If I had the money….an optioning of books I would go..merrily merrily merrily….right onto a late night tv talk show.

Anyone else see the visions in their head like I do when they read a book? If I had the skill to put what I see in my head on film…I would be an amazing director; AND/BUT on that note…the little work I created in the past…was quite good. I created an infomercial when I was like ten? And I directed another commercial of sorts when I was about 20…I missed the mark of doing something at 30 I think…so maybe by 40 I’ll make something that is actually seen by people?

Just spitballing ideas…I’ve cast the characters…I’ve come up with three titles and roughly what the film would be about…All from only getting halfway into This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs. Dude kind of looks like guy fieri..could be a pen name for writing? (It’s not him..I’m just saying he looks a bit like him..) Seems a bit like a made up writers name to me…anywho…oooh stay with me and I also realized something reading this book….AnyHOO not anywho…I’ve been wrong all these years. Or maybe not wrong…just different? hmm.

As I was saying…I’ve got this film running in my head…I even just tweeted the dude asking essentially asking if the book has been optioned. Now days books are optioned before they are even released…BUT If I had the funds to do so…there are many a books I would have jumped on optioning. Hell in my delusion I’ve thought of asking the authors if the option has been acquired yet or not and offering them a buck. Yes…totally not realistic…but you never know…..One genius idea sparked from one genius idea to another….and next thing you know I’m sitting on a couch beside eli roth on the jay leno show telling about how I managed to get the rights…and managed to get the attention of the director..who then went to quentin tarantino who thought it was a great idea….and ta-da…..I’m an associate producer/assistant director/guy who got the ball rolling for a genius movie.

Yep. I wonder if it’s some type of mental health disorder that feeds my delusion?

I hope if this book is turned into a movie…it’s done on par with what I see in my head…..even if it’s not what the guy who wrote it sees in HIS head….you never can tell….it’s kind of subjective the same way songs are….what they saw when they wrote it and what you see when you read or hear it….could be a totally different ballpark….But I don’t think so in the few cases where i feel like i REALLY connect with what I’m reading…

Although we all know, we being me, nobody else is reading this…does anybody else feel the same? Are there any books that YOU want to help get made into films? Any books you’re massively passionate about and if you had that money to get it done…you would purchase the option for either to ensure no one else destroyed what you saw in your head or to ensure the right person made it?

I can’t be in this boat all alone….

“would you like to know more”? literally….i’ve got the main characters cast….or an idea of who could play the parts…..my first try at casting the roles for a movie that wasn’t yet being made (and no speak of seemed to be floating around)…was for scooby doo…but a scooby doo film where they were musicians…as they kind of seem to be in later seasons of the program…..I’ll leave most of it up to your imagination but my musically based scooby doo would have featured lisa loeb and beck amongst some others.

I’m in love with my self professed genius mind….Still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up….sadly it won’t be until I’m no longer of this earth that I believe any of it will be recognized…..

yep…..theater of the mother fucking mind….art as seen through the eyes of an artist..

Dangling cow balls for all….horse whips for plenty…cheese for the masses and stop that mother fucking boat “”””!   (((yes..I do realize cows don’t have balls thank you)))

[[[[one of my tags is not like the others..but said tune popped into my head during my refractory from writing period…..the more you grossly know 😀 ]]]]

{{{{ on another non important side note…I’m quite surprised I spelled merrily correctly….shocking }}}}

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