t get it..but I’m not attacking you for that fact…i just don’t get it ((the friend in question apparently bought it because she needs it for journalism….which as far as I’ve ever known she’s focusing on the writing side of it not photography….it’s NOT in the least the same thing…if one wants to take pictures that’s called photo journalism; no?….but that’s fine and dandy, rare as that case may be, that her reasoning for buying it is for school…I wasn’t really asking..but that reasoning makes a bit more sense.))

So anywho…I revisited a photo..because I got a notification that another comment had been added…though the following won’t state it…the can i borrow it and no exchange between her and another of her friends is partially responsible for setting me off on the not quite tangent I did…..and as you will see…it just needlessly grew from there. Probably because the person that felt the need to call me out on something that wasn’t an attack on anyone….due to her being a cunt. Although in the past she didn’t seem very cunt like. So that’s rude of me to say…however….in this exchange…she was being a cunt. Which you may notice…I didn’t resort to name calling and she kind of did attack me personally….I’m not saying I took it as a personal attack..however…I think maybe I did…

A couple of fun perks of this exchange however….I got that fun ooooh I’m going to get you adrenaline boost…so yes I like pissing people off…of course…but it wasn’t my intent…and maybe I didn’t even piss her off…but I’m pretty sure I did….I LOVE that fight or flight response….if there was a drug that had that same reaction in your body upon taking….I think maybe I’d enjoy it….instead I have to rely on good old fashioned making another person break their cool…or doing something where there’s reason to fear what might happen next;

unnecessary paragraph break but perk 2. Look i got a blog out of it. Hahaha. Even though the likely-hood of anyone actually reading it is low…the fact that I enjoy writing..just makes it all kind of perfect.

Oh look at that…I may have nothing else to say on the matter…as of right now just going to post screen caps as she blocked me before I had the sense to copy and paste all the text…but maybe I’ll write it all out too…maybe not…probably not…but still maybe…so maybe not probably …hah haaah!.

The more you freaking know love….



((second pic is smaller i reckon because I added in the missing parts of two of my comments…oh well..nobody is going to look at this let alone read it anyway 🙂 ))

and there we go…so am I the dick here or is someone a bit oversensitive? Perhaps in part due to her femaleness…hahaha..yeah I went there…People who can’t take sarcasm fail at existing….people who get offended by sarcasm….take the stick out of your ass….people who merely don’t understand me….two hundred eleven times out of two hundred fourteen it’s nothing personal and it’s not an attack on you….and of those 3 times it is personal…only about half..MAYBE one of those times will be a personal attack ON you.

Duh I think i’m better than you. Of course I know I’m smarter than you. Yep I’m mostly happy if I aggravate and annoy or piss you off…however that doesn’t mean I set forth to do it….deal with it or block me….as roughly seven people have on facebook…lol…though mostly those were for me commenting to often on things they posted….because the point of facebook in their eyes is for them to bitch and other people to read their bitching..but NOT for those other people to comment on their bitching….yeah…well fuck you 😀

(((((Now upon rereading the exchange…she wasn’t being a cunt any more than I was being a cunt I reckon…however she still attacked me where as I didn’t attack her…all in how you see it I guess..but if I’m wrong do feel free to point out where I attacked her…thanks)))))




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