remember myspace part dos. (more answers that are overly long to simple questions in the form of one of those survey dealys that were all over myspace)

And continued we are now going…

26) Where is your second home? I don’t have a second home…I’m quite lame.

27) Have you ever slapped someone? it’s possible…I think when I have it was in a smartastical like way…or a faux slap.

28) Have you ever hit anyone with a glass bottle? Yes..yes I do believe i have…myself included

29) How many lamps are in your bedroom? zero

30) How many video games do you own? a few hundred? I own like 14 game systems…quite a few games for some of them only a few for others…even a few games for systems I don’t even own I think…so let’s roll with a few hundred ((game boy games alone I have a shit ton if you include the cartridges with a bunch of games on them I’m sure I’ve got over 100 game boy games))

31) What was your first pet? probably a goldfish..but closer to an actual pet that you could do more than stare at while it did nothing was a parakeet

32) Ever had braces?: non

33) Do looks matter? of course they do…see my answer to a question earlier that had nothing to do with this subject…but if you don’t happen to read that one but read this one….I’m a shallow mofo and though my standards have loosened….I’m not at that point in my life where I would settle for a troll…I might hit that point when I’m like 70 or something…but then the troll won’t want…pbth

34) Do you use chapstick? The carolla theorem suggests if you use it..your lips go chap so you will need it….When i was a kid I remember quite a few times i needed some and i retardedly rolled it all out only to not be able to shove it back into the tube….as an adult I do own chapstick..I rarely make use of it…but the stuff with spf in it is good for days I know I’m going to be out in the sun all day. Sun burnt lips are never a good time.

35) Name 3 teachers from high school: I totally could but I’m going to pass on this one…..but how about this fun lil story. When I was in 10th or 11th grade and we were on about the 5th band teacher that was put in charge of the band we got this woman fresh out of college….I don’t remember to much but it seems we were awful enough to make her cry….In fact I’m pretty sure we caused her to have a bit of a mental breakdown because after the quarter or semester ended she was gone never to be seen again. I could be making this bit up BUT I also distinctly remember someone telling us we were so awful she quit. We really weren’t that awful..she was just in waaaaaaaaaaaaay over her head. I’m sure that happens a lot fresh faced “I want to be a teachers” thrown into the lions den of a high school classroom. Add in a performance type classroom and I’m sure there must be a little bit more stress? iono…I’m not a teacher..though I know a handful of people who are….I think they know what I’m saying but I’m sure they won’t be reading this. Hahahaha.

36) American Eagle or Abercrombie? both being over priced mall wear…neigther..but if I had to buy something from one of them…I think abercrombie is the lesser of the two evils?….or maybe american eagle…i know one of the stores I can’t set foot in and the other I just choose not to step foot in…can’t remember which is which…I don’t wear the shit they sell though so it doesn’t really matter now does it?

37) Are you too forgiving? Probably so. That’s the hippie buried within me. Especially as i get older….live and be fuckin merry…fuck everybody but fuck them equally…peace love and indifference. ya dig?

38) How many children do you want?: Do I want for what? How many children do I want to mow my lawn? how many children do i want to stay off my damn lawn?…

39) Do you own something from Hot Topic? surely I do

40) Favorite breakfast meal? I don’t really enjoy “meal”s for breakfast..but omelets and hashbrowns are okay enough I guess. ((or if I do…I don’t at those breakfast meals as breakfast…wrap your mind around what I just said…that contradicts itself….or does it?…hmmm))

41) Do you own a gun? I enjoy the concept of shooting least in theory…but mostly in video games. I was a pretty awful shot when I was forced to shoot in the military. And other than the “fun’ aspect of playing with guns I think people who own a gun or guns are generally pussies. Unless they own a gun for hunting or sport shooting or murdering people? Hahaha Kidding about the last..but for real if you own a gun for reasons of protection. You’re a fucking pussy. You can tell me all you want about how it’s to protect your family or yourself or your shit but at the end of the day you are a pussy. You obviously fear death or injury if you think you need a gun…or of course you could have a small penis and you need it to feel like you’re packing something you’re not. So perhaps because I’m happy with the size of my cock I don’t feel the need to own a gun to make up for something that’s missing in my pants. However I’m not anti weapons. Although knifes are kind of for pussies too….i think it would be better for people to be running around with swords than guns though…takes a hell of a lot more skill to use a sword than it does a gun. (((aside from the obvious stabbing someone with a sword…but the same could be said for shooting someone close enough that you can’t miss)))…..not to go off on a rant or anything for a simple question 😉   ((((credit dennis miller for the rant thing…which i suddenly can’t remember exactly what it was he said..but definitely influenced my absurd take on writing))))

42) Ever THOUGHT you were in love? You think there for you am. I’ve “thought” i just in general had enough love in my heart or soul or being or whatever to tell someone “I love you”…I don’t think I’ve thrown around “I’m in love with you” all that much if ever. IF more people understood “in love” versus “love”..the world would be such a less complicated place………and last thought on that ‘love; it’s who you know’ (thanks billy corgan though i’m sure you’re not the first person to say, sing, or write it)

43) When was the last time you cried? The popular consensus of what my answer to this question always has been and probably will continue to be is the hell if I know. I don’t deny in my life I’ve cried. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed or to manly to say in my adult life i’ve cried…but as per the usual I can’t honestly think of a time recently that it happened..or even not all that recently. Obviously I’m emotionless and have no soul….hahahaha.

44) What did you do 3 nights ago? depending on when you think I’m writing this….the answer could be watching monday night raw…..that’s about as interesting or exciting as that answer can be at this time..haha

45) Olive Garden? sizzler! (?) …I mean really what kind of question is two words and a question mark? I used to like their food quite a bit…or  used to eat their quite a bit….over the past few years I think maybe I get there once a year….that could be blamed on a lot of things…but perhaps mostly I’m not driven to eat there all that often? Hmm…or maybe I don’t like going out to eat alone…especially to a place with all you can eat breadsticks and salad….i don’t need to look like i can eat the same amount of food a table of 4 can..even if i can……:P

46) Have you ever called your teacher mom? who’s my teacher?….hahaha…No I don’t think I’ve ever called any of my teachers I may have ever had mom. I don’t know that i even call my mom mom. So yeah.

47) Have you ever been in a castle? A few of sorts. I don’t think they were all that castle like though…but still they were at one point in time castles ((case in point of a school and a hotel that were castles at a point in time…although in the case of the school….it was a hotel…that resembled a castle…I don’t remember right now if it was in fact at one time also a castle…..yep))

48) Nickname? I technically don’t have one. Could be said that Jah is. But that is more an alias….or as my online alias became Jah woo. There’s an origin story to that..but I embraced it and made it my own….so yeah.

49) Do you know anyone named Bertha? I imagine if i did she would be large and black. Even though bertha isn’t much of a black name is it? None the less…I don’t think I know anyone named bertha……kind of like maurice itinit? Remember maurice starr? the guy that discovered/created/formed/made the new kids on the block. He was on their cartoon…lol.

50) Ever been to Kentucky? No. Maybe a bit strange as some of the roots or my bloodlines go back to old kentucky. I’ve never seen an allure to kentucky. Other than the kentucky derby kentucky to me has always brought up images of illiterate hillbillies living in trailer parks. I know that’s really more like alabama than kentucky….or parts of florida..haha…but yeah…kentucky to me still feels like a state full of idiots…true or not….it is what it is or aint.

51) Do you own something from Banana Republic?: Do they still make clothes?…that feels like so late 80s maybe mid 90s…miami vicey

52) Are you thinking about somebody right now? me myself and i.

53) Ever called somebody Boo?: yeah..or referred to her as my boo…I dunno if i said “hello boo”…I think i said “you are my boo”….but ya know..she had black blood in I had to speak the language… .(ahahahahahaha….call me racist…you know you’re thinking it)

54) Do you smoke?: god no…..unless of course I was on fire and extinguished…but that’s a non regular occurrence…so no.

55) Do you own a diamond ring?: I don’t own any rings….other than trinkets from a vending machine i got for 25 cents…and I wouldn’t really say I own those either ((actually I think they were fiddy cents…high way robbery right?…why I have them…that’s a mystery in of its self))

56) Are you happy with your life right now? happiness is kind of like admitting defeat. Life is to complex for one to say “I’m happy with my life right now”. I’m definitely more content with it than I should be. I’m not miserable even though I easily could be (and through the eyes of others I should be)…so I’m okay with where I’m at…but even if I was in fact happy…i wouldn’t really be happy….ya dig?

57) Do you like your hair? I’m indifferent to my hair. Ironic (?) since I don’t quite want to cut it. But that’s all my life…people always fuck it up…and unless it’s reallllyl short or overly long…it’s quite a pain in the ass to deal with. ((though being long makes it a pain in other ways)). So. I wouldn’t want to be bald so I guess I like my hair?

58) Does anyone have a crush on you? that would be kind of weird…I’m not 15….wait..I guess the person crushing on me could still be emotionally immature enough still to crush on people?….I don’t even know anybody…so maybe I’m overthinking a simple question.(and of course i had to flip it around to be all about me…or I..but if they have a crush on me it IS in fact all about me…no?))

60) What were you doing in May of 1994? I was a semi professional dancer waiting to hear callbacks for a new dance flick that was being made….I never did hear back from them and just assumed that meant I wasn’t good enough…and thus slipped into a mass depression where I was hitting the coke really hard….luckily I find buddah and turned my life around to where it is today………..yeah no…wouldn’t it be awesome if my life was anywhere near that interesting? May of 94 I would have been a sophomore in high school…so I was quite possibly at a baseball practice or playing baseball ((hahaha by playing I mean sitting on the bench….although I think my sophomore year featured the coach who tried to put everyone in the game…so I would pinch run if I didn’t get to do anything else. I was a fast ass mofo was never really a situation where I was put in to run because they needed someone who could run….how effing ghetto is that? I wish I would have kept track of how many times I pinch ran like I did other things…although come to think of it I’m pretty sure I did..but I don’t think i kept track of if i scored or was tossed out….I don’t think I was ever the cause of an out as a runner….I’m pretty sure I scored a few times….so my on base percentage was like 100  %. Go figure when my batting average over 3 years was .050 ; hahaha…I suck…but I’m not embarrassed to admit to my awfulness….compared to people who got up 3 times as many times as i did maybe I would have hit 150 if i got up more…(((for the record 21 at bats over 3 years. One was a walk so that of course negates based on how they do the batting averages..and I had one hit. That hit I got after reading a book about curly from the three stooges and when I was up to bat I dedicated, internally not out loud, to him. So curly got me a hit…hahah 😀 ))

and now we i can watch a movie..and go to sleep….we shall see if i finish this before I go to post or this will be spread out into a part three….


((((a thought i had that i feel the need to share as I was taking a piss…also which i thought i should share…cuz you’s must know info. My blogs are oft quite text based…my experiment in hyper-linking to put some html have gone seemingly unread anyway…so why bother trying to spice things up just to get more eyes on my product? Also…even when there is a case where a visual aid could be nice for someone struggling to read alllllll this damn text I put out….reading is theater of the mind. Reading blogs shouldn’t be all that different. Especially in cases where what you’re reading hit novella like portions and/or/of status. Just in case someone reads my nonsense and says..hey dumbass..maybe if you put in some pictures people would care to read….although more likely if someone were to give me suggestions they would be. HEy dumbass nobody cares about your stupid life….write about something that is about something…..but than….look how popular that little “show about nothing” was…maybe my blog should claim to be the same…A “blog about nothing” ((while of course really a blog about anything…maybe everything)) …now wrap your minds around that kiddies……adios)))))



((((again….words I NEVER seem to spell correctly definitely and embarrassed; I blame the school system…as I’m sure I was taught the incorrect way to spell one of those words ;-D ))))

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