hey kids remember myspace part thrice….aren’t we glad it’s over?

mercifully the last portion of answers to questions none of you care about….this 3rd portion seems less interesting at least to me as especially the last few questions I didn’t provide an essay length answer…in any case..enjoy..or don’t…the fuck if i care 😀

61) Do you own a Backstreet Boys CD? yes…yes I do. But it’s only a single. A single that I bought because it was only like 99 cents and it has the video for the song on it. Of course that doesn’t exactly justify it does it? However it was a buck that I feel was still a perfectly okay investment. ((I also own an *Nsync album…no strings attached..but I also paid only 2 or 3 bucks for it in thailand..and it could in fact be a bootleg..but it looks and plays like an actual cd….so whodafuck knows…and it’s even the bonus track edition…hooray))

62) McDonalds or Wendys? if wendys was as easily and readily accessible as mcdonalds was I’d go wendys…but 9 times out of 10…maybe 4 times out of six…it’s mickey d’s. I don’t really jive on fast food in general though…I don’t eat healthy by any means but when a meal at mcdonalds costs nearly as much as say at red robin…I’d rather get the red robin experience which also is better food. Wendys is better food but unless you buy the cheap stuff it’s pretty pricey too…and again…maybe if wendys had the presence that mcdonalds did I’d say wendys…hell in fact I probably am in fact saying wendys….if i have the choice between the two….actually it would be more mood dependent than anything….or whomever I get the bigger bang for my , literal, buck (or two).

63) Do you like yourself? I’m the shiznit. I’m a rock n rolla. I’m a fucking superstar. I guess that could be over compensation through the eyes of a professional or someone who thinks they are…but I don’t think I dislike my self.

64) Are you closer to your mother or father? neither is a good answer and what the person who previously answered had…realistically if there is one I’m closer to I think it’s probably my father.

65) Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex?: I like when they have arms and legs. Are those “physical features”? …..I’m drawn in most often my hair…than the overall size ((height more so than width…but width is more of a factor than height when I foresee any future or lack therefore of….keep in mind shallow be myne name per previous answers))..and probably eyes.

66) Are you afraid of the dark?: I don’t think anyone out there is really afraid of “the dark”….unless they are racists that are racists because of fear..haha. I slay me. But for real. Wouldn’t it be more afraid of what might come out of the dark? I’m not afraid of the dark…I prefer night over day…I’m kind of a big fan of “the dark”…not so much pitch blackness but what fun is it if you can’t see any of your surroundings? If I had fear it would be of the things that might pop out the dark…but mostly I’m not really afraid of that either…that statement could be true if something truly terrifying popped out of the dark and accosted me though. ((were to come out of the dark and accost me?))

67) Have you ever eaten paste? I remember having paste that smelled of mint in the elementary school..but I don’t think I ever ate it. I’m sure I’ve probably accidentally ingested bits of paste over my illustrious life though.

68) Do you own a webcam? Webcam seems like an improper noun all of a sudden to me. However I do have a camera you plug into your computer and thus can showcase yourself over the interwebs. (that’s a yes..I didn’t own one for many many years….by the time I did own one I was no longer really chatting to a whole lot of people on line… ie what point did it serve once I was no longer being asked if I had one?…maybe so I could say yes I do. Remember back in the day asking people for a pic and they would respond I don’t own a webcam. Remember how that was always a stupid answer. Granted there was a time pre digital camera but with the existence of webcams…still all people would have to say is no I do not…obviously they were lying to cover the truth by giving more information than requested!

69) Have you ever stripped? Doesn’t everyone strip when they take a shower if at no other time in life? But no not professionally. haha and ha.

70) Ever broke a bone?? If I have I’ve never had it diagnosed as such. I’m sure I’ve got multiple fractures through my body and I think I’ve damn near broke a few bones though. (((although…I was like superman back in the day…I guess we all were but there was definitely some shit I went through that I shouldn’t have come out in as good of shape as I did…I think 10 years ago I could have been a good stunt man and could have been a good mikey whipwreck like bump taking wrestler)))

71) Are you religious? I’m a religion waiting to happen ;-). Sacrilegious and sanctimonious?? Perhaps. But I’ve oft said I’d be a great cult leader..if only I had a bit more charisma. I mean I DO have it..but IT doesn’t always shine through…quite sadly as surely that’s what keeps me off your tv.

72) Do you chat on AIM often?: When i had internet and people were still on aim..yes…recently rarely even sign on to it.

73) Pringles or Lays?: If pringles are a buck I’ll go with them but I don’t like paying nearly 2 bucks for a tube of chips…so lays wins out most the time

74) Have you ever broken someones heart? I plead no culpability if that somehow occurred.

76) Full House or The Brady Bunch?: Both are now kitschy signs of their times…full house won’t come full cycle until there’s a film movie made inspired by it. (((who, that watched it, doesn’t want to see at least a made for tv full house 20 years later movie to see where all the characters are at?)))…I watch(ed) both though…it’s kind of a tie…although full house was a part of my generation….brady bunch was also always there in syndication.

77) Did you like your high school guidance counselor? I really didn’t ever interact with one like..ever. There was a career guidance counselor or something that for about 15 minutes did something but….I pretty much graduated high school with no direction…and still seem to lack that direction..haha :-p

78) Has anyone ever called you a tease? it’s possible that they have..but isn’t a tease something really more applicable to females?

79) Do you have a birth mark? I don’t reckon so.

80) Do you own a car? No..no i do not.

81) Can you cook? subjective; i can take food and present it in an edible fashion…but I’m not a cook in the sense of having any skill in “making” food.

82) 3 things that annoy you: the kardashians, nickelback, and grossly obese strippers….uhmkay….now a better answer uhm…. the sound of lawn mowers and some vacuums makes me feel nauseous quite often so i guess that’s an annoyance; Idiots (not stupid people..stupid people are entertaining most often..but pure on idiots..stupid just because they ARE that fucking stupid…i think they annoy me); and how about…I dunno….I used to hate the sound of markers being scribbled on paper…I guess i still DO hate that (it’s like the nails on a chalkboard sound to me…bothers me more than the chalkboard actually)

83) Do you text message often? Not often when I don’t have enough money on my phone to text..such as currently…i actualyl can’t even check my voice mail…wrap your mind around that one…my phone is inactive..but I can’t make or receive calls, check voicemail, or text. Making it quite useless….but keeping the number from going inactive I guess. Lol. Stupid prepaid retardedness..back to the question I used to pay 5 bucks or something for 200 messages a month but now there’s NOT a text bundle option and they cost me 15 cents a piece…so I don’t text as much as I would if I didn’t have to spend so much to do it. ((not that I make calls..so the money I put on the phone goes toward either the ghetto ass mobile web or texting))

84) Money or love? for the love of money 😀

85) Do you have any scars? I had one on my arm that was there for quite a long time…it kind of finally faded away…I’m sure there are a few others though…I have a weird little stab dent in my forehead..that’s a good time…and i have tattoos so those technically are “scars”…so yeah DUH.

86) What do you want more than anything right now? “all I wanted was a pepsi just one pepsi far from suicidal but still I get them tendencies…..” jk…I’m not a huge fan of pepsi. I think more often than not the answer to this question is a few million dollars that have already been taxed and are sitting in a savings and/or checking account somewhere because if I had that…I could do whatever the fuck I want pretty much. Answer b) could be just to win that cash. 3) could be fulfillment. and D. all of the effing above…haha to the ha and ha. But seriously…disposable income that I have no worries about spending..with that all things are possible…what else WOULD you need?

87) Do you enjoy scary movies? you mean like from justin to kelly? or how about uhm….those twilight films….scarey in the sense they were made and people spent lots of money to watch them ((yep from justin to kelly actually was quite successful despite being quite awful)). Horror movies are a good time. “scary” movies is far to vague a genrefication.

88) Relationships or one night stands?: one night stands ARE relationships…just very short term relationships….although in this day and age…quite a few people have a series of one night stands…by way of fuck buddies…I have neither of those things currently….Being single mostly works better than either because you don’t have to put up with the bullshit drama that comes with both. any or every time I’ve been in a relationship it didn’t really improve or make better things that were negatives when i was single….such as I still end up going to most concerts or shows by myself…I still go to more movies alone than with someone….so what’s the point?

89) Big Red or Juicy Fruit?: Is big red even still being sold? Or juicy fruit for that matter? I like stride gum I think…followed by orbit?…i can never remember but one of them the flavor seems to last forever and the elasticity of it remains gum like forever (( i.e. doesn’t turn into a gum pebble in your mouth or if it does it takes forever before that happens))

90) Do you enjoy greasy food? Not greasy for the sake of greasy…there’s quite a few food that are good that happen to be greasy however.

91) Have you seen all the Rocky movies?: I probably haven’t even sat through one of them. That perhaps could be seen as sad. I don’t give a shit about boxing and I’ve never been a HUGE, must see everything he makes, fan of sly…..I’m sure I will one day watch them or at least the first couple because it’s almost criminal that I haven’t seen them ((((only because I’m a film geek….people like movies and than there are wackjobs like me that like watching a whole shit ton of movies….much like music I don’t often find people in the same league as me in regards to how much…..but at least i’ve never been told “you’re to single minded about movies” by anyone….where as I’ve been told ‘you’re to single minded about music’ by at least 3 chicks….hahaha…..fucking idiots))))

92) Do you own a box of crayons?: I’m sure I have some somewhere. I don’t use them seeing as I don’t even know that I do…but I sure I do.

93) Ever had sex in a public place? Isn’t every where a public place to someone? hmmmm

94) Who was the last person you said i love you to?: my dreamcast? hahaha oh wait that’s not a person. I plead ignorance to this question because even if I DO know who it was it was a long fucking time ago…so who cares.

95) Who was the last person that made you mad? barrack obama…I keed. Nobody comes to mind at this moment..wait no…the guy that hosts the all wrestling week in review podcast “dan the cannon” he said the previous week of monday night raw had amazing ratings because there was “nothing else on but pawn stars”….however game six of the fucking stanley cup was on. I know america is full of a bunch of dumbshits that don’t give a fuck about hockey…but HEY ASSHOLE….game six of the stanley cup where the series could end, and it did, IS fucking important to a few people…although it was kind of a blow out and over after the first period..but hey for the first hour of the three hour raw…..there was important hockey on…so eat a bag of rotten dicks.

96) Who was the last person that made you cry? balki from perfect strangers…he wouldn’t do the dance of joy for me when I met him at a perfect strangers convention…..okay so that didn’t happen but wouldn’t it be kind of cool if not great if there were such a thing ((which there could be))…and he was there..and i was turned down at the suggestion of …wait..that part wouldn’t be great….but perfect strangers is long over due for a remake…even if remakes suck…..it’s an inevitability that it will happen…..and I for one think it would be great with russel brand ( @rustyrockets on the twitter ) and zack galifinakis….yep.

97) Who was the last person that made you laugh? well myself of course…I’m fucking comedic gold like I am everything else.

98) Who was the last person that texted you? I didn’t get the text due to the lack of balance on my phone but I’m pretty sure the text that I didn’t receive came from redbox for the free rental code for june. Tragic that I missed out on one..but less so when 26 out of 30 rentals I’ve made from redbox came from free codes.

99) Who was the last person that called you? nobody.


and next….I might post one of those “put your music player on random and see what the answer Is” things….why? because I enjoy the concept of posting awful blogs and rehashing old shit :D…..no seriously..that IS why. Actually there’s about 7 movie “reviews” Sitting and waiting to be posted…..most of which are from the last year or so….as someone who might read on occasion the shit I post…some of the movies I “review” might not be current…..and almost never is it something you can currently go see in theaters…but why would you need me for that anyway? I’m reviewing shit no one else is :DDDDDD

“stop the boat” and “would you like to know more”???

((and to kick it old school…if you’ve got subject ideas that you want my views on suggest them to me…and we shall see what I have to say about it…if anything…HOOOORAY))

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