Bitter assholes make the world go round…

Reading a blog…more so reading someones response to said blog….I’m surprised there are so many people in the world that have Sooooooooooooooooooo much anger in them. I shant identify the blog for the sake of not offending said angry person who might just one day run down the street with a shot gun like that scene in falling down…


I don’t get it. I’ve had supposed anger issues in my life time…but the older and “wiser” i get…the more chilled out care free hippie I become. Your anger is a gift BUT….being angry just to be a bitter crotchety old asshole…that anger serves no one well. You might think short term it does but in the long term you’re going to lose the people you hold close….unless they are just as bitter and hate filled…spiteful towards everything..and miserable as you obviously are.

But what the hell do I know. According to many other people I’m just another heartless asshole myself…but much as you don’t care about others “fake concern” for you…we don’t care about your anger towards everything…it’s not as precious as we know you think it is…you’re a spiteful asshole and there is no hope for you.

The more you know….and away we go 😀

((the person also contradicted themselves a wee to large bit…I could respond directly to them but….I don’t need to create the imaginary drama…and/or if they are as uncaring to the world around as they claim and/or seem to be….my comment would ONLY fall on deaf eyes or be completely ignored….well let’s add another..or be taken as an attack….though it wouldn’t would just be pity for someone so filled with hate))

anything you can do i can do better……

((((how about that…relatively short and sweet 🙂 )))

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I am the shiznit...need more be said? If you think so..than you probably don't need to be here :-D
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