Alvin and the chipmunks chipwrecked; stanley kubrick’s the killing; the space between; the art of getting by; X-men First class; blue crush 2; 127 hours;

And awayyyy we go. Also have about 7 other movies I’ve recently watched and have “reviews” to share for…surely will be more than that when I actually post it.  ((another also…I had the intent of posting the dvd covers or something but it never seems to work out for me so as of right now pictures to join the reviews but perhaps in the future they will appear…if I can figure out how to hyperlink to amazon and get a cut of profits if people click and buy because of my shitty reviews :)D ))

Alvin and the Chipmunks ChipWrecked – surprisinginly not as awful as it should of been. A good number of “adult” jokes keep it entertaining even if you’re not slightly retarded or 7 years old ((same difference)) David cross being in these movies always gives it a smidge of hipster cred but the best part, or worst part, of this one..more so than the first two imo.This one feels like an episode of the original cartoon series streteched into a film movie. THat’s right. This one felt more like watching the cartoon to me than the first two did. I think that COULD have something to do with the cgi in this movie feeling more like they are cartoon characters in a movie than what I remember the first one being more like trying to insert chipmunks into the real world. Everyone in this one just buys into six singing and dancing and talking chipmunks….between that and the the climax of the film you can’t get all that much more cartoony.  4*s…and I hate to rate it so highly…but…really is a solid b minus…so maybe more like a 3.75*s

the killing ; This was a kubrick movie I wasn’t familiar with..ironically enough I found it via the library when searching for stanley kramer….I guess it just highlighted the stanley part because kramer has nothing to do with this movie. Anywho. I’ve never been exactly a fan of kubrick. I acknowledge he made some monumentally important films when it comes to films..but I wouldn’t say he’s a favorite director of mine; mostly due to the fact I’m not really a huge fan of most his movies. Really a clockwork orange stands out as the biggest wtfh moment upon my viewing it. I haven’t seen it in somewhere around the 15-20 year ball park but I remember it being to weird for me and that’s saying alot considering some of the films I enjoy. All that being said. The killing is quite well done. It’s got one of those awful you decide what happens next type endings but the rest of the movie was well orchestrated. Also something to be said for black and white movies that just look appropriate in black and white…or are able to transcend. (((black and white doesn’t always work…black and white doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie despite how the less elitist film viewers out there and punk ass kids might feel…but black and white isn’t usually the reason a b&w movie isn’t good…it’s because of other things like..the movie just isn’t good)))  Anywho those things being said. It’s well worth watching and has some things that everyone should maybe see. 3.75-4.25*s…so that averages to a 4. That could be overly generous..but that could be underly generous…thus the sliding rating…it’s definitely a 3.75…it could be a 4.25….do we like how I don’t really say much about the movie itself? It’s better if you watch it and don’t know a whole hell of a lot about what you’re going to watch. THAT being said…it’s kind of crime noir…but also a bit more than that.

The space between ((part of this title in the opening credits is whomever wrote the books name..but seeing as the dvd cover onl says the space between…she can deal with it :D))   4*s   This is one of those films that very easily could be called a 5* film but let me tell you why I’m only going 4. It goes a bit to far cliche in parts. What is this movie about? 9-11 is the event that propels the catalyst bringing a young Muslim boy together with a cranky stewardess who is barely hanging on to her job. They go on the road to get him back to new york and hijinks ensue. That’s right. This is a road trip film. It’s even bordering on a road trip comedy….more perhaps dramaedy but there’s some really funny shit in this that could be a first for a movie with the twin towers going down at the core of the story. The kid is pretty good but Mellisa Leo . DAMN that bitch can act. I think I saw that in winter’s bone but i didn’t realize there was a person behind that character that could play something else. To some small extent she’s kind of playing the same character here…cranky middle aged lady…but even if that’s the only part she ever plays…..she does it so well I’m buying into her being the character portrayed on the screen; at the end of the day is that NOT a sign of a great actor or actress? So as I said aside from it going a little hokey here and there…well worth watching…only not a five star because of the parts that seemed a bit out of place and because I realize that there are still people out there that can’t stand the thought of watching something involving the events of september 11th. Also could be a few that wouldn’t appreciate the almost black comedy aspects of this film; I’m probably over reaching claiming there are black comedy aspects…however there is a quite large bit of irony when it comes to the back story of one of the characters. I think that’s just vague enough that no spoiler alert warning is needed and also won’t make you watch it expecting a shocking twist; which,by the way spoiler alert hahahah jk, there’s not a shocking twist.

The Art Of Getting By 4*s  ((aka that emma roberts movie because for some reason I just can’t ever remember the freaking title of the film))   Emma roberts seems to be taking the path of quirky indies over hollywood starlet..I guess she wants to EARN her place in hollywood instead of living off her aunt’s legacy (quick pointless note..that did say her moms legacy but turns out julia roberts is her aunt not mom..who knew). Anywho this movie at times feels like it’s trying to be quirky or dark for the sake of being exactly that. IT opens with a feeling that the lead male character is a young woody allen with his obsessive compulsive worrying about what it all means nature…but ironically at the same time he has kind of given up on giving a fuck. I can relate to that feeling….only there was no quirky hot chick that I incidentally became friends with in my life that turned it all around. Movies like this feed the disillusion that something like this could happen to me. I’m obviously a long time away from high school…maybe I need to write a movie that comes at the same type of material that targets someone in their mid 30’s; of course I’m not going to and there’s probably something like that already out there…but I digress and return to actually speaking of the movie itself. Kind of feels like it could take place in the same universe as 12. Also featuring emma roberts…and can i add she’s flippin hot? Well worth watching if any of what I just described sounds like something you’d be into seeing…still a decent flick if you’re not a fan of those types of things…I don’t think anyone could hate it unless they have a huge chip on their own shoulder.  Also late edition freddie sizemore is fucking brilliant. You know him from some other films that I won’t name…just trust me you’ve seen him in a few flicks and it’s crazy that he is who he is imo. ((and he’s british but plays american amazingly well….fact mentioned on the commentary track is that he would stay american even when they weren’t filming him…that’s commitment..I think?))

director’s commentary With Gavin Wiesen 4*s. Much more interesting than entertaining…unless you don’t give a shit about how or why this movie was made. Let’s be honest most of you won’t. Most of you don’t for any movie you watch. None the less well worth a listen if you’re the kind of person that sometimes and on rare occasions listen to a commentary. Would have been nice to have freddy and emma there too or maybe have a track of their own that could have been the “entertaining” commentary track that many films feature…but still if you watch the movie and enjoy it…good commentary. If you only have, somehow, the little over 80 minutes to watch the movie once ((actually I think it’s under 80 minutes)) wouldn’t do yourself wrong watching it with subtitles for the film dialogue and the commentary on. There are enough lulls in his talking and especially during more poignant scenes that you could easily kill two birds with one stone if that desire struck you.

(((as an after thought that I forgot to mention but bothered me during quite a bit of the movie…the main characters name is george…the george just doesn’t feel right for an angsty ((why does spell check tell me angsty is incorrect? )) teenager..feels more like an old mans name or something…maybe that wasn’t an accident…maybe it was)))

Actually another thought. This movie plays out quite a bit like and feels quite a bit like another movie or two I’ve seen. I just can’t remember what movie it was..but there’s a whole plot point that is like TOTALLY the same. Not a bad thing as I’m pretty sure the occurrence was in a movie that nobody saw anyway..or if you are someone who saw’re just the kind of person that watches these types of small indie flicks…so maybe it will bother you….maybe it won’t. It’s not a negative so much as a holly flipping DEJA VU….I’ve seen this before…but not with these actors…but with actors quite similar….hmmm…maybe I’ll watch the movie it resembles and the dots will connect…maybe someone will read this and point out to me what movie I might be thinking of…highly unlikely and completely doubtful..but maybe none the less 😀

x menz first class 4.75….way better than I thought it could be…and even though there were events that I SHOULD have seen happening i was till surprised when it DID happen. I thought banshee was a chick though? Also don’t know whodafuck many of the disposable characters were supposed to be but I’m not a huge x-fan….other than the 90s fox cartoon…xmenz has never been a top of the heap favourite of mine ((also watching the behind the scenes thing…this is a bigger clusterfuck than I was even aware of…for example a character that is the brother of a character that was ACTUALLY part of the first class. What a bunch of blowhards they are too talking as if they were genius for this idea. There was a fucking made for tv movie on fox about 15(?) years ago that did the same thing and with more accuracy to the comic books I think. It should have become a series but for whatever reason it was only a movie..which I think was actually more a fail anywho but that was before superheros were “cool” like they became in the last decade….assholes))

blue crush 2  the lead looks like my cousin…or my cousin looks like a sufer girl ((because the chick in soul surfer felt a bit like her too)) j…..weird badly done adr at one point in the movie where the two lead bitches are sitting out on the waves…not at all synced up…..some hokey plot points….kind of like a road trip flick but more like a path to discovery flick ….of course the spoiled rich white girl from beverly hills has a passport and can just pick up and go to africa without anyone knowing…daddy obviously gave her her own line of credit…after all i guess she “is 18″…..awful lot of honkeys (honkies?) in the movie but it IS south africa….but one loopy point to all of it…..the hippies on the bus go bungee jumping ((well bungee swinging I guess it is)) in a montage….we’re supposed to believe these beach rats are all secretly rich….or maybe the rich white girl paid for them to do it? IT sure as hell wouldn’t be free. AND we’re supposed to believe that not only did one of the characters find a polaroid camera but he found film for it….okay so that is perhaps probable…but how likely? hmm.  (((i e for the hokey….the c and d story lines….fucking elephants….and a scene with a rhino that is complete total and utter nonsense)))
BAM. Those negatives or absurdities aside….not a terrible movie…4*s or so  [[[don’t worry if you’ve never seen the first one…you can still watch this one and be comfortable with what is going on…hell even if you hate surfing I think there’s something to enjoy here]]]

127 hours commentary 4.5. Danny boyle is just a delight to listen to but of course seeing as he is one of my favourite directors I could be a bit biased…HOWEVER the commentary is rounded out with two other people and it is quite informative and the fact that the movie is still such a gorgeous piece of art visually….nothing to hate here. Unlike my reviw a bit up however you have to watch the movie sans commentary to fully appreciate how well made it is. Not a part of the commentary but I also just discovered the fact that there’s an extended ending sequence and I think it’s about 95% really good…so if you haven’t had the chance to check out the special features for 127 hours ((((for example if you got one of those “rental copies” that lack any goodies)))) I highly reccomend you find a copy with the bonus stuff and watch it. I’m not sure what I originally rated 127 hours but let’s just say the movie is 5*s. I’m pretty sure a review can be found on myne myspace or perhaps a rating on twitter or something if one really cared what i thought.

((wordpress or firefox don’t like me spelling favourite the english way either it seems…well kiss my arse 😀 ))


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