Hey kids…remember myspace?…((and those “survey thingys))…part 1 of a few..and another rant or two (of course)

Well here’s one that I’m randomly filing out…following that will be me babbling about something or other…feel free to skip ahead to that as it’s quite possibly more meaty…but i wouldn’t really know…as I haven’t filled out my answers to these questions yet….which I also make note of in the thing after this….so …wrap your mind around that one……this is the past presence and future tense all happening AS you read..hahaha 😛

{{{{{{{{{it looks like i started filling this out long ago…and never finished..as I’m sure the first few answers were probably my own..but after that definitely not….go figure))))))))))

1) Are you in a complicated relationship? I’m not in any relationship. It’s that dark time when there’s really nothing going on. No possibilities…at least not that I’m aware of…although there is one person i’m sure who wants to jump my bones that I don’t really have any interest in going down that road with..and even that person could be just a stretch of my intuition…if I weren’t so shallow maybe that could be explored…but shallow be myne name 😀  ((((i don’t see that ever changing in me….physical attraction..or more so the lack of a physical attraction will never be trumped by how awesome otherwise a chick might be….especially when I don’t indulge in drugs or alcohol it’s harder to put those blinders on….yep….tragedy))))

2) Do you hate more than 3 people? What if I did?…hmm. I don’t really think I hate anyone any more at this point in my life. Ten years ago there were definitely still 2 or 3 people I would say I despised….or strongly disliked….now it’s not that Ive let that go..but I just don’t give a enough shit about them to hate them 🙂

3) How many houses have you lived in? how about how many buildings have I lived in? That’s a much more interesting answer?..and that answerer would be probably near 2 dozen…actual houses…I think 3…maybe 4…I can only really remember 2 really well…and some apartments…but yeah…a few I guess

4) Favorite candy bar? i enjoy chocolate…usually with bits of other flavors such as peanut butter or mint…but per the previous answer that I know was my answer that was already typed here…3 musketeers still good…kit kat I like too…who cares though really?

6) Have you ever tripped someone? Haven’t we all?

7) Least favorite school subject? What is this school thing you speak of?…let’s go n/a since i’m not currently schooling in anything other than the school of life…and the school of life isn’t exactly divided into subjects…but than..i guess it is…itinit….but let’s still run with n/a…this is growing boring 😀

8) How many pairs of shoes do you own? do you ever really own a pair of shoes? …isn’t it like one of those things you’re only “renting”..rather than owning…as they all most certainly eventually will wear out and die…however I currently posses 3 pairs of footwear that get their playing time….I could probably use one more..but 3 seems to fill the billets that need to be filled….itinit?

9) Do you own a Britney Spears cd? I think I have an album maybe two on my computer…as for a physical cd…no sir.

10) Have you ever thrown up in public? Are we ever really actually only in private?….I threw up in the front yard and pretended to pass out for an hour or two before returning into the house once, I also think I woke up my neighbor in the barracks back in the day when I woke up went to the shower and vomited in it. That’s kind of private public…and the front yard kind of falls into that same category I think…so take that as you will 😛

11) Name one thing that is always on your mind: nothing? hahahaha. my mind is always blank..while 50million things simultaneously run about it….if there were one thing answer it would probably be lyrics from songs and lines from movies though.

12) Favorite genre of music? I don’t know that i really have ONE..but the gut impulse to this question currently is saying electronica. And I don’t really listen to a whole lot more of it than any other genres right now….if you were to consider “podcasts” (perhaps talk) as a genre of “music”..than you could say podcats seeing as I listen to more of them than music these past few years…..at least as far as hours spent hearing podcats vs music….but than there’s music everywhere….so…let’s just run with, what COULD be seen as overly generic and encompassing a WHOLE shit fuck load of a lot of things…if you really go deeper in to it that is, electronica…thanks 😀

13) What is your zodiac sign?: I’m the crap for the western (?) zodiac. A horse on the chinese zodiac(?).

14) What time were you born? I don’t know. I feel like the answer is in the afternoon..but don’t hold me to that.

15) Do you like beer? I don’t know what that means; I previously have enjoyed a few beers. I currently do not engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Why? because I’m better than you ;-P ). I could say if not for the alcohol I do BUT the only non alcoholic beer I ever had, which was while I was still a self proclaimed but probably not actual alcoholic, tasted like some variation of ass…and I don’t reckon I enjoy the taste of ass…so uhm…yeah. I imagine beers I enjoyed in the past when i was a “drinker” I might still enjoy today if I were to revert to said status…but I dunno they could all make me gag because my body hates alcohol..?! So where was I. In a previous life there were beers I enjoyed. I recommend tusker from kenya. I actually have a bottle that’s probably far past a drink by date that i’ve thought about drinking a few times…but that would negate my availability of telling you and others I don’t drink because I’m better than you….and feeling superior is more important than that possibility of a few minutes of satisfaction at the end of the day 😛  ((((((if you want a real reason why I don’t drink anymore..the last time I drank wasn’t really a good experience…wasn’t a terrible experience…but it kind of just made me numb…and actually a few times before that weren’t exactly “fun” or great either….and some alcohol my body really does seem to hate because i would feel like hell…like I was punched in the guts a few hundred times…after drinking it…not a good time so why indulge? Also I noticed drinking till i was fuuuuuuucked up left me feeling fuuuuucked up but in a bad way (((if you’re a drinker you know there’s a difference between the good and bad fuuuucked ups))) a few days later….not like hungover but like why did I poison myself like that to enjoy a few fleeting minutes or a couple of hours…..so it’s like wtf is the point…I’m not 20 anymore….even though I’m a failure at adult in tons of other places….drinking is something I just got over I guess)))))))))   ((the funnier thing about my writing all that as my answer is the chance that no one is going to see it…either ever or any time soon if ever)) (((self indulgence is the best….hahaha 😛 😛 and 😛 )))

16) Have you made a prank phone call? I’ve never been a fan of actual phone calls to people I don’t know…thus the thought of a prank call would be more unnecessary stress I didn’t need. Speaking in the past because if I would have done so it would have been in the past. I’m still not really a fan of the phone. I sadly prefer texting or instant messengers…actually that could be false…I’m sure there’s probably still a person or two I could like to talk to on the phone…but for the most part…I don’t like the commitment I give to a phone call that is or has almost never been given back to me from the person on the other end. So no prank calls for me is your answer.

17) What is the most embarrassing CD you own? I couldn’t really tell you…as I don’t think such a thing exists…nor has it ever. Sure there’s probably a guilty pleasure or two in the mix…but I’ve never been embarrassed to own any of the music I own. If I thought something was that awful i wouldn’t own it. Things that ‘should’ embarrass me I have my arguments of why it’s great and you should be embarrassed for not realizing it’s greatness. Case in point for that…a tina turner album i got for a quarter. Great songs on the record. I’m not a huge fan of tina turner but the particular album…only a quarter…come to think of it it may have been only a dollar…in whichever case…..I’m proud to own it…so pbth if you’re a hater

18) Are you sarcastic? I’m told I am far less than I used to be told I am. But that could just be due to far fewer interactions with people that might feel the need to tell me something I will disagree with or that I already realize. One of those getting older things where people no longer find your sarcasm cute or endearing..they just want to punch you in the face for it….wait..maybe that was previously they wanted to punch me in the face for it….now they just think I’m an immature little twat for it….I dunno….I don’t tend to care what people think anyway….but I find myself at an odd point in my life where i have a few old man tendencies in my thought process or views of the world that make things like if I’m sarcastic or not a non issue…….I’m sure I’ll be a smartass till the day I die and even beyond death….but I’ve also almost always held that I’m not sarcastic…I’m sardonic….((Look it up..it essentially means the same thing…matter of fact per my previous blog about the word circle..destiny means destiny….I think sardonic says see also sarcastic…to tired or lazy to look in my dictionary I mentioned in the last blog right now…))..so yeah..there you go. I deny sarcasm on my behalf…..and even if I thought I was….you might just think I’m an asshole (((which now that I think of it and remembering a specific event that occurred about 3 months ago…..that really is often more the case…”you’re an asshole” more than you’re a smartass or you’re sarcastic)))

19) What are your favorite color(s)? My stock answer upon discovering a blackish looking shirt i own(ed) was in fact not black but Onyx….and seeing as black is the presence of all colors (or the absence I always seem to forget..but white and black are not in fact colors in the purely literal sense…or at least that’s what I was taught in a 6th or 7th grade art class that was supposed to be an elective but I didn’t elect to take..so was really a mandatory class..anyhwo…that guy taught us that black and white weren’t colors…and he also lived next door to or worked with mark and donnie walberg in africa…and he had pictures to prove it….I don’t know that he was or wasn’t full of shit…I just remember something about him knowing one of the new kids on the block…but I think in fact he just knew mark not donnie….or one of the other walberg clan….odd shit though right?….anywho )

20) How many watches do you own? I’m sure I have a few…I wouldn’t say I own any however. Per my answer to the shoes question ya know..haha I keed..but I don’t use or wear a watch…so I don’t consider watches I may have as an acceptable answer to say “I own such and such” watch’s…although there is one hanging on my wall that I believe is a bootleg nike watch I bought in bali ((which IF it worked..i think I might on occasion wear))..and there’s one of those watches burger king sold promoting rugrats in paris near by me too..but it’s basically dead and even if it wasn’t…i wouldn’t walk around with it on for pretty obvoius reasons if you saw it….so…i guess you COULD say I “own” two watches currently…but neither work exactly….and I’m sure there’s parts of a few other watches spread out in and amongst my shit….so…there you go….hallucinations on my screen are a good time.

21) Summer or winter? In my current state of mind i just added games to that question…it doesn’t say games but to my overly tired eyes it appeared… actually now that I’m thinking about how tired i am….I’m seeing all sorts of wild shit appear on screen…Hoooraay…..my initial answer when I read it correctly the first time before my ‘there’s no question 25’ ditribe…was ‘looooove like winter…..woah oh woah oooooh’…..but now…an actual answer escapes me….and i have to go back to 19 and 20 before moving on to 22,23, and 24…while my brain melts….listening to r3hab from electric daisy carnival new york this year…hooray…you can download it on soundcloud…you really should if you’re a fan of him..and even if you’re not….moving on..or backwards before moving on now…..

((now that I’ve answered those other two questions I can move back to the currently present….I enjoy winter as a term and ideology a bit more than summer…but in physical reality I would have to go summer…….but neither is really a 100 percent…I think fall and spring i enjoy better than winter or summer…so pbth)))

22) Is anyone in love with you? I don’t see how that could be possible at this point in time….like there’s not anybody i know currently that I interact with enough that they could be in love with me…..maybe if you believe all that there’s someone for everything shit you (or I) could say…of course there is….I just haven’t met them yet and they aren’t aware that they are in love with me yet…….but even for me that’s quite a stretch for an answer right?…..I have no social life as of currently….other than faux social life on the interwebs….although even those are barely existent….I am without social obligation at this time in my life…..I’m not heartbroken over that fact….there’s to much shit goign on in my head anyway….if the right person fell into my lap ((often how I come upon social situations….I fall in and out of things more than they happen….that is my fuckin life though)))….well I guess I wouldn’t really know it would I? But there’s definitely not even blips on the radar at this point in time. Or per an earlier question….if they were trying to blip I’m not having any of it….if the right person were to attempt to blip…I’d probably pay attention…but maybe I wouldn’t……… life is what it is ya know?….

23) Favorite color to wear? well per the favorite colour question…wouldn’t it be the same? I don’t think in colors…but I wasn’t called ‘dude with the black shirt’ in high school by a few chicks for no reason.

24) Pepsi or Sprite? my mind said..pepsi is sprite…or rather sprite is pepsi…actually my impulse answer is pepsi is sprite…..even though sprite is a coke product and pepsi is a pepsi product…so yeah…..I prefer cola to uncola knock off…spirte is pretty effing tasteless…but so is pepsi itinit…..so coke over those two…but dr pepper remains the soda of choice….so meh

There’s no question 25…good a time as any for an intermission while I go to bed…but for you the non reader it will appear in real time as if there was no break…and per the backwards nature of how I go about things….I still currently have 19-24 to answer before I go to sleep…haha….wtf is wrong with me?….(((wait no..what’s NOT wrong with me?…its like 20 minute to 5…I meant to go or attempt to go to sleep 3 hours ago now….FML ftw)))(((the liter of mountain dew I had not all that long ago probably gave me that extra hour of wakeingness that I didn’t need..as of right now I’m actually on the verge of passing out..I predict head to pillow annnnnd out…surely I’ll keep you posted when i continue writing my answers to this shit later…..cuz that’s just the kind of “asssshole” i am 🙂 )))

OOOH loook…something like an hour later and now i’m ACTUALLY at this point….maybe only 30minutes later….the passage of time has ceased for me…it’s 5 o something am though….now I must sleep…to awaken and go through another day of the same old same old..same old shit…..toodles I say to myself…to you who aren’t reading this…you should take a break too…but if you did you might not ever return….so on second thought…continue reading if you are in fact reading…..and if you’re not…..than it wouldn’t really mater now anyway would it?


now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…Here I am sitting looking at old text files from six years ago…maybe a few a bit older than that..and a few a bit newer..but none the less six years ago. I wish I had the shit that was on my laptop from ten years ago..damn it forever for crashing. During my time in the military I didn’t have my own computer so there’s not a whole lot missing..but what little I created I probably have floating around on discs….what is my point in reminiscing? Remembering times both bad and good is never really all that bad a thing…it makes us who we are….right?


there’s no actual direction we’ve got going here as usual…but six years ago one person was quite an unhealthy something or other…i guess one would probably call it an “obsession”…Of course I wouldn’t. BUT it is kind of entertaining and disturbing how much this persons being consumed many of my waking moments both free and otherly occupied. Looking back on files that I should have long deleted (but won’t because of my obsessive or compulsive nature…records forever…my mark in time will be there even if no one ever actually sees it)..one of the offshoots of my spite…was a quite lovingly put together kiss off note or blog or letter or whatever. I had the thought to post it here to share…not because I want to dredge up old negative memories ((I was going to go with bad..but that’s over thinking it…so let’s be at least honest and say lots of negativity…but almost never out of spite))

I’ve gotten away from myself again…anywho this thing dated july of 2006…I want to share just to ensure peoples eye see it..I think it’s an example of the great writer I am that doesn’t really come out to play all that often anymore. Hell so much so it barely feels like something I wrote BUT the feeling that I know I present is present…and thus…is there…and yeah….something or other like that…..

what was the question again?

I’m running on only like around 100mb’s free on 3 separate hard drives…that could be sickening if I had gigantic hard drives on my computer…but i don’t..but I think it’s still around a terabyte of largely useless crap that I don’t really need….yes…i am a digital hoarder.

Where’s that program on tlc? Hey how about on the science channel?…or discovery….digital hoarding has to be as large a problem if not larger in the country…nay world as physical hoarding…i mean at the end of the day it’s still physical hoarding in a sense…right?

yep…..that’s that….I’ve grown tired with typing..I was trying to watch pulp fiction going on nearly two hours ago…I failed at that and now it’s 4 am…and I’m still bloody awake….that needs to be no more….

adieu bitches

(((((((stupidly I’ve only copy pasted the questions and answers above at this point…now I’m going to go back and fill in my answers while reading someone elses answers from probably six years ago…..this is my fucking life…..that whole idea there..like a fuckin metaphor or simile or acronym…yeah that’s it acronym..no I know it’s not that…this is me pretending to be stupid….I think a chick on facebook deleted me for my admitting it’s fun to play stupid…it was either that or a political comment that set her off to delete me….when i asked if she deleted me for being stupid she didn’t reply…so fuck her in her ass..but if it was the political statement…that’s sadder…because someone said something against the libertarian ..what’s the word that’s escaping me right now…libertarian outlook? {{{{ideology I think is the word I was looking for }}}}}} I’m sure it will come to me later..anywho..someone bad mouthed liberterines  and I simply stated what’s to hate about liberty?…people are fucking stupid…I choose to belive it was the me being stupid thing that got me deleted and not the liberterine thing….but it could be my general bashing of mormons that done it…..or even more likely simply she realized I was somone she met online and thus I shouldn’t be her friend anymore…fuck if i know….I thought she was decent people until the deletion fo me and no response to my questioning if it was cuz I was stupid……and we know how obsessive I can be..but I didn’t even bug her more than with one short message asking if that was why…..maybe I should have freaked out more about it? hahahaha….)))))))))))

as the stupidity continues and it’s the next day..I don’t have the time to fill out the rest before I post this first chunk….but after all this is overly long enough as it is….so why not make it a multiple post arch? hmm.

could be irony seeing as I began writing this as I was GOING to watch pulp fiction..but didn’t..and now I am…currently at this moment…and it’s at “the bonnie situation” and the little text trivia fun fact track was just mentioning how the stlye of the film went from a to d to b to c to e….and my blog….was written in the same roundabout but not quite logical manner…..am I comparing my writing to tarantino? Of course not….but that’s a whole other blog….the impact of pulp fiction on me. On the world. As I’m watching it for the umpteenth time I’m wondering if it’s still as relevant to the world as a whole? Like have the punk ass kids that are just know coming into their film viewing maturity seen it and do they know how great it is? I’m guessing not. It’s almost become like a forgotten movie imo these 18 years later….that could be blamed on tarantino not doing a whole hell of a lot in the years since kill bill came out…but he’s got another movie coming I believe this summer….so the tarantino may just rise again. ((((still one of the greatest directors of all time…still has to be listed as one of my favorite if not my favorite…..true romance still one of his best works despite it only being his script and really not knowing how much of HIS script is what you see on screen..I’ve heard both ends saying most of what he wrote isn’t in the movie and most of what he wrote IS the movie…..in any case..true romance great fucking movie that it almost seems to be a hipster thing…as I’ve found most people who LOVE true romance….it’s an abnormality in what they enjoy..and some of them I’ve found didn’t even know tarantino wrote it….so there you go))))

to be continued…..more answers to stupid questions…maybe more pondering of pulp fiction..but probably not as that brief paragraph about sums it up.

“Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfuckers.”

[[[spell check really is my friend…I constantly misspell believe and definitely …even as I just typed them right now I spelled them wrong…lmao….constantly too…cept the 2nd typing I spelled it right…go figure :D]]]


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