It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad ….world rehash and the rum diary

It’s a mad mad mad mad world. I watched this about ten years ago when I had netflix and it was recommended to me I think. I watched it this time because of well two reasons. 1. It kept showing up on tv..on a pbs affiliate and one of those turner owned channels i think..and I didn’t have the time or patience to sit and watch it. (or I had something else to do..not important why i guess)..((once i actually did watch it for about 24 minutes..before abandoning it.not due to it being a bad movie but as per i said i think i had something else that had to be done)) and 2. Stanley kramer directed it. I can’t actually remember right now what got me into seeking stanley kramer but I suddenly found it important that i watch all his films. I think he might be up there as far as my fav directors now too..but i digress to progress….I watched it again and It’s not quite as good as I remember it being. I guess you could say it doesn’t hold up? But if you’ve never seen it it just might. It has a star studded cast and a certain vaudevillian trio even show up for a scene. Having seen rat race about sixty four hundred times now it’s funny the things i noticed, besides the most obvious thing they kind of copied or were inspired by, that rat race totally copied. Little things..but totally a nod to what came before them…like how one of the guys talked funny..and if you’ve seen rat race you know there’s a guy that talks funny. The squirrel lady is akin to the little country boy that gives directions ot one of the guys driving a car….and blah blah blah. This is a long  half assed review just for me to say I’m not going to give you a rating. It’s totally a movie you should see if you’re a fan of movies. It’s still a movie you should see if you like hijinks and road trips. Saying anymore beyond that could spoil the fun that you get from watching it…hell I may have already said to much even though I didn’t actually reveal anything about the movie that someone who would be reading this and hasn’t seen the movie would even care about..or at least you’re not going to sit there and watch it wondering…now where’s that funny sounding guy bit….where’s the squirrel boy…I don’t get it. Let’s be honest you’re not going to take my recommendation to see it anyway….so go fuck yourself. Okay thanks 🙂

[[[[that was meant in a nice way…in the redundant I don’t think anyone is reading this anyway…so you can go fuck yourself non existent reader….if you are reading somehow randomly and I’ve just turned you off of becoming a potential reader..well the thought kind of remains the same..because if my telling you go fuck yourself in a movie “review” leaves a bad taste in your mouth you aren’t going to like something I write in the future or have written in the past either….I’m a straight shooter like that…I don’t want to blow fairy dust up your ass and make you believe I give a shit if I offend you or not…I don’t go out of my way TO offend anyone most of the time…but I don’t shy away from saying something that I know people won’t like either…deal with it and get on with your life and stop being such a sensitive pussy or don’t read what I’ve got to say..uhmkay thanks….OOOOh BUT be sure to share with your friends what a massive asshole I am and point them towards my blog so they can see for themselves.. kay kay thanks again ;-)~ ]]]


the rum diary 3.45 perhaps more realiistically 3….I can’t be the only one who watched this and was just a little bit confused. Who exactly was johnny depp playing here? It felt like the hunter s thompson character in fear and loathing…but he was playin a different character here….based on the work of hunter s thompson….so am I to belive every character in a hunter thompson book or the pervayor of the narrative IS hunter s thompson? I think it was definitely marketed to being more like fear and loathing which it’s absolutely not. That doesn’t mean it was a terrible movie. It’s not terribly exciting but it’s not as horrible as the masses have made it out to be. Perhaps that’s just me being generous because I wanted to see it, thought and/or knew I would like it and my refusal to admit it’s not a good movie. BUT….there have been plenty of movies I wanted to see that I thought I would like that were pieces of shit and my rating reflected as such….so no…that’s not the case here. It’s definitely NOT a great movie..but it’s definitely NOT a terrible movie either. From an entertainment standpoint it’s not hugely entertaining..but it has it’s moments. One scene in particular i found to be quite hiiiiilarious…and i chuckled at least a handful of other times…but no…that’s not the kind of movie this is. It has a bit of soul to it….but that’s not even what makes it worth watching. What I found to be the most redeeming and worthy of watching part of it was the cinematography…and though there wasn’t a lot of it the native scenery. I think I remember reading a review that said the way it was shot somehow made puerto rico look boring and non exotic I’ve never been…I kind of used to be obsessed with puerto rico at a time in the past…but my point in sharing that fact being it’s not all that exotic…it’s kind of the 51st state that will never get statehood because that would just be weird..haha..but seriously;;; I think it is quite nicely filmed. The acting does the job it is supposed to. Aaron eckart is great at playing a raging asshole…makes me think he must be one in real life. The story…it’s kind of hard to get a hold of what the hell it’s supposed to be about until literally the half way point but once you’re on board…you’re either going to think…okay cool I get it now..or you’re going to think…okay…what the fuck is the point and why am I still watching this. But hey…what the hell do I know about anything? I do have one last thought I must share….and that’s my befuddlement upon picking up the dvd case….reading the description that is kind of inaccurate (much like the marketing..which was even more inaccurate)….but that’s not what this point is. This point was me reading why it was rated R….which they also show you the little mpaa thing before the movie..but after watching the movie and reading the description of WHY it’s rated r. What a crock of shit. It could have totally gotten away with a pg-13. The reasons listed…drug use shouldn’t push it into R. The language wasn’t that bad unless they said fuck twice which of course…americans can’t deal with the word fuck twice…once somehow gets you pg-13 but twice….heaven forbid….AND on that tangent…I can’t believe how many times the word shit is uttered in pg-13 movies these days…granted not all of them..but some of them…they should get an R….I don’t get how fuck twice is over the line but shit 75 times is crossing the line…..anywho and the last thing was something about nudity….there’s only a scene maybe a scene and a half where there’s anything close to nudity….I guess it’s one fo those sex is taboo but violence is fine things because there’s a bit of a still quite tame sex scene near the beginning of the movie..and one other sex scene later that is almost pg it’s so tame. I think maybe you see her breast for nearly a second in the first sex scene….but it’t not even a shot that’s clear or close up…so if that’s the reason for the R..the mpaa is a bunch of fucking retards (((which they in fact are….watch “this film is not yet rated” to see more of how and why the mpaa is a crock of shit))) Tangent finished. Watch the movie if you were planning on seeing it anyway. Don’t watch if you weren’t going to watch it. But if you’re a fan of johnny depp you know you’re going to watch it..and if you’re a fan of hunter s thompson…well I’ve not read the book yet ((I had it but didn’t quite start reading it…on my to do list though))..but i have a feeling you probably won’t like it; as judged by how much hatred i’ve seen out there for fear and loathing in las vegas; which i HAVE read..and the movie isn’t that far off from the book..if at all….how anyone thinks that wasn’t done well…don’t know what the fuck they are smoking…

Yeah so anyway…my review should obviously be rated r for the fucks right? hahahah. Let’s book end this with my saying..if you don’t have any interest in seeing it..than by all means don’t watch it and that way we won’t have to listen to you say how awful it was/is. I don’t recommend it but than….yeah actually I do…going back to what I said..I like the cinematography or something about how it was shot…so if you like movies beyond reasoning of mindless enteratinment than you should watch it. Thanks.  ((((and itinit in that case you call them “films” and not “Movies”…that’s kind of the difference…a movie can be mindless entertainment that just looks like every or any other movie you’ve ever seen…a film has to be something that is more a piece of art…not to say movies aren’t art….but all subjective to the eyes or mind of the beholder…everything is art to someone…even a literal pile of shit…art in someones eyes mind.)))))

Annnd further more after watching the behind the scenes stuff included on the dvd….I kind of get it now…hunter s thompson is present in all the characters he wrote….DUH….and I think…the movie could push towards the 4* territory….even though I rated it rather low…I could see me having a copy of it in my dvd library…but that’s just me…if someone DOES read this please share your thoughts on the rum diary if you’ve seen it. Thanks :~)   ((((and remember..go fuck yourself too 😉 ))))

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