The past is never to far away…..or how I stumbled upon things I thought were long gone…

((written about 5 or six days ago…something in here may have been of a mild time importance thus this non needed note…enjoy..or rather don’t 🙂 ))

I discovered a stockpile of vhs tapes featuring things I had thought I lost…and in a few cases things that I had thought someone had stolen years ago. One of these tapes is an undertaker themed wwf tape from the early 90’s. There really is nothing quite like a collection dedicated to someone when it was only a few years into their career…but also maybe more importantly a tape with saturday nights main event featuring my favorite match of all time for a loooooooooooooong time the big boss man vs hulk hogan in a steel cage. Damned classic match and the slickster amusingly comes into play too. (((at least I think this match is on said tape..i haven’t viewed it yet..)  Also in the collection is about 5 or six clash of the champions i recorded from tbs…..ooh and my very ghetto fab attempt at collecting all of the episodes of earth 2. I think I did so because I had a feeling it was going to be canceled after I saw OTHER sci fi type programs not last very long. The fun challenge there was earth 2 got preempted a bunch of times, at least locally if not nationally, for football and other shit so I think I’ve actually got gaps…like episodes 1-4, no 5, followed by 6 …but than 8 before 7 or something stupid like that. I did own the earth 2 dvds…I’ll have to pick them up again at some point..but i digress.

Amongst all the shit…more shit I kind of forgot about but more so thought had gone lost….sports cards for example…or rather the non sport cards…also a bunch of pog brand milkcaps and others that i KNEW I had but just didn’t know where the hell they went…again I digress.

There’s always a person that looms forever in my past…and than still has a presence now in the..well present. It’s so stupid that I keep shit of a bygone era…a christmas card with a “I promise I’ll make more time for you”..and “i love you forever”…..ahh the naivete of youth. Not saying it was hers…most likely was mine…but it’s so stupid how deep things run with a person that it really was never meant to be….and yet I still feel a small part of me that buys into our knowing each other is still supposed to be…for whatever reason. It’s gotta be some past life shit I think..hahaha…Or future life? Another existence that has yet to occur….okay so I’m going a bit metaphysical and even past the reaches of perhaps what I believe IS existence..and again have gone way off path.

Anywho. Big shocker I’m essentially writing about things I’ve written about before…to be fair there’s actually a couple of people from my past that never really seem to go away…one person of which I no longer have contact with but really would like to know what ever became of her ((even with all the social networking shit out there upon attempts to find her facebook or what have you I failed…sometimes it’s best just to leave the past in the past BUT I have good reason to wonder…it’s not that i necessarily care BUT….other people I talked quite a bit to online, this person actually was someone I wrote to via a pen pal dealy NOT from the interwebs, I found their existence and was happy to see they seem to be content in life))….there i go again losing my train of thought..or perhaps not…..let’s close this stanza and open the next thought with a thought that trails off from these thoughts….

okay..are we still tracking? I guess some people are just meant to always be there in some form….some people you can never really get rid of….not that you want to get rid of them..but you know…it seems all that much better when you don’t interact with them because of some stupid feelings that might decide to resurface for a moment..or perhaps that moment occurred but didn’t end the best way..and yet you’re still “friends” or friendly with the person….so fucking agitating sometimes….ya know?

Anywho. (dos with the anywho)….I have to much shit. Actually it’s not that I have to much it’s that I don’t have my own place to put all said shit. If I did it would be easier for me to go through and get rid of some of it….that or lots of storage containers that I’ve forever wanted to buy but never do….because at the end of the day it’s really not worth that effort to buy containers, transfer the shit, and than what?…yeah.

the past won’t always catch UP to you but it will always catch you…now I’m just typing nonsense for the sake of typing nonsense…..

So the end 😀  Life is to short and long to give to much a fuck about things that can’t be changed….am I overly nostalgic for keeping letters and cards and the sort from the past? Should I burn them all? If I burn them they cease to be right?….although I feel like I would be missing something in life because I do actually look back fondly on some of these things..and enjoy feeling nostalgic once and a while going back and reading letters for example…wishing I had copies of what i had sent to get what I got back..or see how I responded…..thus the beauty of email….you DO have those things..hahaha…but it’s really no fun reading emails back and forth between person b and person me……im archives however…..kind of are. I enjoy laughing at how stupid i am or was….in some cases both still remain to be the case…more so I enjoy how wonderfully I expressed some of the nonsense I’ve expressed….it’s a book waiting to happen…I’m sure if I just blurred out the person on the other ends screen name or replaced it with another I’d be legally in the clear….(((I’ve seen books that do exist of such type things…but mostly it seems in death It could be more appreciated than in my life…unless I rocked a pseudonym or something I think))) now the real end….in the tmi department I feel the need to share with you, my non existent readers, I really need to take a shower…and it’s nearly 3 am……I’m quite awful with getting sidetracked or more so off tracked from things that really must be done…….one more thought before we depart…..if you think this is ______ (choose a word, phrase, sentence, whatever to fill the blank)….just imagine the things i write and don’t post. I’ve got easily 5 posts written that aren’t going to be or haven’t been posted since I started posting on the wordpress…..not that they aren’t great pieces of words spilling from my mind to my fingers to the screen…but more often than not once it’s about a week later the things are no longer time relevant….not that anyone would seem them while they were..but those things perhaps better left “unsaid” or at least unposted…..and of course they can be compiled into a book of …..thee jah of woos long lost blogs that were written but never posted…or thee blog of jah thee missing pieces..or something as equally nonsensical.

As I often lie or falsely state this being the is but one more thought i often have when writing something that i intend to be used as a blog….I miss the feature on myspace that allowed you to click a thing and add what you were watching, listening to, or reading at the time…I guess I could always just add a little post script each time such as this..

:::now on my tv ‘sherlock holmes mysteries’ on a pbs substation featuring a dude that looks kind of like peter jackson….and off to the shower I now go (((of course this will be posted in actuality long after said shower….sorry to ruin the magic..but of course when this posts probably sometime around or nearer 3 pm than 3 am …that illusion is going to be shattered anyway)))

Adieu and audios mon friere

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